{weekend rewind}

Happy Monday. We had an awesome long weekend at the lake even if the weather wasn't the perfect lake weather! It didn't stop Jeff from getting in the lake every morning but it sure stopped me from jumping in for a quick photo I wanted! :)
 It was so nice to be with the family and just hangout.

Justin had Friday off which was amazing so we took it easy in the morning, went and got groceries and then hit the road just before noon.

^Playing lego holding Cruz's tail!? No idea.

Friday we walked down to Nana's for a visit once we arrived - Delainey insisted on walking both ways - no stroller!

Reading stories with Gramma Saturday morning and matching PJ's. :)

Saturday Mom, Delainey. Jols & I checked out the market and thrift store while the guys did some pulling out of hoists.

Coloring with Auntie.

During Delainey's nap on Saturday I think the whole house napped or at least layed down. 
Even Cruzie. It's a rough life.

We played outside a little after she woke up but she was a little out of sorts.

The serious pouty cry.

She changed her tune when Gramma, Grandpa & Cruz got home from their run thankfully and had some fun on the slides.

And with Uncle Jeff.

For dinner Saturday night we had a yummy turkey fry down the beach - including fish & fries! 
it was delicious.
We also taste tested all the new and crazy chip flavors. The Montreal Smoked Meat was actually tasted like meat and the Butter Chicken tasted JUST like Butter Chicken - I love it as a meal - not as a chip. ;)

Jols & I wishing we were still in bikinis not layers of clothes. ;)

Reading with Nana.

Chocolate cake is her jam. :) She loved it this weekend which is surprising cause she really doesn't have a sweet tooth (other than ice cream) and was spoiled with having it 2 nights in a row!

My Sunday morning view.

Lego with Uncle Jeff. 

Sunday was a rainy day so thankfully her buddy Kaley came down for a visit. 

They were so cute playing & snacking together. And this morning when I was chatting with D on own way to Gramma's I said that maybe she would see Emerson and Nixon today and Delainey said "And Kayee too!"

Jolie got some Sydney napping snuggles! 

Sunday night we had the annual Spaghetti Dinner with the whole big family. Dad makes Grandad's Spaghetti sauce - or his own version and it is the best. We had 22 people at our place for it - such a fun night.
Delainey & Cruz reading before everyone arrived.

Mom & Dad got us bunk beds for our room and Delainey loved them! She climbed right on the bottom bunk and didn't have an issue at all sleeping on it versus her pack&play she usually sleeps in at the lake. I snuck some photos of her when I went to bed. :)

She is hilarious chatting in the morning before we make eye contact and let her come cuddle with us in bed! Even for 6am it's cute. ;)
Lucky Cruz is spending the week with Gramma & Grandpa and will be home Friday night.

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Stacy said...

...and what flavour of chip do you like or recommend....I usually, normally think they all taste the same, well not the same but there is always a cheese one, a sweeter one, a hotter one etc...I have only tried the Montreal Smoked Meat and weirdly enough, I found it tasted like smoked meat!

Bex said...

Sounds like a great weekend, despite the cold weather. D is so cute sleeping in the bunk bed.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I have to admit, I'm a plain chips girl ;) I will eat other flavours if I have to, haha, but I don't enjoy them nearly as much! Looks like a great weekend! Do your parents live out there all year round?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great weekend despite the chilly weather! Her pout is so cute!

We didn't bother with the pack n play this weekend away either. I think our babies are growing up!

Murdock's mama said...

Fun weekend, although it does look chilly. We had the opposite weather here this weekend...SOOO hot! Which was great when we were boating on Monday, no so much when we were sitting in the bleachers at the football games! :)

Chelsea said...

How much fun!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Ashley said...

Boo to chilly weather! We def. had the opposite with a heat warning, but no complaints, I know it won't last :( sounds like a great weekend otherwise!! Love all the pics of D and that one of D and Cruz is my fav!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Still a fun weekend with the rain! Silly rain! Chad wants to try the Butter Chicken chips lol. Gag! ;) Such a big girl on the bunk bed! I am excited for Avery to move into her bed haha

Leigh said...

Minus the crappy weather, looks like you had a great weekend at the lake! Will you go again this year or not with baby boy coming?

Gabriella said...

Your lake trips are the best! I love D's beanie!

Jen Linton said...

none of those chip flavors sound even remotely appetizing :( Too bad the weather wasn't warmer!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend but burr, you look cold all bundled up! It's too soon for that kind of weather!!! Those chip flavors definitely sound 'interesting'! That big spaghetti feed sounds like so much fun!!

Katie said...

so fun! and i'm ready to be bundled up in cooler weather!!

Whit said...

Looks like a great weekend, not a lot beats chill lake weekends!! SO jealous you got to the market AND thrift store!! xox