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Over the years I have been able to work with Nicole from Babee Producks multiple times. Nicole is a beautiful person inside and out and has created a line of kids tees she should really be proud of. She is passionate about the work she does and it shows. {She sends Christmas cards and thank you post cards after you place an order - love her!}
I initially found her site before I was even pregnant with Delainey because I stumbled upon her HOPE onesies and I put in my bulk order! :) They were the best little gift to give to my friends who were all going through fertility issues as we were and it was SO exciting each time those friends could finally put their babe into their onesie.

When Delainey was born Nicole sent Delainey one of their LOVE onesies. 

And you bet we celebrated when Delainey fit into her HOPE onesie too! I probably stuffed her into it way longer than I should have but it was so sad when I had to pack it up.

I just love everything about the brand that Nicole created and I was SO excited for her when she decided to re-brand
And I of course was thrilled to have the opportunity to share her NEW brand with you! :)

She has a ton of new designs but you can still get some of their oldies but goodies too! 

^ Nicole's beautiful daughter.

Nicole sent Miss D 2 shirts from her new line to show off & we couldn't have been more excited to see her new designs! 
First off we chose her Good Vibes tee  - D is wearing 18-24 months.

The tee is unisex in a lovely blue with bright mustard print!

Then it started sprinkling rain and you would have thought she got hit in the head with baseballs. Toddlers are dramatic. :)

^ Leggings c/o Sew Hip Designs/Moccs Le Petit Coco

Next up is her Dirt Don't Hurt tee - she is wearing a 2T.

Leggings c/o Muladhara Yoga/Moccs c/o Crowns & Coroknits

^ LOVE the new little tags! :)

^ We were playing on the mini golf course before gymnastics yesterdays and she was SO excited to find a ball in one of the holes!
We love these tees and I am pretty excited that Delainey's little brother will be able to wear both onesies above and both of these tees! :) Hooray for cute unisex items!

Now I also have to tell you - shipping to Canada being totally outrageous is my pet peeve...
Nicole charges $5 to ship internationally AND .10 to ship in the states. That's right a dime! Amazing.

Now you can shop and get 20% off your order using the code ajblog
Happy Shopping!!

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Thank you again Nicole! :) xo

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

SO cute! I won a giveaway from you and still love the two tees I got, and A wears them all the time!

Bex said...

Cute! Love the Fierce shirt.

Hahaha, love the photos of D in the rain! She's clearly made of sugar and was about to melt ;)

Katie said...

we LOVE our hope onesie. I couldn't pack it away so it's hanging on addilyn's wall! i will keep it forever!!

Murdock's mama said...

I saw that she was rebranding! We LOVE her products! ;)
PS...aren't unisex clothes the best?!

Whit said...

hahaahaha... I love her reaction to the rain!! Plus this brand rocks! xox