{week in rewind}

Happy Friday! :) I figured since I had the whole week off it would make for a really long weekend rewind to share it all. So here's our week in rewind. I loved being home this week - especially since I had no huge jobs to complete - I tackled those last week when I didn't know if this ultrasound would leave us scheduling a quick c-section or where we are now - waiting. I am thrilled about the outcome. ;)
Monday we had a day at home. With not feeling great and having a busy week I needed a day with nothing and thankfully Delainey did just fine staying home. We did some cleaning and organized the basement but then I just followed Delainey's lead and we played. We also spent a lot of time outside soaking up this weather!

That night Gramma & Grandpa picked her up and she had dinner and a sleepover with them. She is always so excited to go with them. We were packing up their truck and she turned to me nonchalantly and said "see ya Mom".

She had a great time with them as usual.
Playing in their backyard....

At the new playground...

Baking cookies/eating Reese's Pieces. :)

I ended up with the morning and early afternoon to myself before I met Justin for our ultrasound. I booked a massage, got groceries, worked out and did some odd jobs around the house.
Then picked up this munchkin after our appointment.

She loves this new hat my Mom made and she decided she was taking home with her. ;)

 Wednesday morning we met up with Whit, Fin & Huck for a walk in Eau Claire. The pups were thrilled to see each other - Huck at 19 weeks is almost the same size as Cruz but they don't seem to care! He is so sweet though, just the biggest love. And could teach Cruz a thing or two about walking on a leash. Gah.
The girls had fun at the park...the pups played and Whit and I had a good visit. Plus the weather was beautiful - makes for an awesome morning.

This photo was when we were questioning which one of them had pooped. ;) 

Being a goof while we ate lunch outside before nap time.

Nap time consisted of her taking off her sleepsac right after I told Whit she only ever done it once before {they listen to EVERYthing we say!}, chewing on her toes and then calling for me. "You comin' Mommy, D done!"

That afternoon we had my doctors appointment and then met up with my parents and Nana for dinner that night to celebrate Nana's 80th birthday! :)

Just cleaning the fence with baby wipes. A typical Delainey activity. She loves cleaning and wiping things!

 Nana & Delainey {& Halloween of course!}

Thursday morning we painted the rock she insisted on bringing home with us from the ravine and also made a double recipe of "healthy" pumpkin waffles for the freezer.

Then had a pink bubble bath {bath bomb} in Mom & Dad's tub! She wanted to hold the bomb the whole time cause it fizzed in her hands!

Thursday is gymnastics day too! I carried my phone with me so I could get some videos of her since she loves watching videos so much.
Teeter tottering with her buddy Sully.

She just LOVES the pit!

 Even though I was exhausted after a brutal sleep the night before and then gymnastics Delainey decided nap time was a no go. She climbed out of bed without me hearing her and all of a sudden was in our room saying "hi Mommy!" and that's where it all went downhill. ;) Apparently this was ME as a toddler so it's just pay back! ;)
This one loves cuddling on the bed - can you tell?! She was disappointed it was cut short too.

So we did what we do best - the ravine and playground.

Delainey loves telling Cruz to sit and then she takes off running!

The last couple days Delainey has been out of sorts for sure - we are pretty sure it's her 2 year molars as he sees them coming in when they brush her teeth.
This morning she was a BEAR. So we packed up, I hit the Starbucks drive thru and prayed she would fall asleep! Thankfully she had a quick 25 min nap and when she woke up she was thrilled we were in the library parking lot!

She thoroughly enjoyed watching a few boys fight over the one toy in the library.

And then we picked out as many books as she could possibly fit in her library bag.

We met up with Nicole, Leo & Audrey at Menchies for frozen yogurt. The kids had more fun ruining their chalkboard art! :)

We have a tradition to go for froyo before baby event though we go way more than that now! :)
Thanks again for the date!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have NO plans! Justin is going riding {duh!} and Delainey is going for a sleepover with her cousins but that's it. I'm sure we will fill ours days!

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Bex said...

Sounds like a busy week. I feel your pain with the no nap thing. Liam is still napping at day home, but it's making bed time a struggle. It's frustrating and exhausting and when I complain to my parents they just laugh because it's pay back for me being such a pain in the butt at bed time.

I love D's cute little knee socks!!

Jen Linton said...

hahah i love the pic when you asked who pooped, that's hilarious. I also love random days- we're having a lot of those over here..although, I haven't had any adult talk in a while. Mostly babbling back at Wes or babbling at the dogs

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Fun week!! Sure packed lots into it! Love the playground pics!

Those darn molars! I think Leo is starting on them but can't see them yet.

Glad we could get together again before baby boy makes his appearance! Maybe he will come tomorrow! ;)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

A has skipped a couple naps lately too, crazy girls!! I get the "come on Mom, Avery done" sigh.
Your posts remind me I need to get Avery on a sleepover!!
Hope you have a relaxing weekend :-)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

A has skipped a couple naps lately too, crazy girls!! I get the "come on Mom, Avery done" sigh.
Your posts remind me I need to get Avery on a sleepover!!
Hope you have a relaxing weekend :-)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I can't believe how much you guys accomplish BEFORE gymnastics, lol!! What time does D usually wake up? I find the foam pit exhausting so I'm really not sure how you are still managing to climb around in it! ;)

And yay for sleepovers! I wish our parents lived here so we could take advantage of that!

Murdock's mama said...

Awesome {busy} week! I hope you're feeling okay and get to rest this weekend. I can't wait to hear of any updates! :)

Leigh said...

What a fun week you girls had! Delainey has the best hair...lucky girl!