{Newborn Family Photos}

Ok LAST installment of our newborn family photos. Up next is the nursery! :)
I love these photos {are you tired of me saying that yet!?} as they are just us at home, nothing super staged and they were so easy and stress free. I was so thankful everyone cooperated for these and it only required a few fuzzy peaches for Delainey. 

But don't kid yourself it was ALL Whit working her magic. She could get a good shot in a thunder storm. Over and over I have said it - but thank you Whit. Not only do I throw at her a husband who doesn't like having his photo taken - add in a newborn, plus a toddler but then I insist on Cruz being in all our photos too and Whit doesn't flinch - she ALWAYS get incredible photos. 
We so appreciate YOU and love you.

{Mommy & Ryder}

Whit took a photo just like ^ during our newborn shoot with Delainey. Amazing.

{The kids}

{Mommy, Daddy & Ry}

{Daddy & Ryder}

{The Family}
Oh goodness do I LOVE these people.

I LOVE this photo! It's very typical Justin and Miss D. And Halloween of course. :)

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Bex said...

Such a beautiful family. <3

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those photos are all so beautiful! I think taking them in your home setting is ideal as I like the intimacy of photos in your bedroom or the nursery.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

These are awesome! Such a beautiful family :) And yes candy is the key for toddlers and photos lol! Excited to see the nursery!

Stacy said...

Love the photos...I especially love how cooperative Cruz is

Gabriella said...

The one of D kissing Ryder! :) These turned out so beautiful!

Ashley said...

Aww they are perfect!!! Can't decide who ones are my fav!! Haha! Can't wait to see that nursery, but I spy wire shelving and wonder where that is from? We are on the search for something similar for Noah's books

Christy said...

Love love love them!

Danielle said...

So gorgeous! I am a little envious of all of your amazing photos!

Leigh said...

Absolutely love these! You have a beautiful family friend :)

Kaella Carr said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Whit is so talented!

Whit said...

You guys did so great, and it's not all me you did a great job prepping everyone and everything ;) xox

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Beautiful!! All of them! Love the ones of all 3 of your kids, so sweet ;) xo