{Delainey: 23, 24, 25 months}

So I'm behind posting this and I'm sad about that because I am sure I missing a whole lot of details about this little fire cracker of ours. MUST stay on top of this. I love having it to look back on. Anyways - I've just spent an hour trying to get her to stay in bed for her nap. All week she's been a stink. Kaya keeps "falling out" and Delainey needs to save her. Or she needs a hug or wants to see Ry. Or she's taken off her sleepsac and "needs help Mommy". She IS my daughter - I know, I know Mom and Dad. Pay back. :)
Either way - she's just the best little person ever. I think I say it every update but this age just rocks. She is so fun, silly and says the best things. She just makes each day so much fun even if some of our days are challenging. And even though her early wake up time isn't always my favorite just hearing her excited little voice say "Hi Daddy" when he goes into get her is the BEST way to wake up.

{weight & length}
23lbs &

^ Dress c/o Bird Apparel  {from Toronto}

Everything. She loves food. She's a great eater but depending on her mood can be very picky and choosy from day to day. Something she ate today she won't tomorrow.
Loves snacks. Some days I wish we had a lock on the pantry.
She loves steak, pizza, soup, grilled cheese, rice pudding, smoothies, yogurt, cheese & crackers, pouches, mama chia, berries, bananas.

Snacks. Eating.
Kaya, Halloween.
Music - she sings along to Taylor swift in the truck. Cutest thing ever.
Tormenting Cruz. Kissing and cuddling Ry.
The ipad - Daniel Tiger, Anna (Frozen)
Coloring, crafts, playdough, painting.
Lego. Playing outside. Reading books.
Gymnastics. Bum drops & galloping.
Brushing teeth, flossing and cleaning her ears with Dad.
Doing things herself.

When you say no to food.
Having her hair brushed. It's equal to pulling teeth in Delainey's world.
When you do something that she wanted to do.
Sometimes napping.

{what's new}
She must do everything herself. "D do it" comes out of her mouth far too often.
No more soother for a few months now.
Sleeps in her big girl bed like a pro. She even uses a pillow and her duvet now even though she still goes in a sleep sac. She also sleeps with 15 "friends".
Cut down to 1 nap in the afternoons anywhere 0 minutes to 1.5 hours if we are VERY lucky.
Size 3 diapers Costco brand.
Front facing in the truck now that she finally weighs enough!
Clothing mainly 18 months to 2T. It's nearly impossible to find pants that are long enough for her and small enough in the waist.
Puts on pants, hoodies/coats and boots herself and does up zippers if you start them for her.
She says the funniest things!! And you have to watch what you say around her for sure. I've heard her tell Cruz "you drive me crazy Tuz" and says "good girl Mommy" every time I go to the bathroom. :) She drops the last sound of most words when she uses long sentences so can be tricky to understand sometimes but at other times her sentences are very clear. Either way she's hilarious.

We love you Delainey Brynn and are SO proud of you. You've taken this new big sister role so well and are growing up into a sweet little girl that we could not be more thankful for.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love these updates! Sounds like A and naps, I have NO idea what I will do when I am home with her all the time. She naps like a champ at dayhome of course and fights me all weekend. Our girls are so alike when I read these updates :) And yeah why is brushing hair so horrible?!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, she is such a cutie! That age is so fun. I love hearing the things that come out of kids mouths at that age! Too funny. I wish I would have done a better job of writing down things my nieces and nephews have said!

Jen Linton said...

ok, my 7 month old weighs the same as Delainey. Oy.
I love how long her hair is! Except if you have to brush it, I guess! ;)

Ashley said...

That's a good reminder to get mine going for Noah haha! Always behind these days on blog posts!! She is soo cute!! Can't believe she is only 23 pounds!! Noah has 9 pounds on her!! Haha! I remember hating having my hair brushed when I was kid lol. Noah has about 15 guys in his bed too! Silly kids!! Glad she is still adjusting well!! Noah also loves zippers!! Love her little dress!!!

Rachel Steck said...

She's such a sweetie

Gabriella said...

Her little smile is so precious! Beautiful little lady!!

Carolyn said...

I've been so far out of blogland, but I'm so glad I came into the land to read this post! I can't believe how old our little babies are! How is this happening?!?! Weston sleeps with tons of friends too - I wonder how there's room in there for him! I miss chatting with you! I hope everything is going well! :)

Katie said...

she is just so so cute!!!