{weekend rewind}

 Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our was fabulous. I wish Saturdays weather could have stuck around because it was SO beautiful out! Felt just like summer and we aren't quite ready to let summer go yet!

Rewinding back to Thursday - we had a busy day including Delainey first gymnastics class! She was SO excited to be back. We went swimming after Delainey's nap and she had a great time. Once the "dumping buckets" (these big buckets that constantly dump water from above in the shallow end of the pool) were turned off we had a blast as she was content venturing out the baby pool. We went in the lazy river, on the slide, played catch and practiced blowing bubbles.

I think watching the other kids and having a snack afterwards is a highlight for her though!

Then she played some blocks at one of the stations set up at Vivo.

Then we went to renew our library card - they are free now!  She LOVED the library. She sat and read book after books and then made a huge pile of books when I told her we got to borrow some! She also helped the lady check out our books, got stickers and the lady gave her a library bag. So you bet she put up a fight when we had to leave!

My little book worm reading to me while I got ready for the day on Friday!

Friday we got groceries in the morning and then went to the park in the afternoon. On the way home she asked to ride her bike so we did that too.
When I went to take her pictures she said "I cheese" and then immediately said "show Dad" so we sent Dad a text with her riding her bike!

Friday night we dropped Delainey off at my Mom's as she was in town since Dad was at his golfing weekend. She requested a sleepover with Delainey so we traded Delainey for Cruz who had been with G&G all week at the lake. Delainey couldn't have cared less we were leaving - waved goodbye to us and that was that!

We brought Cruz home and hung out with her a bit and then Justin took me on a surprise date night down to the Inglewood Night market that was set up on the street right outside of his office.
It was such a beautiful night so it was nice to wander the stalls and grab some dinner.

We shared the Chili Chicken Tacos from one of the food trucks, sat on the curb to eat and listened to the live music.

We then grabbed a drink and visited a bit with a friend who works at a little coffee shop/bar in the same building as Justin. He also took me on a tour of his swanky office. It's pretty fancy!

We took the long way back to the truck and walked along the river just as the sun was setting. 
Such a great night.

Saturday we slept in a little - 7:15am! And then I had breakfast outside with Cruz as it was already hot out!

I took Cruz for a pawdicure and then her annual check up and then we picked Delainey up from Gramma's. She had a great time and even slept in a big girl bed there too! Thanks again Gramma!

Justin headed out the mountains for a solo ride - he wanted to take Cruz but I forgot she had her appointment! 

After nap time we spent the afternoon outside.

Watching airplanes.

Water, snack, Popsicle and chairs in the pool! It's a rough life!

When Justin got home he painted the edges in the nursery!! :)
We played playdough, did our workout and then helped Dad BBQ us some yummy steaks for dinner.

Sunday Delainey woke up with a case of the sneezes and was all out of sorts. He nose would run when she sneezed, thankfully she is so good about us wiping her nose but you could just tell she wasn't herself or feeling 100%. Justin got to work painting the nursery (hooray!!!) so we just took it easy playing and had a long bath time.

We got her workout in of course - check out my runners and her weights! :)

Peeking at Dad when he came to visit!

Chicken Noodle soup for the sneezes and because it was a rainy day!

After walking Cruz she wanted to play on the slide BUT the second we got our coat back on it started to rain again and pretty much rained her whole day.
So I took a photo. ;)

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Ashley said...

There's a lazy river?? Soo jealous!! D looks just like Justin in that first bike pic!! Crazy but soo cute!! Sounds like a great weekend minus the rain and D's sniffles!! Hope she is feeling better soon! Yay for nursery painting!!

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend {aside from the Sunday sniffles}

Jen Linton said...

looks like a great weekend! both your kiddos are lucky for grandparent sleepovers! i'm jealous!

Bex said...

Haha I love the noodle picture.

Sounds like a great weekend aside from the sneezes, hopefully it doesn't last long!

PS I sent your little package with Brie this weekend to save on shipping so you'll get it this week!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a win-win situation with your mom watching Delainey and you & Justin getting an evening together and an opportunity to sleep in! The weather was really beautiful here this weekend, too, which I was so glad about as I am not ready to say good bye to sunshine and warmer temps!

Leigh said...

She is so cute with the books and on her bike! We went swimming at the YMCA, but have to check out where you went. Did Justin get all the painting done? And buy anything at the market? I've heard about it, and always meant to go to one

Laura said...

Yay for time with the hubby!

I've been wanting to take our boys to the library for a while now, and either they're closed (weird hours!) or I forget. Soon. Soon...

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Wow, you guys were busy this weekend!! That's so great you guys got a night alone - grandparent's are the best! :) And I just love D's love of reading. Her reading to you while you got ready is just the cutest.

Gabriella said...

I love that she loves books so much! And YAY for date night, and quiet mornings with Cruz!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Do you have a maternity swimsuit or just your bikini? I have swim lessons with A end of October and am worried she will pull my top off lol. But I do not want anything frumpy :)
Yay for date nights and sleeping in!!!
Saturday was so nice, made me want summer back!

Katie said...

yeah for sleepovers!!! and so sad that 7:15 is sleeping in but same over here :)

Whit said...

Awe that date sounds like so much fun!! Anything with a market and a walk along the river ... oh and food trucks and I'm IN! xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I need to check out Vivo. I've only taken Leo there before- I'm not sure I want to take the 2 by myself so I'll have to see if they have open swim on the weekend.
The date night sounded lovely!! I miss the nice weather!