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When wanting an adorable and unique "coming home from the hospital" outfit I knew just who to contact. My gal Trish from Crowns & Coroknits - which is now called Portage and main - from Edmonton, Alberta.
{Be sure to check out her new site - looks awesome!}

It is one of our most favorite handmade kid shops and even Justin loves everything we get from her!

Especially her new limited time bat mask collection.

Trish had a better idea though! 
Her new venture:

How does it work?

Choose from one of the boxes they offer:
The Box {pair of shoes, top & bottom OR 1 piece outfit}
The Mocc Box {1 pair of moccs}
The Mocc Box {2 pairs of moccs
The Building Box {pair of shoes, 2 accessories, 3 clothing items}
The Tee Box {1 tee}
The Tee Box: A year of tees {1 tee every 3 months}

From there you select the age and gender and the BOX gets shipped to you! It's a surprise what you get which makes it that much more fun - plus everything she has or puts in the boxes is so great.  Often the items are made in Canada and from a small shop {some exceptions}.

They offer boxes for kids ages newborn through 4T.
In addition they offer FREE SHIPPING within Canada!

Trish sent Ryder a newborn box!

It included teeny tiny adorable oxford shoes from Gracious May and the cutest sweats and hoodie you have ever seen from Lulu and Roo! I was SO excited to pack this in our hospital to bring our little man home in!

Silly Ryder was only teeny tiny so the outfit didn't fit when we were coming home from the hospital! :(

In the meantime I won a box off Designer Childhood's instagram. It was an 18-24 month box.

It included Toms shoes, Totoro knee socks and this "k bye" that couldn't be more perfect for Delainey.
She LOVED ripping into this box and immediately wore the shoes around the house for days.

Thankfully by the time Ryder turned 1 month old we could put him in this cute outfit {shoes are still took big}.

Everything I have ever received from Crowns & Coroknits {Portage and main} has always been extremely incredible quality and so unique. We always get compliments on everything we own from them.
Be sure to check our Designer Childhood - it would make a really fun and easy gift as well!

Follow them on:

As always - thank you Trish! xo

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Bex said...

So cute. I love both the boxes your received, especially the Totoro socks because that movie has a special place in my heart.

Murdock's mama said...

Too cute! LOVE the boxes!!

Ashley said...

Love the little sweat suit!!! As well as the k bye shirt!! Too cute!! You're right her stuff is great quality!!

Jen Linton said...

I IMMEDIATELY checked out the site because I NEED box(s) for Wes but holy heck I cannot afford that! I need a kids clothing fairy!!

Gabriella said...

What a cute idea! Everything you got is adorable! I love baby clothes!

Whit said...

Such a cute box of beautiful clothes. And the models are my fav!!