{Baby Black Take 2: Week 31}

{I am posting a week behind - I am 32 weeks now}

How far along: 
31 weeks!


Mostly the same. I'm feeling a lot of pressure on my pubic bone and my belly just feels SO heavy. ;) I find it hard to get a good deep breath which is just annoying and I get short of breath easily. Sore lower back. BUT LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT.  I promise! I'm not complaining for one second. Sure I would love to have a super easy pregnancy like Delainey's but I am embracing all these differences.

What I'm wearing:


3 plus Cruz walks. Slower week as I took the whole long weekend off but that's ok.

What I'm looking forward to: 

Getting the room painted.  Do I sound like a broken record yet?! I know. I need it done. Hopefully this weekend we get a good start on it.
Working on the mobile.
It's a big birthday month too!

Best moment of the week:
Being at the lake with everyone.

Pretty sure my favorite part of these weekly "belly" photos is the photos Justin gets of Delainey. She get so excited and runs straight to the fence and poses for him.

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Bex said...

Love that sweater you're wearing. I'll get your package off to you this week hopefully (if the cranky toddler will let me go to the post office!!)

You look so great, as always. Pregnancy looks good on you for sure.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You look great, even if you don't feel it! That boy's a growin'!!

Hope the nursery gets painted soon for you! Maybe this weekend, Justin?

Gabriella said...

Single digit weeks left!!! So exciting! How cute that she goes to the fence to pose! :)

Ashley said...

You look great!!!!! I feel like it's going soo quick for you!! Hopefully the nursery painting gets up on those walls soon lol.

Leigh said...

Love your sweater, grey striped dress and your cute belly :)

Kaella Carr said...

Again, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!

Katie said...

you look SOOOO good!! you are beautiful. love the striped dress outfit!

Whit said...

It's coming so fast!!! You're doing great!! xox