We've had a pretty low key week so far this which has been nice. So a rambles post it is. :)
Monday we decorated a gingerbread house. She did one with my parents and GG last week so she was totally into it. I cheated and hot glued the house together. ;) I would put the icing where ever she would say "right dere" and she went to town. I did more snacking on the treats than she did!

So proud! :)

This guy just hung out and looked cute while the above was going on.

Can we talk about how different Ryder is in the sleep department than Delainey was...
I'm not sure if Delainey ever fell asleep on her own at this age and for a lot of ages after this. We did a lot of bouncing, rocking, patting, shushing, slowing down of all of the above, sloooooowing putting her down, slooooowing backing out of the room only for your knee to crack and boom she was awake again. URG.
Ryder - falls asleep if he's tired. On the floor. On a chair. In his bassinet at bedtime. Mind blown.

Yesterday we had a few errands to run so we stopped at Joso's for some play time afterwards. And a coffee for Mom. Running multiple errands with 2 kids and one in a damn bucket car seat - hard work.
She loves this place.

I want one of these scooters. Actually 2. They are so neat and we have lots of fun crashing into each other with them. ;)

I'm so darn excited for Christmas. Not only because Delainey is going to LOVE it and we have Ryder to share it with this year but Jeff AND Jolie will be here this year. AND Jolie's parents from NY who we just loved. I am so excited to spend time with the whole family at my parents {all of us are sleeping over tomorrow night!} and then at the lake for a few days.

This guys makes the best faces now and is starting to chat away. His chats won out over a shower yesterday. And probably will every day!

Delainey was here.

Yesterday I was excited to make gingerbread men with Delainey - too bad I didn't actually have any people cookie cutters! Fail. We still had fun and she enjoyed the dough more than the actual cookies just like her Mom!

She needs to work on her sprinkle game.

Delainey loves to join Ryder on his play mat.

Gran sent Delainey a virtual Christmas card that has the elves working in Santa's workshop and she's probably watched it 43 times now. 
She is also obsessed with her Frosty the Snowman book {or she just loves my singing!} and always requests "Cha-e bwown" {Charlie Brown} when we go to up the bonus room before bed.

I have been putting Egg Nog in my coffee this week instead of milk and it's a game changer. SO delicious. It's what makes it ok to get out of bed so early. :) What's not ok is our microwave still isn't fixed so said coffee is often luke warn. :(

Lastly before we all go and indulge for a few days/weeks...
One of my coaches Amie and I are putting on a private Challenge group in January. Just pick a Beachbody program that's best for you and get the accountability and motivation of working out in a group but the convenience of working out at home!
Want to join? Just let me know! :)

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Leigh said...

Man, your kids are just too cute! I hope you guys have a great Christmas :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am impressed with D and the gingerbread house, Avery just eats all the candy lol. Sigh. I am so happy Ryder is a great sleeper, he sounds like A when she was a baby. I am hoping I get lucky twice - HA.
Have a great Christmas!!!

Ashley said...

Noah did a house with Grandma, so we didn't bother, but I did buy two gingerbread men to decorate tomorrow haha. Sounds like it will be a full house tomorrow night!! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!! I think boys are just better sleepers lol or maybe more easy going?? Lol! Crazy how much he is changing already!!

Jen Linton said...

Love the photo of her on the scooter! So happy!!

Katie said...

i hope our baby boy is a sleeper like that! addi never did that either but I also never really put her down i think to give her the chance :) this baby will be different thanks to addi! super impressed with her gingerbread house!

Bex said...

Love that D was so meticulous with the gingerbread house. I tried to make one with Liam last year and it was a disaster. Haha. Boys. That's so awesome Ryder is a good sleeper! Makes a world of difference.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Hahaha I can't help but laugh at the "only for your knee to crack and boom!", I can't tell you how many times that used to happen to me! Or the "drop like a ninja and crawl out of the room" lol. I think second babies must get used to the noise much quicker. And Sully NEVER just fell asleep on his own.

D and the gingerbread house is so adorable! I didn't even attempt one this year lol.