{weekend rewind}


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Our was awesome - spent with some of our most favorite people and Delainey had a blast so we can't complain.
Rewinding it back to Wednesday - we had a jammie day. These two matched. Cruz and I felt totally left out. We had a visit with Mom and Dad before they headed off to Maui. Lucky bums.

Thursday was gymnastics day! As always this one had a way too much fun - we are sad it's the last class this week.

  Walks were finally more enjoyable again thanks to the weather warming up!

Friday morning we met up with Nicole and the kids at the market as they were having their Christmas market. We grabbed our coffees like we always do and the kids got playing and coloring and we actually never made it down to the basement to check out the Christmas market! Plus carrying the strollers down the stairs with all the kids didn't really appeal to us. We had a great visit anyways.

After our walk it was so nice out that we pulled out a snowsuit and played in the backyard.

While I was feeding Ryder, Delainey found a floss container and thought it was the coolest thing ever. She just kept pulling and pulling and getting more and more excited. I wish I had it on video. It was a riot. Then she gave it to Ry.

Saturday morning cuddles. She asks to hold Ryder almost as soon as she wakes up.

Justin took Delainey and Cruz to the bike shop with him while I got myself ready for the day and took some photos of Ryder since her turned 1 month! Holy moly.

That afternoon we had Nixon's 3rd birthday party - DINO theme!
As always Crystal did a great job and there was lots for the kids to do.


Us with the birthday boy!!

 The scary birthday dino!!

Saturday night we watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Delainey before bed. She LOVED it.

Sunday morning "boat rides". Justin bought a bike trainer on a Black Friday sale and Delainey has claimed the box as her boat.

Sunday morning we had Marcus's 1st birthday party. They rented a community center and it's a good thing - there were SO many kids!

Plus 3 jumping castles, a craft station, a tattoo station, breakfast treats AND Tim Horton's coffee for the win.

Delainey saw the giant bouncy castle and immediately said "I go there" and she was off. She had so much fun even if she was a bit too little for it as the stairs to get up to the slide were as tall as her!

Cake time!

At one point Justin asked East to keep an eye on Delainey while they were playing and East took his job VERY seriously. He waited for her at the top the slide every time and then wrapped his arms around her as they went down the slide together. He is so darn sweet.

Birthday boy POST cake! :)

 Such a fun morning.
 Afternoon cuddles.

Then that evening we went over to Nana's for dinner with Jeff and Jolie and Nana made us all a delicious meal.

The end! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Busy weekend! I love all the photos of D and Ry, they are too cute :) I love this warmer weather right now, I think this is how winter should be! A tattoo station is brilliant! Avery might not have left it, she is obsessed with tattoos...

Gabriella said...

Cozy jammies are the best! Such cute and fun birthday parties. I love seeing Miss D and Ryder together, and of course Cruz! Sweet babes and pup!

Bex said...

What a busy weekend! That is an insane party for a one year old!!

Katie said...

her fur vest is too cute! and addi is obsessed with our floss!! toddlers are so strange sometimes!

Ashley said...

Love that pic of Ry with Cruz and his pouty face!! Precious!!! Sounds like a busy party weekend!! Crazy how big Nixon is now - I remember when you said he was just born haha. Love D's fur vest!! The pic of Justin giving D a boat ride is priceless haha

Leigh said...

The matching pjs and then Delainey's fur vest are just too much! My mom bought Amelia a fur vest, so we should make them match one day :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the matching pjs! That is so cute! And it's so sweet that East watched over Delainey so well! What a sweet kiddo! I'm glad the weather has been more mild for you guys! We got snow yesterday but it's warmer than usual so will melt fast!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love the matching jammies!

Nikki said...

The party sounds like it was a blast! I love bounce houses!

Jen Linton said...

Ooh the parties!!! And can we please hang out soon? I need to hang with a mama who also has a baby that can't sit up on their own! (I blame Wes's big head!)