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Happy Thursday - I am late popping in here but we had a doctors appointment this morning to check on the little guy. He's doing just great in there. Measuring right on track and we had another new doctor. She went WAY into detail about VBACs but was super supportive and talked about under what circumstances she would recommend changing my mind from VBAC to c-section which I too agree with from all the reading I have done. So again, I left there feeling good.

Anyways onto a few randoms lovelies:

These girls are just the best.
I told Delainey I wanted to take some photos of her and Cruz for her birthday invitation and it's like she knew exactly what to do. Pulled the chair up, got balls for Cruz... And Cruz - well she is just a seasoned pro. 

Boy fashion.
I have totally embraced being a girl Mom and LOVE dressing Delainey. I wasn't too sure how I was going to transition to boy stuff as I am so drawn to skirts, hair bows, little dresses, frills and lace!  
But we've always shopped a little in the boy section for Delainey and after spending a bit more time in there lately...I think I will be ok. :) There is some adorable little boy stuff out there and I am so excited to dress him up!

^ all from Old Navy

And you bet I already have little bow-ties for him and matching hair bows for Delainey. Duh. :)

I'm all for elections and understand candidates need to do their thing to get the community to "know" them BUT I am so glad it's almost over.

1. I HATE all the tacky signs EVERYWHERE. It's nuts. It looks awful and they are seriously everywhere. 

2. You will not get my vote if you come to our house to introduce yourself and to get our vote TWICE! When you have already talked to us - mark it down - because when you come AGAIN with your children AGAIN we will recognize you. No vote for you!

3. You will also not get my vote if you decide to pay this said visit at 9:00pm and ring the doorbell not once but twice AND THEN knock when I don't come to the door. So when I do haul my ass of bed after your said knocking just to make sure it wasn't someone really needing me {Justin was out} - you will not get a happy Alison. No vote for you!
And trust me when your last name is Panda it's easy to remember who not to vote for. 
The end. :)

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Ashley said...

Old navy has an awesome boy line this season!! Carter's is letting me down, but luckily our hand me downs will work for this season so I don't have to buy much at all!! Love the pics of Cruz and D!! I agree election signs are tacky and why did they open up the campaigning this early??

Nikki said...

I love old navy for kids clothes! We were there today and I saw that sweater in gray!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

Love Old Navy for clothes. And I totally love that you can shop online and return to the store!

Leigh said...

Glad that your appointment went well! Which one of the clinics are you with this time? Love the pictures of D and Cruz! Too cute :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I can't believe those clothes are from Old Navy! Going over to their site to check it out as soon as I'm done here. I order a lot from Gap online, but Old Navy hasn't been as good the past few months. Also, the Gap outlet stores always has cute items for super cheap. Those photos for the invitation are too cute!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you are feeling good about your decision to try to do a VBAC and that your doctor supports it but that you also feel confident that she knows what conditions will warrant a change in plans!

I had 5 nephews before we got a niece so I know the challenge of shopping for boys. I wish their section of clothing wasn't so small compared to girls but I did find lots of cute things!

The photos you took of Delainey and Cruz are so cute!!

Katie said...

those boy tops are so cute!! makes me want to know even more what this baby is!! and those pictures of the two of them are too cute!

Whit said...

hahaa love your candidate vent! That's brutal! And you're lucky to be able to vote for a Panda, all my candidates are fake human beings ;) lol xox

Christy said...

I'm totally over the election too! I think your little guy will be just as stylin' as his sister and I'm loving the matching bow and bow tie idea! how cute!!!

Murdock's mama said...

I prefer shopping for Cully--they have such cute boy clothes!!!

Bex said...

Old Navy and H&M are great for little boys clothes although I gravitate more to H&M. Old Navy can sometimes be too childish with all the graphic tees. But there are definitely some great boys clothes out there and I have so much fun dressing Liam.

Your voting rant made me laugh. I feel like I just got over the provincial election and now have to endure months of hearing about the federal election too. Ugh.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Dressing a boy is actually a lot of fun- I do find I have to spend more $$ to get cute pieces though. Also H&M adjustable pants are Leo's best friend.

We didn't even end up voting in the election because we ran out of time and were trying to get out of town that day! We had a few people knock on our door but never that late! That would make me so mad! I feel like all we do is vote!