{Ryder's Room}

I am very excited to share Ryder's room. I love his space. 
Right away I knew I wanted to do a superhero theme room with more of an old school vintage theme {as we were re-using the rocking chair and dresser that Justin distressed for Delainey's nursery}.
It took a little convincing as Justin didn't want it to be too much about his 'likes' but after I showed him some of my ideas he agreed. Plus I think it's nice to have a room for our boy that has parts of his Daddy's passions - comics and bikes. :) Come to think of it - those 2 things are already some of Delainey's favorite things too!
His room is a very typical square room - not fun little nooks and cranny's like Delainey has so it made it a bit harder to fit all my ideas in and in the end we didn't have room for a little gallery wall like Delainey has.
But it turned out to be a fun little room for our Ryder.

We re-used Delainey's crib. 

Justin wanted to paint another striped wall like he did in Delainey's room so I said have at 'er!
He painted the room the same grey as Delainey's room as well.
{Initially I wanted a wall made of old wood or pallets but he kiboshed that idea! ;)}
I do just love how the wall turned out and the dark blue color.

Instead of an entire wall - I found a pallet DIY project to do. Hardest part was either tearing apart the pallet {which Justin did for me} as it was really dry or drawing the batman symbol on to the wood {which I also made Justin do}. 
And he took this job very seriously. He used math that I didn't even understand in high school. ;) I love my nerdy hubby.

 I learned I don't love hammering hundreds of little nails into wood and my fingers hurt for days.
But do love the finished product.

Sign: Home Sense

^ Heartbeat art c/o Tiny Voice Print, Frame: Micheals

^ Batman banner DIY 

Batman pillow: Ebay

Wire baskets: Home Sense

READ letters DIY - I used old comics to podge modge onto the letters that I bought in the $1 bin at Micheals.

^ All above photo c/o Whitney Cowan Photography

Mobile DIY: I used an old bike wheel {thank you Brian!} and then had Justin clean and break apart old bike gears and a bike chain and hung it with fishing wire. Along with a few superheros and I painted some rutan balls.

Dog tail hooks: Ikea
Art: Liam
Super Ryder Vinyl: Kreative Corner Designs

Kerri from Kreative Corner Design gifted this tree vinyl to Delainey when she was born and sent us Ryder's name to add to the tree!

{ ^ This is in Delainey's room}

We asked her to come up with something for Ryder's room that included all of us like Delainey's tree and she came up with this:

I LOVE it. Watch on my Instagram for a giveaway for her shop to come!

Superhero closet knobs and light switch cover from Hobby Lobby - gift from Jen - thank you again!

Hedgehog toy basket: gift from Barb West Coast Kids
Lamp: kijiji 

And there we have it! :) I'm kinda sad it's all done and I have no more nurseries to decorate!
Thank you Justin for all your work on this room and for completing my endless to do list.

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Bex said...

SQUEAL! This turned out sooo awesome! You always have such fun, creative ideas. I could hire you to come decorate my house next if you have the urge!

Ashley said...

Perfect!! Love it!! My search is on for the baskets still! I checked winners last night in hopes, but they just had big ones! I feel like Noah's big boy room is going to take forever with all the details I want to add to it, but I right now our main focus is just getting him in there!! Lol.

Jen Linton said...

Great looking room!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

OMG how cute and perfect is his room?! Now I just need to hire you for our nursery lol. I love all the little details you think of :)

Kaella Carr said...

You are so crazy talented!!!! This room is perfect! Wow!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

What an awesome room!! It turned out so good and all of the pieces fit perfectly :)

Katie said...

I LOVE it so much!! everything looks so good!

Leigh said...

Love how it turned out! Especially reusing the wheel...so creative!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh wow, I love how it turned out! Using a wheel for the mobile was a genius idea! Every little detail is so perfect. I want those read letters in my room!! ;) You are so creative!!

Nikki said...

How stinking cute is this room! Love it!

Whit said...

It's such an awesome room for Ry!! I love that you included little family pieces in each room (decal) so awesome! I just Love it and all your hard work and thought!! xox

Christy said...

ahhhhh I love the superhero theme! it's so awesome!! the mobile and batman sign are my favourite, just wow!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

WHOA!! This room is AMAZING! You are so talented and creative! I love, love, love the batman sign. So cool! And the mobile - I'm speechless! Love the mod podged READ letters - so neat (and something I totally want to copy now!). You could always come help me do Sully's room - I'm embarrassed to say it's been in shambles ever since we moved in lol.

Murdock's mama said...

The family decals are priceless! I also love the bike tire mobile. Perfect for your family!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Such a cute room I love it! Also I'm giggling at the math used with the batman logo.. Is he an engineer? My boyfriend is and I see his math crap he does daily and I'm just mind boggled.

Gabriella said...

I love every single detail of this room. It turned out amazing, and you are so creative and talented! Want to come decorate my apartment!?!! ;)