{Baby Black Take 2: Week 33}

{I am posting a week behind - I am 34 weeks now}

Tank c/o Peanut in my belly - size large

How far along: 
33 weeks

Cucumber salad dressing. I just found this stuff and it's SO GOOD. Comes as no surprise seeing as I have eaten lord knows how many cucumbers this pregnancy and tzatziki is just a staple now on the grocery list too. But this dressing is incredible. Goes on everything. :)
I went about 10 days without having ice cream. {gasp} Justin finally asked on Sunday night if I was feeling ok because my usual "ice cream?" inquiry after Delainey goes to bed had been missing. Needless to say we had ice cream and I've already added it to the list to buy more. :)


No change really. Swollen. My legs mainly and they look it.
I had my 33 week appointment and I am measuring small again {nothing about me looks or feels small!!!}. BUT the last 3 appointments I have been measuring small and my weight gain has been slow. {With my pregnancy with Delainey I gained most of my weight in the beginning and very end too}. So since Delainey was small for being full term as well they are sending us for a full ultrasound on Friday just to make sure everything is ok. I am certain it is - we know he is strong and busy in there so hopefully we just make small babies. :) And I am excited to "see" him again and check his position too.

What I'm wearing:

3. It was a busy week and sure I could have made time for a 30 minute workout more often - BUT didn't. :)

What I'm looking forward to: 
Finishing the mobile.
The crib sheet and change pad cover arriving. BUT I just contacted the shop since I ordered them August 18th and they still hadn't arrived...only to find out they aren't even shipping until the 30th! :( SO I was a little upset about that but apparently on the site under FAQs it says it's a 4 week production time. Oi. I'm so impatient.

Best moment of the week:
Getting the nursery paint job DONE! Justin did an awesome job!

And a few photos are hung that I needed Justin's assistance with it. It's coming along and I REALLY love it.
Becky sent us the sweetest gift - her little guy Liam painted us some art for in the nursery {plus that adorable onesie}! He's such a little artist and I cannot wait to find the perfect spot for these. Even though Delainey may think the blue one is hers. Thank you both again!

I also gave work my last day! After this week I only have 3 more weeks so only 6 days of work!

Silliness with Mom!

And Dad!

How I actually felt last night about taking photos. ;) woof.

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Nikki said...

You look fabulous!

Bex said...

You look great. So many great outfits there! Love the buffalo plaid scarf with the lace detail!! And that floral top.

Hehe, we will send Miss D her own canvas next time we paint. We have leftover canvas. :) Glad you like them.

Kelly said...

What is a durian anyway?
Your pregnancy style is so cute! Love the red/black scarf and the polka dot dress. And the green pants... And the flowered shirt... I guess I want your whole maternity wardrobe! :-)

Jen Linton said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see the nursery!!

Laura said...

Love the review of outfits! I feel like it's easy to neglect "fashion" when you're pregnant, but it can be a fun time to dress up the bump (or dress down)! You still look amazing.

Leigh said...

I spy some cute outfits in there! :) Love that Liam made you something for the nursery...so cute :) Haha, love that last picture!

Whit said...

So cute! Love the way the nursery is coming along and the bloopers of photos ;) lol xox

Ashley said...

Love the sneak peek of the nursery!!! Makes me jealous of your progress because the big boy room is still sitting still... I know it's still early, I just feel a time crunch for trying to get it done by the new year, yet there's only one weekend we can ship Noah off to get the room emptied lol. Love the outfits as per usual!! I'm sure the baby is doing just great! I thought you were bigger with this babe than D? Or maybe y just said you felt that way haha. Either way sneak peeks are never a bad thing!!

Gabriella said...

Can't wait to see the nursery! And how cute are those paintings! Getting so close to meeting this little guy!

Katie said...

bahaha. your last photo. seriously though you look awesome!! cant wait to see the nursery!