{weekend rewind}

Happy Monday - and now it's Tuesday! Whoops.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our was fantastic and we were spoiled with having Justin home with us yesterday too!
Friday Nicole and the kids came by for a visit. Nicole and Ryder enjoyed the snuggles.

Friday we tried to get caught up on some shows after Delainey went to bed and I think I fell asleep about 45 minutes later. :)
Saturday morning Justin headed out to the mountains with Brian for a ride. With this weather we have been having they have been so lucky to get out so much. They also have awesome wives. ;)

We hung out at home and did lots of playing! Delainey insisted on this tutu that she got from my friend Kristen.

More about the rest of her outfit soon. :)

Jeff & Jolie came over for a visit before nap time after checking out a house in our area. I just want the perfect house to show up for them already!! 
Delainey colored them a new picture for the fridge.

The house naps. I get sleepy snuggles. Totally works for me. 

After naps we took Cruz for a walk in the ravine and then enjoyed the backyard as it was so nice out!

This is kinda how life with Delainey has been lately...
Happy, sweet Delainey...

Boom - mood ruined - no reason...that face though. Gosh I love her.

We covered all the patio furniture - sad face - and then did some flying and had a big ol' dance party. Girlfriend has the best moves!

Sunday Delainey and I needed to get out of the house so we ran a few errands including Starbucks and Home Sense = day made.

Our super cute super heroes!

Nap time knock out!

I took the troops on my first solo ravine walk! Justin put the snow tires on while we did this.

Next up was bath time!

This Oneberrie Bare.Bundle is SO handy. One of Justin's cousin's - his wife...so my cousin ;) makes them and stopped by for a quick visit and to give us one. I REALLY wish she made these when Delainey was a baby as they made bath time super easy. He also decided to take a giant poop in it as soon as I finished bathing him!

Monday we got groceries and my parents came for a visit.

Crystal, Troy and the kids came for a visit and brought a delicious dinner that we all enjoyed together. Thank you again.
Last night was a LONG night little man. We think he had a bit of a belly ache and was a hungry wide awake monkey!

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Jen Linton said...

I wanna meet Ryder! I feel like Wes would look like monster baby next to him!!

Bex said...

Aw sounds like a great weekend. I love D's tutu (and those Totoro socks!! I want some for myself!) Also, you look fantastic girl! <3

Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!

Logan said...

So jealous I'm not getting to meet or snuggle Ryder, lots of visitors.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love D's tutu! That is so cute!! I want one! :) She even look cute mid-tantrum! ;) I love all the Ryder photos - his hair is so awesome! He has so much of it!!!

You look amazing! I'd never guess you had a baby recently!!!

Ashley said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! How awesome would that be if Jeff and Jolie moved near you!! Haha! Looks like Ryder is pooping in the towel during that picture haha! Boys... Love the batman sleeper! Did you see the one at Walmart I was talking about? It's like grey sweater material. Love D's sad face! I tend to laugh when Noah pulls his out (which has been often today haha)

Danielle said...

I can't believe how much hair Ryder has, so cute! I also can't believe there is snow sticking to the ground already.. I'm not ready!!

Kelly said...

Oh, I hear ya on the sudden toddler mood swing from happy-as-a-clam to my-life-is-ruined! They just feel everything SO intensely.
Ryder's hair is epic! So very cute.

Gabriella said...

Fun weekend with so many visitors! Delainey's tutu is so cute! That bath wrap looks awesome, and he looks so content and snugly in there!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That sounds like me, I am luck to stay awake for one 30 minute show!
Oh D! A is the same way! lol. Happy to pissed in seconds!
I love that towel idea, totally brilliant. Ryder is already looking so awake these days!

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a good weekend :) I love Delainey's outfit! I'm glad that the shirt I got her fits and that she liked it :) Ryder is just too cute :)

Katie said...

ahhhhhh! i'm scared of those LONG nights! and toddlers are so crazy and bipolar. We just had a meltdown out of nowhere that lasted till bedtime which was a 45 minute battle. thank goodness there are so many moments of cuteness and sweetness! :)

Whit said...

Awe Ryder looks like such a snuggler can't wait to see you guys!! xox

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha oh man, we had a rough weekend of those "mood ruined for no reason" moments. Too many to count! That bath wrap sounds awesome! Funny about the poop incident! I'm proud to say we have never had one bathtime poop incident yet! Although I'm sure I just jinxed it haha.