{Baby Black Take 2: Week 38/39}

{I had this ready to post last Wednesday after our doctors appointment BUT Ryder had other plans. I also have no photos for this week as Tuesday night I was having some super fun contractions and taking a belly photo was the last thing I wanted to do. You are welcome Justin. ;)}

How far along: 
38 & 39 weeks

He has a name! :) It feels good to be 100% decided even though you can really say he's had a name all along. We are going with our original name and I really do love it. Justin has never swayed from it and I am thankful for that. It's HIS name and I cannot wait to share it and call him by it. We've run it by Delainey - her shortened version is extra cute. Sold!

Really big. My belly has definitely dropped it feels like it's between my legs at times and depending on what he is doing it can be a bit uncomfortable. Things are progressing!
Lower back is really sore, serious acid reflux and I spend most of my nights peeing.
I haven't had a headache since my massage!! You have NO idea how much I wish I would have made time to go for a massage before 38 weeks!! ha

What I'm wearing:


What I'm looking forward to: 
Meeting this boy!

Best moment of the week:
The nursery is DONE!! Our delinquent crib sheet and change pad cover FINALLY showed up 9 weeks after I ordered it. Thankfully I do love it in there even though I am still bitter it took so long and the shops customer service was brutal. Too bad cause they have really cute stuff and I would have loved to share the shop.
Either way - the nursery is complete and ready for him to join us/newborn photos since he won't be sleeping in there right away.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Welcome again Ryder! I love his name :) Chad is sold on a boy name (same one we picked out with A) but I am not overly sold now... maybe it will be a girl then that worry is gone ;)
The batman crib sheet? I love it too, so that is too bad! I cannot wait to see his nursery, you are so talented.

Ashley said...

Can't wait to see see the nursery!! We have two boy names now... They have always been on the list, but M definetly has a favorite!! Lol! Girls names are easy!! I love the name you chose for him, it is just perfect for him! Soo glad he's here safe and sound!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Love it!! Congrats again lady. It's such a great feeling to hold him in your arms and look back at belly pics, isn't it?! You looked so beautiful; I am happy he's out and you won't feel sick any more!

Gabriella said...

His name is perfect! I am excited to see the nursery!

Bex said...

What's D's shortened version of the name? I can't wait to see the nursery!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ryder's name is perfect for him!!

Excited to see the nursery!! The Batman sheet is awesome!!