{Friday randoms}

Happy Friday! :) It's a sleepy Friday over here. I should have known better than to congratulate Ryder on a good night sleep on Monday night...because the last 3 have not been so fun. Good thing he's mine and so darn cute! Except when he falls asleep the minute Delainey wakes up! Not cute Ryder.

Today you get some lovely randoms and even that my brain can hardly handle. :) We have had a really good week though for the most part. Thank you to everyone for all the nice comments on all our photos so far. That Whit sure is a photo magician.

Ryder did his first craft {& second}! They look tiny but he has the biggest feet and long toes like his Daddy.

We went on our first outing just the 3 of us and my first time driving.
It was nice to get out on our own I'm calling it a success - no tears from anyone!

Nana stopped by for a visit.

Ryder turned 3 weeks old and I can hardly believe it's been 3 weeks. He's almost lost that newborn look and is looking more grown up already! Total hunk.

We've been so spoiled with the weather this fall so the last few days have felt very cold. And I will admit for a wee second I wished Cruz was a chihuahua and didn't require 2 walks a day. Thankfully once we actually get out there I enjoy the fresh air and neither Ryder or Delainey complain and the eldest child is a happy camper.

Justin got Delainey the new YouTube kids app {YTkids} and it's great. It boggles my mind how she just navigates her way around it. She is loving Daniel Tiger, Caillou (not my fav at all) and lots of alphabet and shapes/colors videos while I am nursing. She always wants to cuddle Ry and show him her videos afterwards too. She's the BEST big sister.

I went to my first gymnastics class post Ryder and loved being back in the gym with my girl. She sure loves it. Thankful my parents were able to take her the last 3 weeks and Gramma Debbie came with us this week to sit with Ryder.

She takes stamp time very seriously. Hands, feet, tummy. :)

Such a big boy.

Also wanted to thank my "blog" friends turned real life friends Leigh, Lindsey, Nicole, Jen and Gabriella for the sweet gifts for Ryder. Leigh also made the most delicious Chicken Pot Pies {cookies & popcorn} and Gabriella even sent treats for Cruz and Miss Delainey all the way from San Francisco. Thank you all again.

So true.

And true again. I am SO itching to workout. I waited until 6 weeks with Delainey and plan to again but let's just say I am over feeling like the image below. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awesome job on getting out solo with the kids! You are a rockstar! I cannot believe Ryder is three weeks already! I always feel like A looks more together and I do ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's great that you had your first outing with both kids and that it went well! I can't get over how cute Ryder is. I love that photo of him snuggled up next to Delainey. That is awesome that she si such a great big sister!!

Jen Linton said...

Congrats on the outing! Darn doggies in the winter- it's so hard to get out there but worth it afterwards!!

Kelly said...

Super cute craft project! I need to check out the YT Kids app before Baby #2 arrives, Seems like a great idea to keep big sister occupied when I have my hands full with little brother.
Love that photo of D getting a stamp on her tummy, So cute.

Ashley said...

Oh I didn't know you tube had that app, I will have to get it for Noah! Looks like another sneak peek of the nursery!! Can't wait to see it!! His feet are too cute!! Love the pic of D getting her stamp!! Watch out Mom, she might want a tattoo sooner than later haha. I also love the worth the wait onesie on him!!! Too precious!!

Bex said...

You're a rockstar for getting out with both kids. Those little foot prints are soooo teeny and cute.

Murdock's mama said...

Cuteness overload!! :)

Leigh said...

3 weeks already?! Stop growing babies :) Glad you guys had a successful trip out of the house :)

Tawnya Faust said...

I can't believe he's 3 weeks already! I'm sure you're looking great, don't push it and wait the 6 weeks!! You don't want to have any complications!! Glad you had a successful first solo outing! I'm so scared/excited about live with two little ones!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Nice work on the solo outing! I think the thought of that terrifies me most of having a second child lol. 6 weeks postpartum will be here before you know it!