{week+ end rewind}


 Rewinding back to this week...
We made cinnamon dough ornaments and have been slowly painting them all week.

That night Delainey went for a sleepover with Ma, Pa & GG. She had lots of fun and we were glad she could spend some extra time with Gran!


Morning snuggles!

Our attempts at a 4 generation photos!

Delainey was here...mot patient dog ever.

 After naps we headed over to the mall for our annual photo with Santa. Delainey was excited about this until our turn got closer and closer and then her grip on Justin's neck got tighter and tighter.

This guy wasn't thrilled he was chosen to play elf...

 As expected. :) Santa needed a pep talk because the photos of Delainey actually sitting on his lap he looked darn right pissed off. Sorry Santa. PS. It's your job.

I'm outta here!

Justin nerding it up. I have no idea. I just had to take a photo of what was going on next to me.

Mom, Dad and Gran came over for one last visit before Gran left. That's all I remember.

Nana came over for a visit in the morning and then we met Leigh & Amelia at a play place. Delainey had a blast - it's much different from than one right by us. Amelia is just too cute and smiley!

Thanks for the date Leigh!
Delainey always wants to go to the backyard so I can pick up Cruz poop. ;) Then she walks around the backyard saying "where are you poop, where are you" - I just hope the neighbors aren't hearing this. 

Doing some baking for Dad's work party. Broke her heart that she dropped the egg. ha So I took a photo. :)


It was SO cold on Friday so when both kids were napping Cruz and I played outside and that was her 2nd walk.

This one had a great nap without climbing out of bed even once and ate an awesome dinner so we had frozen yogurt. 

We were glad when the weekend rolled around after Justin being out for 2 nights with work functions.

We had a family over that I used to do respite work for and then Justin and I used to go over to their house once a week to do respite for their 2 boys. And not the boys are in Grade 5 and 10. Colt is even taller than Justin now! We had a rel nice visit with them and then it was nap time for the house - so I curled my hair and painted my nails. :)

That night Delainey went for another sleepover as Justin and I were going to one of his co-workers place for a drink.
They went to the Confederation Park lights!

Mom made Delainey a "Christmas" a friend for Halloween! :) SO cute.

 Justin made me a delicious dinner before we went out for a couple hours. The girls house we went to is an interior designer for Justin's company so it was nice to see her beautiful house.

We had a quiet morning as Delainey wasn't here. Ryder had been treating me to waking up just once a night lately {other than last night! ha}. Naps on me - love it, Finally I did pry myself off the couch to workout & shower while everyone napped.

Then we had Christmas with Justin's Mom, Crystal, Troy and the kids. We had a blast, the kids loved opening presents, we were all spoiled and then we had a delicious dinner! I totally failed at having my phone out to take photos. SO mad.

I was trying to get a photo of how cute this one looked before we left and she was not having it. Stinker.

This guy was giving Daddy all the smiles and giggles this morning! :) I love that he is getting so smiley and animated!

I finished week 2 of Focus T25 this weekend and that's about it!

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Kaella Carr said...

Your little elf....so cute!!! Santa does look angry haha!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Fun week! The Santa photo is too funny and yes I agree, Santa cheer up it's your job ;)
My brother just showed me photos of confederation park, it looks really nice!
Yay for good sleeps Ryder!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Fun week! The Santa photo is too funny and yes I agree, Santa cheer up it's your job ;)
My brother just showed me photos of confederation park, it looks really nice!
Yay for good sleeps Ryder!

Ashley said...

Love the Santa pic!! Lol! Too cute that your mom made Halloween a pal!! Lol! Looks like a fun week and end! Love that second last pic of Ryder! He looks like D in it too!!

Stacy said...

I love seeing these Santa pics...my kids have never actually sat on a mall santa's lap...our santa in our community, they see about twice during the Christmas season and they know who he is so it's all cool...no tears ever!

Jen Linton said...

Haha oh man the poop comment! I have a feeling Wes will be doing the same when I'm out in our backyard. And I feel so bad for the pups when it's freezing by they want exercise!! Isn't t25 the best for first post-baby workouts? It really helped me ease back into everything!

Leigh said...

You had a busy and fun week and weekend! Thanks again for the play date :)

findingpurehappiness.com said...

Your family is just too adorable <3 love the Santa photo ;) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

A cranky Santa? That guy needs to retire!! I love the picture of Ryder in his elf outfit - he looks so tiny!!

Bex said...

Your Santa photo is hilarious. I don't understand why he would be so cranky, it's what he signed up for!

Looks like it was a fun and busy week!! Ryder is so cute!