{Canadian newborn loves}

I loved our newborn shoot when Delainey was born. It was just me and my girls with my best friend Whit doing all the work!
Newborn sessions are a TON of work for the photographer and they are pretty much out of our control - it's all dependent on how the baby is doing that day AND how awesome your photographer is. Good thing we have the best one around. ;)
Delainey was pretty great for being 20 days old and I absolutely love all the photos Auntie Whit got of her.

^ My wedding veil

I am even more excited for this next newborn session as Justin will be here for it and it will include both sisters too. My whole wee family! And it is just NUTS that we have it tentatively scheduled for less than a month from now.
I have tried to prep as much as I can for this session so Whit has lots to work with - other than an adorable squishy baby!

Here are a few of my favorite things from some amazing shops I have found so far:

So when I set out looking for little bowties for our little man and found this beautiful Canadian shop that had both bowties and hair bows - I was thrilled. All I could picture was Delainey with her hair bows that matched little mans bowtie for newborn photos and Karen made my vision come true.
Bring on November and my exploding heart.


the butter that flies

Karen is the lovely creator all the beautiful accessories (& from Vancouver, BC) and has the most beautiful fall collection right now including some fun Christmas items!

She sent us some matching sets for newborn photos along with some of her hair accessories for Miss D.

 Set of pigtail bows - she was wearing pigtails before her nap fight. ;)

 Ignore her messy face and the fact that she is snacking - it's the best we could do! :)

 Concentrate on the pretty Lace Headband!

 Her Bowties for the little boys are perfection - perfectly pre-tied and I love all her classic colors. She can make them for boys that are newborn to 12 years old! She will also do custom orders for matching Daddy and son bowties!! Justin?! Are you seeing where my mind is going? ;)

Be sure to follow on:

Thank you again Karen.


Tiny Tot Prop Shop is another Canadian shop - from Ladysmith, BC I must add - we LOVE Ladysmith!
And she honestly has the best selection of  knit wraps I could find! I kinda wanted to order 10 but decided that was silly. Or not?!
Michelle sent me one of her charcoal wraps and I just love the color. It's so pretty in person and I can't wait to see our wee little man all wrapped up in it!

The shop also has adorable girlie things like headbands, lace pants, lace wraps etc so all you new girl mamas can go nuts too!

Check them out on:

Thank you Michelle!


When I stumbled upon Flamingo Baby on etsy I LOVED all her muslin blankets. I loved that she had a huge selection of colors and prints, did custom orders AND was also a Canadian shop {from Ontario}.
It wasn't until I saw her custom dog hand stamped blankets that I was instantly won over. 

You can choose the color of the stamp too and I went with black and just love it.
It's subtle, not too busy and our it's our Cruzie!

Custom Dog Stamped Muslin Blanket

I also love this superhero one, this shark one and this ombre one.
And if I was having a girl - for sure this tropics ones, watermelon one or tie dye one.
Check them out on:

Thanks Megan!


You will see more of these shops in the month to come once out little man arrives and Whit works her magic once again.  Until then - be sure to check them all out!

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Bex said...

I need to stock up on bowties for Mr. Liam. SO CUTE!

Leigh said...

I will not click on the links, I will not click on the links ;) can't wait to meet baby boy and see your family pictures! Have a great thanksgiving weekend!

Katie said...

so so cute!!!!

Tawnya Faust said...

Oh I have been looking for a canadian shop that sells wraps for newborns :) I already bought a couple of baby boy but I'm definitely going to pick up a few more from this shop! Thank you!!

Whit said...

I'm so pumped to get some newborn snuggles (yes I did say that and i 100% meant it) and to get some really pretty snuggle photos of you guys with this new man!! xox