Happy Thursday! Today I give you random thoughts. :)

This Ultimate Mum Pillow was seriously a life saver while sleeping when I was pregnant. They said it acted as a nursing pillow as well but I really thought it was too big. 
BUT then I tried it and it is amazing. I use it only in bed when I nurse during the night and it supports your back as well as putting baby at the right height. It's also so cozy! {And it's Canadian!}


We got our family/maternity photos back from Whit as we were driving to the hospital. Perfect distraction while in labour. :) I will share them all soon. I LOVE them.
But how sweet is this girl?! I am so proud of her and just love her so much. She is seriously the best big sister and loves Ryder so much. She still has her moments but that's totally to be expected.

teeny moccs

She's a total TWOnager!
^hedgehog hat made by my ever so talented Mom! LOVE!

Post-partum night sweats are THE WORST. I had them bad after Delainey too but I forgot how awful they are. When I wake up for Ryder's first feed I am DRENCHED in sweat. I have to sleep on a towel but then the comforter is soaking wet, I am freezing, Ryder wants to eat, I go through multiple pairs of jammie, I am grumpy....it's no fun!

Nicole lent us her wipes warmer as Ryder especially hates getting his bum wiped in the middle of the night and it's the best thing ever. I feel bad we didn't have one for Delainey!

I won a $50 gift card to Blanqi months ago and waited for their Highwaist Support leggings to come back in stock in my size and I am SO glad I did. I had them for the last few weeks of my pregnancy and loved them but appreciate them even more now.

They are the most comfortable pair of bottoms with my c-section incision and are not see through at all (unlike the pair I went to the hospital wearing yet was in too much pain to care).

Ryder had his post procedure check up on Tuesday and he is doing just great. He also weighs 6lbs 6oz already!

 blanket Batz Kids

On the Mommy front - I am doing much better. My incision is still super swollen and tender but I am feeling much stronger and in less pain. I have done multiple ravine walks solo with all 3 and they feel so good to get out. Even if it does take us longer to get ready for said walk then we actually walk and Delainey insists on bringing 3 friends and a tea cup full of cheerios most days! ;)

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Jen Linton said...

Glad you're feeling better! I think I only had the night sweats one or two nights, but it's like waking up in a POOL!

Ashley said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! That's awesome soo soon afterwards!! Good to know about the pillow! Whenever I bust the one I gut out, I will keep that in mind! Can't believe how big D is getting!! My night sweats were never that intense, very mild compared to what you are describing! Do you sleep with a fan on? I absolutely love that hedgehog hat!! Your mom is soo talented!!

Murdock's mama said...

SO MUCH CUTENESS in this post! <3

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I keep waking on my tummy these days, I throw off my body pillow all the time! Geesh.
I remember night sweats - they were the worst! Mine were pretty bad for 4-5 nights.
I used to make fun of wipe warmers but get them now! Especially if you are doing night changes, I am not sure I ever changed A at night - poor kid!
I am happy you are felling good! Makes a huge difference!

Bex said...

So good to hear you are feeling better. Ugh. Night sweats. I had them so bad too, it was awful. No one ever talks about them so I was so confused what was going on!!

Delainey looks like a teenager in that picture with her new hat. Seriously. She's so cute.

Rachel Steck said...

A girl always has to have a teacup of Cheerios. Glad you are feeling good and able to get outside!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Delainey looks beautiful in the photo Whitney took! I can't wait to see more. And she does look like such a teenager in that photo with the new hat - which is super cute. Your mom is so talented!!

Katie said...

I want that pillow, and those leggings and that cute blanket!! and the night sweats!? SOOO terrible!

Leigh said...

Delainey looks so grown up! Gah, night sweats were the worst thing ever. Especially when it`s cold out as you wake up so hot and then get clammy as you are soaked. Hope they go away soon!

Whit said...

I can relate on prep for walks, takes forever with my two as well!! Good on ya :) Delainey's little hedgehog hat pic is adorable!! xox

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Some days I feel like it takes an insane amount of time to get just Sully and I out the door that I can't even imagine having to do it with two kids. Although, I guess one day Sully will be more independent in that department...

I never ever experienced night sweats! So weird. I fully expected them, but they never came.

I was so grateful for high waisted leggings post csection too! I wore them for a few months, I'm sure haha!