{Thursday Thoughts}

Last night while laying in bed until all hours waiting for this boy to calm the heck down I pretty much wrote 16 blog posts in my head and now have no clue what they were.
So random thoughts it is. And probably not even good ones because we had gymnastics this morning which Delainey LOVED but I am TIRED. Foam pit + 32 weeks pregnant = Tired. ;)


Naming a child is HARD. We have a short list - a wee tiny list that is - of a few names we both love. One being the name Delainey would have been had she been a boy. It's Justin's #1 pick and I keep coming back to it - I just fear it's getting popular and that's only because we had 2 at our school - other wise I haven't really seen it. Other than on social media here and there but it's no one we know. I know all names become popular...it's just hard. 
We do have a middle name  - but we've had this one for years so we can't be too proud of ourselves here. :)

Photobook Canada is driving me crazy. It is SO slow on our laptop or the program is "not responding" and I am ready to just throw in the towel and order the books as is. Even if it's not as I want it. I am embarrassed to say it's Delainey 1 year book and I have yet to even start on this pregnancy book. {Which I feel I have to do cause I made one when I was pregnant with D!}

My goal is to do a fun outing or at least an outing on all my days off with Delainey - she is WAY happier on days we get out of the house. Yesterday it may not have been a real blast for her but we went to Cross Iron mall as I had a few things I wanted to look for. Found nothing from my list but couldn't leave Gymboree without these items.

They have an ENTIRE Hedgehog line in this lovely brown color! It is thankfully 50% off right now and {thankfully} all of the girl line was sold out in Delainey's size and I had the willpower to only leave with 2 items. :) You are welcome Justin.
And Delainey did have a great time refusing to be in the stroller so she ran the whole time! I would say 'stop' if she was getting too fast and she would freeze. Soon she was the one saying stop so I didn't even have to! :) 

 I thought I had many more random thoughts in my head but right now I clearly have nothing...SO I am signing off to shut my eyes while D naps cause I was silly and told her we would go swimming after her nap. 

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Bex said...

Oh man. I wish Liam would listen to me if I told him to 'stop'. He doesn't, which is normal for most things. Sigh.

I definitely regret not looking at the popular names list when we settled on a name. I kind of hate that Liam is so popular. Also, look up the meanings because I find that name meanings really go hand in hand with personality. Liam = strong willed warrior and damn this kid is strong willed. (I'm having a good week with him, can you tell, haha!)

Leigh said...

I agree about having a teacher in the family and choosing a name! Makes it so much harder. I'll message you about gymnastics :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

We are freaks and have had names picked out forever! Our boy name is the same as if Avery was a boy. Same as you it got kind of popular but we said we did not care so its still the name! Eeven though we know two people that named their boys it! Oh well. And we had a second girl name that is now our #1 too.
Love that sleeper set! I hear you, Avery cannot be inside all day, she goes bonkers!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, those hedgehog clothing items are adorable! I can see how it was hard to only buy 2 items! Who can resist hedgehogs??

I think picking out a child's name would be so hard - especially if you are a teacher and have some strong reactions to some names based on kids you've known. ;) I can't wait to see what you name him!

Jen Linton said...

It's SO much easier to shop for boys because they don't get bows or any of the cutesy things (Hey, I didn't say it was less expensive though!)

Ashley said...

Boy names are impossible now. The runner up M still lives, but I'm on the fence... Can't say we agree on one. Girls names - easy. Ok photobook Canada is pissing me off too!! It won't kept me upload pics from Facebook directly, I have to download them to my computer and then into the program! I just have his 6-12 month book left to do and it HAS to be done by the end of the month, they warned me they won't extend it further (it's already been like 4 months extended). They also just offered me a free book, which I was thinking of making one for Lily, but we will see if I can get them both done lol. We have had a rough week over here and I haven't felt daring enough to leave the house with Noah, aside from the backyard! He is a bear this week!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha, I'm always writing blog posts in my head too, and then have a hard time recalling them all. Picking a name IS hard. And I find boys names much harder, it seems like there are fewer of them?! I still haven't written a word in Sully's baby book, whomp whomp.

Whit said...

hahahaha.. so random. I love it! :) You'll figure out an awesome name! xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I find the days we get out the kids are much happier but it's so exhausting for me!! Haha!

Love the hedgehog clothes!! Perfect!

Boy names were hard for us!! We didn't commit to Leo's name until he was born but we didn't have a back up name either! Middles names were easy for us both times.

That's the same issue I had with Photobook Canada for the Christmas books. I haven't even started Leo's 1 year book--- I planned to work on it during our holidays but had the flu instead. I really need to get on it!

Christy said...

Naming kids is hard! I hated picking a name lol.