{Ryder: 1 month}

Not quite sure how but Ryder is already 1 month old (5 weeks actually - whoops).
He really is such a good baby. I am so thankful for that while having Delainey as well. He's really chill and easy going. Plus he is the best cuddler and seriously so cute!

We see the doctor next week so we will see then.

need to update

Ryder is still pretty sleepy during the day but is starting to have more awake time especially in the morning.
He sleeps in the moses basket on our floor at night in a Halo Swaddle Sleep Sac. We have the basket propped up with 2 big books as he doesn't like being flat. He is usually up once or twice a night on his good nights. We have had nights of cluster feeding or nights where he is wide awake at 3am. He is a very noisy sleeper and grunt and whines like crazy!

{daily routine}
We get up when Delainey does which is when Justin leaves for work so around 6am or 6:45am on weekends when Momo the sleep clock opens her eyes. ;)
I usually feed him once I get Delainey set up with breakfast or a snack on the couch. She typically watches the iPad while I feed him. Then I pump, drink my coffee [sometimes!] and read books with Delainey while Ry is in his bouncy chair or sitting with us on the couch.
We walk Cruz between 8-10am (depends on the weather) we wait for it to warm up a bit and get light! I wear him in our Happy Baby wrap for all walks.
We try and get out in the morning or have a visitor and do baths on bath days.
Without fail Ryder needs to eat during Delainey's nap and is wide awake during this time so we don't get much done - but we do cuddle! Once Delainey is up we take Cruz for her 2nd walk. The rest of the is filled with Delainey! Ryder doesn't mind tummy time and we do that a few times a day when we are playing on the floor with Delainey. He has really great neck strength.

He is strictly on breast milk and eating mainly every 2-3 hours during the day but can go longer if he's having a great nap. He's a really good eater now and doesn't seem to take as long to eat as Delainey did.

{diaper size}
newborn huggies

newborn and a couple 0-3 outfits.

{hair color}
darn brown but may be lightening up a little.

{eye color}
dark blue

when you talk to him

waiting to eat
baths (sometimes)
hiccups & gas

{mommy & daddy}
We are great. Could use a bit more sleep but that's to be expected!! I just remind myself that this is the last time we will be getting woken up by a newborn - we will never have a 1 month old keeping us up at night again. I am soaking up every aspect of having a wee babe knowing he is our last and loving every second of it. He really is so sweet and perfect.
Being able to drive again after 2.5 weeks of not was SO nice - Delainey does way better when we get out of the house.
I am healing up really well. My incision looks way better than my old one it's still just really swollen. Ryder and I have our 6 week check ups next week so I will get him to look at it.
I am itching to workout but at the same time have enjoyed not having to think about getting a workout in and just enjoying our days. We do our 2 walks a day and that's felt good.
My night sweats are decreasing, they aren't every night now which is a welcome change.

{having 2}
We are adjusting really well I would say and I LOVE being home with my 2 kids {plus Cruz - she is more work some days}!!
There have been a few moments where I am feeding Ryder, Delainey starts screaming cause Kaya won't sit up, the doorbell rings, Cruz goes buck wild, so I stop feeding Ryder therefore he starts screaming, now all of a sudden Delainey is SO excited because someone is at the door - only to find it's a package and not a person so now Delainey is sad again...
Or when we went to Dollarama and I forgot you can't take the carts out of the store...So I had Ryder in his car seat, my purse, the bag of purchased items, 2 rolls of wrapping paper and holding Delainey's hand walking to the truck in the snow...
The nurses with their "can't lift more than the baby or drive for 6 weeks" rule would hate me. :)
BUT overall it's been great.

{big sisters}
Delainey has been amazing. She really has blown me away. She just adores Ryder. She always wants to hold him, cuddle him, kiss him. She is always bringing him toys or Halloween. If he cries she comes over to sooth him and says "it's ok Ry" and often offers him his soother or tries shoving it in his mouth. ;) She "feeds" Kaya when I feed Ryder pulling up her shirt and everything.
Cruzie too loves Ryder and enjoys being on the bed with him and giving him kisses! She is kinda being a stinker though at times - just a pest & barking like mad when the door bell rings. On Monday when we went out I left the laundry basket on the floor and she emptied it and tore up 3 pair of my underwear and today we came home to one of Delainey's snack bags torn up along with the cookie cutters that were in it! Oi.

{nick names}
monkey, Ry, buds, peanut...

{moments to remember}
Umbilical cord fell off on day 11 - same as Delainey!
He has the longest and loudest toots! They go on for a good 10 seconds and often wake Justin up during night time feedings! So loud. And Delainey always says "s'cuse me" for him. :)
He's given some real smiles when Justin is chatting to him and squishing his cheeks!

We love you so much Ry. You really have completed our family in the best way possible. As much as I want you to stay little I can't wait for you and Delainey to interact. She loves you so much. Seeing her with you has been one of my most favorite things EVER. We are just so lucky to have you and that you are ours.

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Bex said...

He's SUCH a cutie! I can already tell he's going to be a big time lady killer in the future! <3

Jen Linton said...


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe, happy one month Ry! He is co stickin' cute :) I hope I get another chill baby too! You are doing awesome with 2 kids! I was going to say I see his hair already looks lighter!

findingpurehappiness.com said...

This is SO sweet <3 I'm so happy to hear that you've all adjusted well to life as a family of 4 :-) Ryder is just the cutest!

Ashley said...

He is just soo stinking cute!! His hair reminds me of Noah's! It will be interesting to see if he ends up blonde like Noah has!! How fast did that 5 weeks go by?? I can hardly handle the speed of time these days!! Glad things are going well!! Sounds like you have a good routine going already!!

Whit said...

One month. Wow. He's a love. Definitely a keeper and ridiculously cute!! You have done so awesome Alison, and I'm impressed with D, she definitely has her love on her for R!! hahaha oh man, Cruz eating your panties! So SO funny... what a stinker ;) get it.. lol xox

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can't believe he is already 5 weeks. He is such a beautiful baby. I'm glad that the transition to having 2 kids has gone pretty well for you. I am sure there are tough moments but it's great that D loves Ry so much! How sweet!

Kaella Carr said...

What a handsome little guy!! I'm so happy things are going well and the transition to two kids hasn't been too difficult! xxx

Rachel Steck said...

You've made me laugh through this post! That dang Kaya needs to learn how to sit up!! Ha!
You have the cutest kiddos.

Christy said...

Ellie is a crazy noisy sleeper too! Ryder is so cute, I just love his hair so much!

Leigh said...

He's just so darn cute! He seems so laid back too.

Tawnya Faust said...

Oh my goodness, Alison he is so sweet :) I love all of his hair!
Seriously my dog is more work than the kids sometimes, I have my first day solo with the kids on monday (at only one week pp) so I'm a little nervous about that but Scarlett has been good and I just have to remind myself that a little extra screen time in these early days isn't going to hurt anyone! I can't believe your little guy is already a month old! It just goes so fast!!

Gabriella said...

He is the cutest! Love all that hair. So happy to hear D is loving her little brother so much!