{weekend rewind: birthday edition}

Ok so LONG post ahead. :) It was Delainey's birthday week/weekend so I may have taken a lot of photos!

On Wednesday I took the day off to spend it with my birthday girl.
Justin and I woke her up by throwing balloons in her bed! It was a hit.

 {Last year!}

We dropped Lil off at school and went and met up with Whit, Fin and Huck for a walk {East was at school - sad face - I missed him}.
The girls would have been happy "coloring" on the sidewalk - the dogs not so much.

This was the first time Cruz met Huck and I am pretty sure they will be the best of buds. They are close in size already and I tried telling Cruz that Huck will be bigger than her in no time! But they played so nice together.

Huck is honestly the sweetest, most chill pup! I just love him. His paws, his face, his puppy run - too much cuteness!

When we got home we made icing for the birthday cupcakes we made for after dinner. 
Being two you must lick the beater. :)

She fought her nap like a warrior so we called it quits and went to pick Lily up and then walk.

We totally lucked out and it was a beautiful day!

 Gramma & Grandpa came over and we played in the backyard, ordered pizza for dinner and then had cupcakes!

She opened a few presents including her new cabbage patch doll Kiya and stroller. It's been a hit.

We won't talk about the going to bed fiasco or getting up at 4:15am Thursday morning...obviously sleep isn't her favorite thing these days. It's a struggle.
Gymnastics was kind of a gong show - she was ALL over the place and not all the interested in listening. She fell asleep on the ride home which meant a no nap afternoon.
Thursday night Gramma & Grandpa requested a sleepover {even when I told them about the horrendous sleep}! Thankfully Delainey was a big girl for them and Justin and I snuck to the watering hole for burger night as Lily went home just before dinner too.
Friday I ran a few solo errands and had a doctors appointment.
 Gramma, Grandpa and Delainey enjoyed the morning at Edworthy Park.

I picked her up in time for lunch and a nap fight. ;) Good thing we love her so.
As I was making dinner we got a package delivered from Ashley & fam - Delainey loves her new dress up dolls. 

 And she made a beautiful quilt for baby Black along with a couple cute outfits and a gift for myself. Thank you again Ashley!!

Saturday morning. Someone was up at the crack of dawn so Daddy went to cuddle.

We made more icing for cookies for her party that day.

And nap time looked like this. With her party being that afternoon we NEEDED her to sleep!

We spent most of the day prepping for the party and setting up. We had a PUPPY themed party and tried to keep it with family and a few of Delainey's closest friends.
Here are a few of the party details.

Puppy adoption center was the favors for the kids.

Cruz protecting the puppies look so pretty!

 Flower ^ c/o Evergreen & Lace Boutique - more on this shop this week!

We had a birthday BBQ so Justin BBQd smokies and hotdogs to go with the dog theme of course. :)

TWO out of photos - hard to see with our mirrors!

Coloring a canine with Pa.

 Headband ^ c/o Evergreen & Lace Boutique

Playing with her buddy Leo - thanks for the photo Nicole.

Yes the cake looks like a bear. Go with it - it's a puppy ok. ;) I had a mishap with one of the heart cakes. Thankfully Justin pushed me to finish it. ;)

Delainey LOVED everyone singing to her!

This was last year! Boggles my mind.

Me trying to get an outfit pic. ;) She was DONE at this point.

Some sweet little two year old decided to be up from 1:15-2:45am that night too - thankfully Justin took this task on as I lay in bed and wished I knew why she was being such a stinker but also sad she was SO upset at sleep time.
Sunday she may have been up real early again. ;) So I cuddled.

Sunday morning we opened up her gifts from the party and she played - she got 2 new Duplo lego sets so she was a happy girl. As was Daddy. ;)

We headed out for a few errands and a trip to Ikea. 

We had another "fun" afternoon nap where I tried to get her down for almost an hour while Justin was out for a bike ride and then he had to take over. It breaks my heart how upset she gets. She honestly was losing it - throwing her self out of bed, ripping headbands off her holder...but then the second you say you will cuddle with her she stops hyperventilating. GAH. It's so hard.
She woke up very needy and a grouchy bear so Justin made dinner while we read new books.

It was at this point when Justin popped open a bottle of non-alcohol red wine for me. ;) I have been craving a glass of red wine for a while now and this actually tasted better than I thought it would. Even though I was still jealous of Justin's real wine. ;)

We honestly had an amazing weekend despite all the sleep issues we are having and thankfully Delainey went down last night without a peep and slept all night long! So proud of her. 
We loved celebrating our TWO year old who we honestly could not love more. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate her.

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Stacy said...

I love that theme...I may have to steal it for my son's!

Bex said...

Ah man. Sleep issues are no fun at all. It's so hard to stand your ground through all the fighting. Hopefully this is just a silly phase for her.

The party looks awesome. All the details are incredible, as always.

Murdock's mama said...

Everything is SO cute! What a fun weekend!!
PS...we still battle sleep issues, so know it isn't just your house. :(

Nikki said...

What an adorable birthday party theme!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

SO fun!! You are one great momma and party planner! Want to plan another 2nd bday?? lol.
I hear you on the naps too! Silly girls!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh wow, the party looked awesome! What a great idea for a theme. Especially love the adopt a puppy favours. So clever :) We are currently fighting a nap as I type this, so you so aren't alone! And Sully still naps better and longer if I lay with him in my bed…which I love doing, but I just can't do it every.single.day.

Gabriella said...

Huck is the cutest thing! I can't believe how big he is already! Dying over the puppy party. Everything turned out so cute, and the birthday girl looks like she had a really special day! Her Cruz headband is the best!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Her party looked awesome! I love all of the details and I think the cake is cute!! I am glad she had a special week of celebrations! That is a bummer that you've had to deal with sleep struggles, though. That's not fun for anyone! Hopefully her good night of sleep last night is a sign that things are moving in the right direction!!

Leigh said...

Love the balloons in bed idea! And crazy how much she has grown since last year. Especially her hair :) the party turned out so great! Not that I expected anything else from you :) fighting naps/short naps seems to be a common theme with everyone lately! Silly kids

Amber said...

Ohh the puppy theme is SO cute -- I love all the food out in dog dishes, hilarious! And I think your cake totally looks like a dog. Maybe a dog/bear ;) haha. But seriously looks like an amazing party!

findingpurehappiness.com said...

Such a cute idea for a bday party!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time :-)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

What a perfect party!! I was actually thinking about "Paw Patrol" and saw some of those ideas, and you really made them come to life! How fun. I know you're probably feeling like poo, but just keep soaking up all that one on one with D…she sounds a lot like Brooke right now, quite trying and a little defiant at times!! It can be tough. I hope you're feeling well today and know that you look so pretty mama! Soon you'll have your family of 4~ xox

Ashley said...

Ok can you come plan my parties?? You didn't miss a single detail!! Love every part of it!! I think the cake looks great!! Soo glad she loves her toy!! I'm also glad you love everything else, the scarf looks great!! She must sense some big changes are coming up and maybe that's why she's not sleeping great. We just got Noah back into a good sleep pattern. We will see how long it lasts!!

Kaella Carr said...

I LOVE the birthday party theme!! It looked amazing. You did such a great job! Sorry to hear about the sleeping problems. London ends up in my bed 99% of the time, these days, because he sleeps better with me and we're both slightly cranky when we don't get enough sleep!

Whit said...

Your party was so awesome! You did good mama! So creative and you did so much work!! I didn't even see the book to sign, so I better get on that ;)
Sleep issues are the worst. It's so hard and little improvements are hard to see cause you're so tired, but hang in there, we all get it.
Love you guys xox

Katie said...

i LOVE that party!! everything looked so so cute! and AHHHHHHH for sleep issues. they make no sense and are so frustrating! i am sorry!! hope it gets better this week!