{My pregnancy must haves - 2nd time around}


Thank you to everyone for their birthday messages for Delainey. She had a great day! More on that Monday.

As I have mentioned before or if you know me in real life you will know first hand but this pregnancy has been 100% different from when I was pregnant with Delainey. 
I am not complaining as I am incredibly thankful to be pregnant again - I am just stating the facts.

I did a post like this when I was pregnant with Delainey so thought I would again. :)

Photo c/o the wonderful Whitney Cowan Photography

My Pregnancy Must Haves
{in no particular order! And I am probably forgetting lots of things.}

This Palmer's Tummy Butter was my go to with Delainey and has been good to me this time around as well. I love the smell too and you can get it at Superstore or Walmart.

Super duper healthy snacks. :) Just constantly eating in general has been my life saver this pregnancy. 

Tylenol for my non-stop headaches. I try hard not take one but sometimes I just have to cave to get through my day. Toddler whines + no wine + head throb = Tylenol.
Peppermint oil was my friend for a long time for my headaches and unfortunately stopped making a difference at all lately. 
 {Diclectin is NOT on this list. It was not my friend}

Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion. I put this on my feet most nights as my feet are always on fire!

My Muladhara leggings. I have 2 pairs of crops and they were some of my favorites before and have been my to go throughout this pregnancy too. They can fold nicely under the belly or lay flat over it and are still so comfortable. LOVE them. Plus Amanda is local and just the nicest person.

Delainey has the matching pair and mine are actually on sale right now!! HERE.

I LOVE these water bottles from Costco and have one just about everywhere because I am always thirsty. :) 
They are non spill, you don't have to take off a lid top drink and Delainey still hasn't figured them out. Winner.

Blue Gatorade. Most morning I feel pretty terrible so I put some of this in my water bottle give it a shake and chug. I like to think it helps and it's easier to get down first thing when I'm feeling like junk.

My Ultimate Mum Pillow for sleeping. A sleep mask. My cherry pit heat pack for my lower back.

Spikey orange ball for my lower back and butt.

My 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme were easily my to go workouts this whole pregnancy. I was so thankful to have a 30 minute effective workout with tons of options depending on how I was feeling and I always felt better after a workout. BONUS - they are on sale this month!!! Let me know if you want details. :)

Being pregnant with a toddler is definitely a game changer too. On one hand I am SO thankful to have her because she keeps me busy and doesn't let me slow down even when I am feeling awful. But there were/are some days where I really could have used a day like back when I was pregnant with her where I could walk Cruz and then do nothing! BUT I wouldn't change it for the world. She reminds me daily how lucky we are and how worth these 9 months of feeling under the weather are.

Justin has been incredible this whole pregnancy for sure and I am very thankful for him - he is a must have too. I know there are days that haven't been fun with me for sure but some days I wish the Dad's could experience pregnancy for just a day. Or maybe a week. ;) Just sayin'!

PS. The WINNER of the Firmoo giveaway is Whit! Congrats! :)

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Bex said...

Liam's now figured out the Contigo bottles so my water is never safe anymore. Why is mine always better than his!?

That foot lotion sounds so lovely.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hear you, so far this pregnancy is much different. I can feel good but then the evening hits and I feel crappy. Lame! I hated dilectic when I tried it with A too. I have had to take Motrin a couple times for migraines, I suffered with A for 6 weeks not knowing I could take it so this time I take it when I really need it!

Ashley said...

I might have to try your Gatorade trick! I am not loving water at all, but am soo thirsty!! I also agree the second pregnancy is much different! Headaches are just starting again this week. I bought the giant Costco bag of skittles again and this time I have no interest in them!! Noah loves the contigo bottles and often closes the flip lid part on the newer bottles, so when I goto drink without noticing nothing comes out... Stinker!

Leigh said...

I bought some of the palmers stuff to use, but the smell bothered me for some reason. I ended up with the olive oil body cream from the body shop. Their foot cream is so good! I bought some a couple weeks ago :) crazy that little guy will be here soon! Are you doing maternity pictures with Whitney?

Jen Linton said...

I used bio oil on my belly/hips and palmers concentrate over the rest of my body throughout my pregnancy...and still everyday today!! Love the palmers stuff

Whit said...

There's some good stuff on there! And YAYYY!!! I'm So pumped to go shopping for some new specs!!! Thank you!!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I'll have to keep palmer's in mind for next time (if there's a next time), I strictly used bio oil last go around and I didn't get any stretch marks but I only liked using it right before bed since it's so oily (duh!) haha. And I love that foot lotion!