{Baby Black Take 2: Week 37}

{I am posting a week behind - I am 38 weeks now}

How far along: 
37 weeks!

Tank c/o Peanut in my belly

I went for a massage yesterday. It.was.heaven. Plus the massage therapist was working on my spot on my neck and made her way up the back of my head (it hurt quite a bit at the time) and she asked if I had been suffering from headaches...yup pretty much every day! She said if she could take I guess I wouldn't have one the next day...guess what - I don't. Oh lord if she "fixed" my headaches after 38 weeks...

Having maternity photos done with Whit even if it was a gong show. Can't wait to see them all.

Seeing our little man during our ultrasound yesterday. They sent us for another full ultrasound to check on him/fluid level/cord placement as I wasn't growing much or gaining weight. Thankfully he has grown since our last ultrasound even if he is just a tiny guy. I am just so relieved as they talked about scheduling a c-section to evict him if he hadn't shown much growth.

^ Hand by his smooshed face

^ hand

Like this cold can go away anytime now. My head is so full, as is my nose. And bladder. ;) Sleeping has definitely taken a turn for the BLAH.
Feeling large. Some swelling, cramping and braxton hicks. I am a wee bit nervous of my water breaking somewhere in public! From my experience with it breaking with Delainey I had a big mess to clean up and it would be nice if it was at home again or at the hospital!
I love all his giant movements. Some are down right painful but he lets me push him out of my ribs or escape routes he often uses.

What I'm wearing:


What I'm looking forward to: 

Time with Delainey and Cruz at home. I feel much more relaxed now that we know this little guy is doing well and will come on his own terms. I have been pretty anxious for this ultrasound since our appointment last week. But now I feel like I can just enjoy each day as it comes.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Ok I need a massage NOW! These headaches are relentless. Glad to hear all is good with little guy, you just have small babies!

Bex said...

Glad to hear your massage was lovely and helped your headaches!!
And that you don't need to evict the peanut.

Does that scarf you have on in your first outfit picture have skulls on it? It looks very similar to one I have, just a different colour.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

GREAT update from the ultrasound! Bah having your worry over nothing! You have the perfect basketball! Based on that ultrasound picture I think he's going to be a handsome little one! ;)

Hope your cold is on the way out. Shouldn't there be a rule- no sickness in the last month (or 8!) of pregnancy?

Whit said...

So sooo glad eveything looks fine on this little man. You look fabulous and I cannot believe a massage made your headaches go away, even if just for the day!! That's awesome. He's coming soon and I'm pretty pumped!! xox

Jen Linton said...

I wish they'd let you have ultrasounds all the time- they're such a relief just to be able to see everything! Looking good :)

Christy said...

glad baby is growing!!! can't wait to see this little guy!!! you look great

Leigh said...

Glad to hear that everything looked good with baby boy at the ultrasound! Getting so close!

Jenna Barber said...

So glad to hear baby boy is doing great! Growing a human is downright stressful! You're looking great mama!

Murdock's mama said...

You are so stinking gorgeous! I keep waiting for 'the announcement!' How far along were you when D was born?
PS...I always wanted to have my water break {just to experience it--like the movies}, but they always had to break it in the hospital. Even with Cullyn {when I go to the hospital at a 9}

Ashley said...

How big did they guess him to be now? You look great!! Hopefully that cold takes a hike before baby comes!!! Love the outfits as usual! Can't wait to see the nursery!! Lol! Good to know about the headaches. Mine are hit and miss, luckily not constant!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Glad things are moving along just like they should be! I would be nervous to have my water break in public now that you mention it! Not that I know what that feels like, but I can imagine ;) Let's just hope it doesn't happen in the foam pit next week! Hahaha! Kidding, kidding. ;)

Gabriella said...

Yay for a good report from the doctor, and that you got to see the little man again! :)