{weekend rewind}

This is going to be a long and photo filled post but rewinding all the way back to Wednesday does that! :)

Wednesday was my birthday! We dropped Lily off at school. (Lily is staying with us for 10 days not sure if I mentioned that...) and then we went to get groceries!
It was a beautiful day so I attempted some 2 YEAR photos (WHAT?!) and then we played at the park!

Leigh dropped off a sweet birthday gift which included these flowers and some candy. :)

After picking Lily up and walking Cruz we hung out in the backyard until dinner - aka until Justin got home to make dinner. ;) 
It was so nice out and these 3 girls are just the best of friends.

Beads. They are EVERY WHERE in our house right now!

Justin brought home these beautiful pink roses and they opened up into the biggest roses I have ever seen! 
He also BBQd ribs for dinner. :)

Thursday was eventful. I will say it wasn't my favorite day.
On our way home from dropping Lily off at school Delainey started to scream from her car seat, it wasn't her typical "I dropped my book" cry so I went to pull off Crowchild only to hear her get sick. Once I got to her she immediately got sick again and then again. I can't even describe the mess {she had cottage cheese & fruit for breakfast} but it was everywhere! She has never thrown up before so she decided to go big! ;( Poor girl. I had to strip her down on the side of the road and try my best to clean up the car seat but could only do so much with the wipes we had. Thankfully she was just fine after the whole ordeal so we got home and had a bath and then a nap and you wouldn't even have known she was sick.
While she napped and into the afternoon I cleaned the truck and car seat. What a MESS!!

Needless to say we missed Gymnastics and took it easy the rest of the day but she honestly was 100% fine. Me on the other hand from cleaning the truck and car seat did not feel fine. Oi.

That night Lily had her Horseback riding lesson out in Cochrane and as much as I just wanted to be at home I am so glad we went out there.

We started the visit off feeding this beauty. I am thinking Delainey may have thought it was a dog because she gave it a huge hug - surprised the heck out of me! {Or because we often see a pig just like this walking in the ravine with it's owner.}

Delainey was very unsure of the horses - Lily on the other hand was in her element. 
It was amazing to see. She did so great and I was so proud of her.

She galloped for the first time while having the horse change direction and stay close to the wall for 2 laps!

Coloring before bed. :)

Friday we kept Lily home in the morning as it was only half day and I had to go to the school to do a tour for 11 anyways. Brushing Cruz while I got ready!

I love all the leaves down by our school.

Lily and Delainey hung out with my replacement at work while I did the tour and then we quickly met Justin for lunch before our ultrasound (more on that tomorrow).

Ravine walks. These two hold hands the whole time.

Lily loves Delainey so much. The feeling is so mutual though. Delainey is SO excited every morning when she realizes Lily is STILL at our house! Friday may not go over so well!

Friday also was Day 1 of "Operation NO SOOTHER for sleeps". More on this to come.

Saturday morning we met Leigh to check out the Etsy market. Only to get close and notice the line up was a few blocks long! It was nuts. We decided to brave the line up as it moved fast seeing as the location was huge so I thought once we got in there it would be ok. Wrong. It was insane. It gives me anxiety just thinking about the nightmare that it was! Very poor planning on their part. Poor Lily actually dealt with it better than Leigh and I and we made a quick exit out the Emergency door at the back. So disappointing!

So Lily, D and I headed to Micheals as I needed a frame for the nursery and fabric paint to make Delainey's leggings for her party {when you can't find what you need, you make them}. Lily also is obsessed with Halloween so we looked at all their spooky stuff and then hit up Dollarama for Halloween craft supplies!
I then decided to treat them {or maybe it was all about me} to Frozen Yogurt but it was CLOSED. Gasp. So I treated myself to Starbucks. The man in front of me in the drive-thru paid for my drink! That was a first and made my morning! So I offered to pay for the guy behind me and the barista said he recommended I pay to forward next time as he had 9 drinks on his order! :)

So we came home and did crafts. Justin's morning unfortunately was no better as him and Brian went to go riding only for it to start pouring rain on them so he as home sooner than planned too.

That evening Jeff and Jolie were out running errands so came over for a visit and we decided just to order pizza for dinner and they hung out until Delainey went to bed. It was a great spur of the moment visit and Delainey was in a great mood so loved playing with Uncle Jeff & Auntie Jolie.

Sunday I really wanted to get out for a fall hike since the weather was so nice. We invited Leigh and her fam to join us and headed out to Kananaskis. 
Quick stop to see Barrier Lake - looks so nice right now.

Then we headed up Quaite Valley - easy hike with the babes and Lily in tow and manageable for this 35 week pregnant lady. :)

Lily was a total trooper. I was expecting a lot more complaining than we heard!
We cooked smokies over the fire at the top for lunch too.

Amelia fell asleep on the way down! SO cute.

As always we took a trip to Dairy Queen post hike and saved it for after dinner. ;)
Such a great weekend.

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Murdock's mama said...

Your views are unbeatable! LOVE them!

Kaella Carr said...

Hope the soother went okay! We actually sent all of London's to his baby cousin (we "mailed them") and he was fine the next day! And, I'm glad she's feeling better. Cleaning up car seat vomit is the worst! I had to get J to do it as I was gagging! Ugh!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww for D!! A has been sick a couple times but thankfully I was not the one cleaning it up!
Lily and D are SO cute together :) I hate when events are poorly planned, no fun for anyone, what a bummer!
Cannot wait to hear about operation soother! My plan was to do the same around 2 but lately A tosses it back at us so she has not had it a lot the past two weeks.
LOVE your hike photos!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a fun weekend (minus the puking - YIKES!!). Lily looks so cute in her riding outfit! And I love that Delainey hugged a pig! Too funny!! That is great that Lily & Delainey are the best of friends!

The pictures from your hike are gorgeous! You guys live in such a beautiful area of the country!! I hope to see it with my own eyes some day!

Gabriella said...

So much fun stuff! I love Lily and D together. It is so cute to see them holding hands! Sorry about the puke. That does not fall in the fun category. I remember a few instances of that when I used to teach pre-school and it was never fun. :/ That hike looks gorgeous. I need to visit! Those views look incredible! :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like such an awesome week - minus the puking haha. I totally got myself some sour patch kids - soo good!! Glad you guys are having fun with Lily!! Love the craft! Good job on the hike!

Katie said...

what a busy week/weekend! toddlers throwing up is so awful! especially in the carseat! and no pacifier?!?! ahh!! I can't even think about that right now. you are brave. way to go!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So much fun!! Love that Lily just fits right in with you guys!

Poor D but mostly poor you for having to clean up all that puke! Was it her first time having cottage cheese? Must have been horrible! Glad it was short lived for her though.

Glad I didn't check out the etsy market- sounds like a nightmare.

That hike looks like a good one! I'll have to remember it for next year with the kids!

Jen Linton said...

Sucks that the etsy market was so crowded! :( I need to try that hike with W and T!

Nikki said...

Those views! Sounds like a great weekend!

Leigh said...

You had quite the few days! Thanks for letting us be part of your weekend...good thing the hike was better than the Etsy market! Hope the mornings have been going well with Lily :)

Bex said...

Aw what a crazy weekend for you. Poor D getting sick. And poor mama to clean it up!!

The hike looks great!

Whit said...

Looks like a good one :) xox

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What an awesome weekend (minus the sickness - you poor thing having to clean that up!! I think it would have made me throw up lol). Looking forward to hearing more about operation no soother! Jim just asked me yesterday if we should be weaning sully from his soother, but I said no way! Not till he's closer to 2! Haha, I'm so not ready to wean him since he loves it so much ;p