Happy Friday! We've had a good first week at home. Very thankful Justin could be home with us Monday, Wednesday and today as well as Monday and Wednesday next week. And very grateful for the extra help my parents have been along with Justin's Mom Debbie.

What we've been up to:

I already covered this day in my last post. Whit did out newborn photos. She also brought a casserole, cookies {which I didn't share} and banana bread! Thank you again Whit.


Ryder and I had check-ups so thankfully my Mom could drive us and entertain Delainey as they were running almost an hour behind first thing in the morning! Thankfully Ryder slept the whole time. The doctor was very pleased with both of us - Ryder had surpassed his birth weight already (6lbs 1oz) and was up at 6lbs 2oz after dropping to 5lbs 14oz on Day 3. 
I was smart this time around and didn't weigh myself! :) But she was impressed with my mobility and incision. She said it was a beautiful incision. I laughed but thanked her. The surgeon I had this time actually cut out my other c-section scar along with all the 2 big scar tissue spots I had and gave me a nice new incision. Even though it's still very swollen it does look much better than my other one (only longer) and hopefully I don't get the big scar tissue lumps like before. Either way I kinda agree with the doctor - I think it's a beautiful reason to have a big ugly scar.

I laughed at this form I finally read through from the hospital. no driving for 4 weeks BUT no housework for 6 weeks!! Good thing I did laundry the first day I was home from the hospital. I am not really good at this whole "taking it easy" thing.


Ryder had his "boy" appointment this morning so we dropped Miss D off with Gramma Debbie. Ryder was a total trooper - as were his parents! :) 
Waiting in the fancy room procedure room dreading what was to come!

I made Justin be at the bedside with him and I sat back.  

Post procedure. {He was also 6lbs 5oz when they weighed him! Gaining weight like a champ!}

We ended up having to stay a while as it wouldn't stop bleeding but thankfully did before she was going to put stitches in! :( Poor little man. He's done so well since. Diaper changes are not fun for me though. I feel so bad for him!

Nana came over for a visit after nap time and brought us dinner - thank you again Nana!
That evening we dropped Miss D off at Gramma & Grandpa's as she wanted to have a sleepover with them. Justin and I decided to tackle our Costco list and get Cruz's pawdicure done.

Ryder also turned 1 week! I couldn't wait to use this monthly milestone blanket so I used it for his 1 week photo too! :) More details on this awesome shop to come!
Isn't he the cutest! :)

Monthly milestone blanket c/o Batz Kids

I slept until 7am as Delainey wasn't home! I also showered, gave Ryder a sponge bath (I LOVE his post wash hair!) and then finally got my act together and pumped. I used to get barely an ounce when I pumped with Delainey and in 20 minutes I got 4oz. I was pretty pumped. I'm not sure if it's the hospital grade pump or my supply. I am going to try my pump tomorrow as I got 3oz again today with the rented pump. {In the hospital Ryder was not eating well from me so I was pumping after every feeding and then feeding him the pea size amount of colostrum I would get with a syringe. We were also supplementing him with formula from a bottle which he would guzzle! Thankfully once my milk came in he started eating like a champ and we cut him off the formula}

{blanket c/o Baby Laundry}

I also took Cruz for my first solo walk with 1 kid - I'll add Delainey into the mix for our next one.

Delainey went to Gymnastics with my parents and had a blast as always. Thank you again for taking her.

Delainey came home after gymnastics and we did lots of coloring, puzzles, book reading and snuggling while we watched Ellen.
My girlfriend Kristen came over for a visit that evening and brought dinner too.

No big plans this morning. Justin ran to the store to get supplies for a counter we {meaning HE} will build over our washer and dryer.
This afternoon Leigh & Nicole {& kids} are coming over for a visit. 

And I think that about sums up our week! Have a great weekend everyone.

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Bex said...

That sounds like a pretty great week. So good that you are so mobile and doing well already. I had NO idea that you weren't suppose to drive for four weeks when I had my c-section. I was definitely driving myself around within the first week. Oops.

Stacy said...

Everything looks to be going great. Glad to hear he didn't have to get stitches, that would have been awful. Our doctor did Tanner while we were still in the hospital, he said most patients are out patients and leave right away, but he likes to keep an eye on things. I didn't even go in, I sat in my bed and cried! Glad we made the decision though!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot even see my scar or anything from A, hoping to get as lucky with this baby!
No driving for 4 weeks?! I would loose my mind, I wonder why they say that, I was never told that. Glad to hear his "boy appt" went good, that has to be hard on everyone!
Have a good afternoon with everyone :)

Mom said...

Very cute milestone blanket and I had a giggle over Ryder's hair!!!

Gabriella said...

AHHH, his hair is the best thing ever! I love it!! :) Great first week home, and so wonderful that your parents and Justin's Mom are close and can help. Have a great weekend!

Jen Linton said...

Dr Z is great (I'm guessing that's her in the photo- I can even recognize the room!) she was available for a LOT of my follow up questions and calls and appointments- paranoid mama over here! I can't even imagine how to function after a c-section- I have a hard time dealing with getting blood drawn!! Let me know if you need any help! Unless, of course, it's to make the bed. I HATE FITTED SHEETS!! :):)

Logan said...

Lots of visitors, hope they are all giving extras cuddles and kisses from me.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That first photo is amazing!! You are framing that right??

Busy first week! So many people excited to meet and cuddle Ryder and hang out with Delainey!

Glad Ryder's appt went well! That's kind of neat that they got rid of your old scar. What was the name of your delivering doc? No housework- because that's a reasonable request!! Just don't carry any baskets up and down the stairs! ;)

I definitely was not up for driving until 4+ weeks! I did once by myself at 3 weeks and it was too much. I also was carrying 2 boxes of diapers so that was probably part of it!

So happy I was able to visit and meet Ryder yesterday! :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Busy first week! So great you guys have so many people to help out and stop by! I think I drove for the first time by myself 3 weeks post csection but not very far. I didn't leave the house without my mom the first few times after that haha. Boy, things will sure be different second time around (as I'm sure you are experiencing too!).

Ashley said...

Sounds like you are all settling in over there!! Wish I was able to come meet the little guy!! Take it easy mama, this is you time to take a break!!! I remember once my blood pressure got under control, I felt like a new person and over did it a bit. Love that first picture!! That's great that they took care of your old scar too!! Mine isn't bad at all, hardly visible, hopefully I end up just as lucky this time around!!

Rachel Steck said...

I wish you didn't live so far away...

Whit said...

I hope you are taking it easy my dear friend - no more laundry ;) The boy appt is awful, not my cup of tea at all. His milestone blanket is super cute. Looks like things are going awesome!! So nice to have your parents help!! xox

Katie said...

you are doing great!!! i'm so impressed!! and so nice to have your parents to help with d!