{weekend rewind}

Happy Monday. Parts of my 5 days off FLEW by and others - like Wednesday morning for example - sure did not.
Delainey woke up on the complete wrong side of the bed and life just wasn't going her way to put it nicely. Thankfully a little baking kept her somewhat happy until Lily arrived before lunch but it was a LONG morning. By 9am I was ready to call it a day. ;)

^  We made these simple Oatmeal Raisin cookies - and added chocolate chips. They are so yummy and chewy!

On previous sleepovers Lily had always enjoyed Delainey for a few minutes but then her attention always switches to Cruz and Delainey has always been happy to watch Lily from afar.
This time was SO different and it made me SO incredibly happy to see. Lily loved playing with Delainey and engaging her {all while petting Cruz at the same time}! And Delainey followed Lily and wanted right in there with what Lily was doing too. The smoke kept us from the outdoor pool like we planned but the girls still had a great day.

As soon as Delainey woke up from her nap she was asking for Lily so they cuddled on Lily's new "floor bed" in the basement while I worked out. Lil has totally embraced this "new room" and is excited about being in the basement to sleep {thankfully!} seeing as this new baby is kinda stealing her room. ;)

  LOVE this photo.

In the morning Delainey didn't realize Lily was still around until I told her we had to try and be a little quiet cause Lil was still sleeping. And then it started...all I heard was "Lily" {which sounds like yiyi}. So finally we went to wake her up and this is where Delainey sat after we came upstairs while Lil changed out of her jammies. Crying I may add. ;)

Then they played at the front door until Lil had to leave for an appointment. 
And then the tears were back! The life of toddler is hard!

 Delainey really likes her new boots. Onesies and boots were her outfit of choice.

Friday morning we met up with my cousin who had a quick layover in Calgary on her way to Vancouver for an appointment so we jumped at the chance to have a visit.

 It wasn't long enough but we hadn't seen her in a long time so it was so nice to see her and see how happy she is. She really seems like a new woman!

Thursday "we" bathed Cruz so Delainey was doing her "chores" and brushing Cruz.

 We had no big plans this weekend other than 2 birthday parties and Justin's weekly ride. The smoke kept us from painting the nursery as we couldn't have the windows open for long. ;( Boo.
It turned into a rough weekend nap wise as both birthday parties were at 2pm which is right in the middle of Miss D's nap so both afternoons her naps were non-existent but thankfully she was a trooper and was so good at both parties.

 "I ride Cruz"

Saturday afternoon we had our niece Emerson's camping birthday party. I still can't believe she is 5!

Awesome favors!

Camping snacks! So fun.

The smoke wasn't too bad for most of the party so we were able to be outside which was a nice change.

Delainey had a blast with the stroller, their little car and the slide with her cousins.

She also found a friend to read to.

Love these kids!

Saturday night Justin and I saw Southpaw. It was really good, I recommend it for sure BUT a tear jerker so prepare yourself to cry multiple times. ;)

Sunday morning cereal with Dad.

Cartoon watching...all of a sudden she was laying like this on the floor - so cute.

That morning Delainey and I headed out to Market Collective down in the East Village. It was a great morning to be outside. We shopped around and visited with some of our favorite shops like Danielle with Le Peiti Coco, Chantal with Knitatude, Amanda with Muladhara Yoga and Melissa with Jacob Grace Designs. We made some new friends and created a wish list of awesome local products too! 
PS. Amanda's fall line of leggings is BEAUTIFUL she has some amazing new prints that will be up on the site soon - along with these leggings that will me mine... ;)

We listened to some music, checked out all the food trucks and decided mini donuts were a must!

 ^ She wore her Muladhara leggings and her necklace and moccs from Le Petit Coco of course!

While we were shopping and stuffing our faces Justin and my brother headed to Kananaskis for a nice HARD hike/ride. Justin took me on this one on our anniversary years ago and I wasn't speaking to him by the top so I was a little leary about him taking Jeff but they survived. Jeff was a little sore and whiny when they got back though. ;)

After Delainey's no nap we got ready for Charlie's 1st birthday party. She was so cooperative with her pigtails that I braided them - when I showed her in the mirror she said "oh wow!!!".

Krista did such an amazing job of the ball themed party.

This cake she made was spectacular! And tasted just as good.

Baseball smash cake in the background she also made.

Birthday boy!

Charles wasn't too sure of the cake at first until he tasted it and then he was happy just eating as much as he could get his hands on!

Delainey had a blast with her friends Charles, Taylor, Laurel, Troy and Theo - especially in the ball pool and when she could get her hands on a treat.

When we got home we had to take Cruzie for her walk and then we played in the backyard waiting for Auntie Jolie to come over and the guys to get back.

They guys picked up pizza from the watering hole and we had a nice visit and quick meal before it was bedtime for Delainey AND Uncle Jeff! :)

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Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh dear, I cried the ENTIRE time during Southpaw and even on the walk back to the car afterwards lol! Those birthday parties looked amazing! Love the camping favours, so cute! Do you mountain bike too??! (when you're not pregnant of course!). Is Lily a cousin/friend? (Sorry to be nosey!)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What a busy weekend!! I wanted to go to that market so bad! Jealous ;)
I'm trying to make Avery's bday party at a non nap time which is so hard! Since I think she naps earlier than other kids (11-1).
Lily and D are so cute together!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What a busy weekend!! I wanted to go to that market so bad! Jealous ;)
I'm trying to make Avery's bday party at a non nap time which is so hard! Since I think she naps earlier than other kids (11-1).
Lily and D are so cute together!!

Leigh said...

Oh man, those mornings are rough! Too bad there isn't a do over for them. It's so cute how much D loves Lily now! Emerson's birthday party looked like fun...what a fun idea for it!

Jen Linton said...

Ahh we meant to get to market collective this weekend too but....yeah i have no excuses. haha Those parties both looking amazing!

Bex said...

Looks like a great weekend. I would love to check out Market Collective someday.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The views from the top of that trail are beautiful but yikes that is technical! I can see why you were not speaking to Justin by the time you got to the top when you did it in the past. ;) Looks like you guys had a busy but fun weekend! The pictures of Lily reading to Delainey and cuddling with her are so sweet!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So nice to see how much Lily and D love each other!! So sweet the 3 of them together!

I wanted to check out Market Collective! Looks like it was great! Probably better for my bank account that I ddn't! I want a pair of those lace pants but I know that I would never show off the lace so it's kind of pointless!

The smoke was awful! Love all the fun birthday parties!! Lots of fun and the treats all looked delicious! Yum!!

Chelsea said...

I totally understand when your little one wakes up on the wrong side of the bed... You guys were so buys ;) The birthday looks so much fun
Chelsea @thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

Gabriella said...

I love the she bakes in her fedora! Such cute birthday parties! D, Lily, anc Cruz are adorable together! :)

Whit said...

Busy weekend! Looks like fun outside of the lack of naps, little stinker. ;) Those parties are AMAZING!! That's a ton of work ... insert my hat off to those mamas!! lol So awesome that Lily and Delainey love each other so much!! Brave Lily for sleeping in the basement too! I guess that's a dream place to sleep when you're a teen :) xox