{weekend rewind}

 Happy Monday! We had a really great weekend. Even the weather was nice!

Friday morning looked like this for these two! :) It's a rough life.

We headed out to the library at Vivo as it was pretty chilly on Friday and we needed to get out plus we needed new books. Vivo has so much to see too and Delainey loved galloping the halls and smiling at all the high school kids that were there on their lunch hour.

Watching the swimmers:

Spider-man on the climbing wall:

Hockey players:

She loves these blocks!

She watched the kids playing ping pong for the longest time:

 Her shirt and skirt are c/o Jade Grey Designs - so cute. Our favorite touque c/o MatateGe
Ryder's cover c/o Covered Goods (review coming!)

"Hi Ry!"

Friday night after Delainey went to bed Justin went to hangout with a buddy so I showered (yay!) and then got into bed with a glass of red wine, Cruz, Ryder and Grey's Anatomy! Perfect. I turned out the lights at 9:30pm and Ryder didn't wake me until 1:30am which was really nice!

Saturday morning the kids and I met up with Whit and East for our annual trip the Spruce Meadow's Christmas Market. It's a great market and nice to just wander, chat and check out the reindeer. This year they stepped up their game and had mini donuts which is always a win in our books!

East and Delainey were inseparable and East is just to sweet with her.

Such an awesome morning. While we were out Justin build a shelf over the washer and dryer. Looks so awesome and will be so much better. No more lost items behind the washer and dryer! :)

We got home and decided to decorate the main floor for Christmas! Delainey liked helping for a short time, it was tricky fine motor wise for her to put the ornaments on but liked trying.

Sunday was SO nice out. Justin put up the lights on the deck while we played in the backyard.

One of our favorite local shops Crowns & Coroknits {from Edmonton} that Delainey is a Brand Rep for came out with the best new print in their shop - batman! Matches Ryder's crib sheet and change pad cover. {Except it didn't take 9 weeks! We placed the order on Wednesday and it was delivered to the door on Sunday.}
And you bet I put it on the kids immediately!!

Ryder makes Delainey look SO tall!

The placement for this is just too perfect!!

I just love it & them so much. And keep your eyes pealed on Friday - C&C has their Black Friday sale starting and it's gonna be good!!
PS. Beachbody's Black Friday dale starts TOMORROW!

After the rest of the house napped we headed to my parents for dinner with Jeff, Jolie and Nana. We had such a good visit and we left the girls there for a sleepover! So Ryder and I have has a nice low key morning and I have been able to get a few odd jobs done too.
Today Ryder and I are headed to my work to see everyone and for them to meet Ryder and tonight I have girls dinner and the girls are all coming over here for pizza and to meet/cuddle Ryder.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that batman print! And how D & R match :) Cuteness beyond words!
Jealous of your wine, being the holiday season I miss drinking! haha
Enjoy your week :)

Ashley said...

Can't wait for the covered good review and their Black Friday sale!! I really think I might order one... I told M about it and he was like oh good Christmas present haha. I watched Greys Friday night too.. Did you cry?? I was a mess, but it could be hormones haha. Love the C&C hats, I am thinking of ordering one during their they a thicker fabric? Enjoy your girls night!!

Bex said...

That Vivo place looks pretty fun. Liam would be all over that, especially because I spy a Jugo Juice. He loves getting smoothies from there.

Love the matching batman print! So cute.

Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I have no idea what Vivo is, but it looks fun! Friday night sounded heavenly! ;)

Jen Linton said...

great weekend! i searched for the mini donuts, but couldn't find them. i need that hat!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, Delainey does look so long laying next to Ryder! Those hats are awesome. I also love the photo of East & Delainey holding hands - that is so sweet!

Seeing your snow makes me kind of dread what is to come... we don't have any yet but I feel like it's only a matter of time until we get some!

Amber said...

Aw sounds like an awesome weekend! We are putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend and I can't wait! I love having the house decorated for Christmas!! Delainey must be soooo excited for Christmas this year, she's the perfect age for so much excitement!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Love both of their outfits- so cute! I've never been to Vivo but should check it out. Has Delainey left the tree alone since putting it up? We are going to put ours up next weekend, but am already dreading how many times I'll have to move Amelia away!

Whit said...

Such an awesome Christmas weekend :) Love Ryder's hat and D's too, so cute!! xo

Gabriella said...

How fun that you put the tree up! I plan to this weekend. :) Ryder and Cruz - I can't! Too sweet! And their matching beanies. You find the best stuff!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Love that print of the leggings and hat! I'm so sad I missed out on the Spruce Meadows market (well not THAT sad since I AM in Florida, but still…haha). Your tree looks beautiful!