{Pregnancy Must Haves: Fetal Beats}

When I was pregnant with Delainey I had an anterior placenta so I felt very little movement from her until the very end of my pregnancy. I was always thankful when I had a doctors appointment so we could hear her little heart beating away so I could stop worrying. I was so thankful to borrow Whit's friends fetal heart rate monitor part way through my pregnancy. It just gave me that little piece of mind every now and then.
I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review a fetal heart rate monitor from Fetal Beats for this pregnancy. I do feel SO much movement from this little guys so I don't worry at all but hearing his heart beat is still one of the best sounds ever. And how cool is it that I can do that right in the comfort of my own home!

Fetal Beats has their Canadian location in Calgary and was quick to send me the monitor kit. The kit comes with the monitor along with the cords you need as well as the ultrasound gel.
You can order your own HERE.

What I love:
The peace of mind!

Hearing his heartbeat whenever I want and I can save the videos for future listening pleasure! 
It's not a huge machine it fits perfectly in the little bag it came with so you can easily take it with you anywhere!

As soon as I had it hooked up properly it found his heartbeat very quickly and it was SO clear.

You personalize the app. You can choose pink, blue, green, purple zebra or valentine theme for the background. You save your due date so it tells you how many weeks left and you can also give you baby a nickname so when I send/save videos it tells me it's peanuts heartbeat. ;)

You can send the recordings very easily to family & friends or upload them to social media!

Fetal Beats works with all iPhones and iPads and you just need to download the free app from the app store to log the beats.

Both monitor and app are "re-usable" for your next pregnancy! The kit is professional quality so will last! It doesn't feel cheap at all and Fetal Beats is always updating their technology. 

Untitled from Alison Black on Vimeo.

What I Struggled With:
It doesn't come with a hard copy of instructions therefore it took me a long time to get it working as I would try and get nowhere so got frustrated over and over.
Don't worry: Fetal Beats is taking my advice and will be adding in a beautiful full color brochure included in the kit from now on. The app should have the instructions on it but I still to this day cannot get the instructions to open on the app so had to troubleshoot on my own and finally weeks later got it sorted out!

Take off your phone case! I didn't realize it wasn't working {once I finally got the cords correctly hooked up} because of my phone case.

Check them out on:
Twitter @fetalbeats

I was given this product for my review.
This product is not recommended before 17 weeks of pregnancy.

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Murdock's mama said...

I love that it records the beat. So sweet!