{weekend rewind}

 As always the weekends just blow right by - not fair. 
Thursday night we played in the backyard while Dad mowed the lawn. 

She is a silly little thing that's for sure.

Friday morning we woke up to pouring rain - which kiboshed our plans for the Riley Park Pool with friends! So after my doctors appointment we met up with Leigh {& Amelia} & Nicole {Audrey & Leo} at Joso's for some indoor fun. I was pretty proud of Delainey for climbing all by herself up to the top of the big climbers and exploring with Audrey, last time we were there she needed me to go with her!

The rest of the day was spent playing inside - I don't remember what else?!
 She LOVES her duplo.

Saturday morning family duplo building! {We miss Cruz!!!}

 Thankfully Saturday the weather was beautiful so we spent a ton of time outside while getting a few things checked off our to do list inside the house too!

 Forward rolls are her favorite! We can't wait for gymnastics to start again.

She also all of a sudden decided she likes sunglasses?! So she wore these a while but they kept falling off her little nose.

So I pulled out these Babiators {that I won} and had put them away for little man since Delainey has been so against sunglasses. 

Well she loved them!

And she thought she was pretty cool in them. ;)
These photos kill me. 

They are pretty indestructible too which is pretty cool. You can twist them and squish them and they just bounce back! I had a hard time choosing a color but like the yellow!

She's also back to loving her bike rides! She has found the seat too at times and does a great job turning.

Sunday morning Justin left bright and early for a little road trip with his biking husband Brian. :) They headed to Fernie and even though they both crashed on the first day they are loving their rides and I am glad they could get away.

We met up with Leigh {& Amelia} at the market. I had a delicious coffee and we sat in the sun & chatted while Delainey went down the slide over and over again. 

Wen went home in time for lunch and nap time. I had about 6 things I wanted to get done during nap time but none of them could be accomplished with my eyes closed. Bummer. I didn't fall asleep but I needed to just pretend.
After naps we went to the playground and then got ready to head to Justin's cousin's for dinner with the rest of the family. It was so nice to see them as we hadn't since Delainey was 2 months old!
Kids all played and we had an awesome BBQ as the weather was just perfect for deck sitting!
Delainey fell asleep on the way home but thankfully I tucked her into bed easily and she went right to sleep. I watched Bachelor in Paradise in bed while missing Justin AND Cruz who is always my snuggly bed buddy when Justin is away.
Thankfully we get to pick up our Cruzie girl today after work. Delainey is going to go nuts! She asks for Cruz multiple times a day and is confused as to why we aren't walking! Thank you again Mom & Dad for having her for a "holiday" and Uncle Ken & Auntie Cathy for chauffeuring her and for last nights sleepover!

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Bex said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Those yellow Babiators are ADORABLE. I love that you can register those sunglasses online and just pay shipping if they get lost or broken. I've taken advantage of that many times although Liam doesn't like his Babiators as much as those cheap sunglasses that are often handed out as promo items.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love our Babiators, and wish A would come around to wear them! D looks adorable in them :)
Fun weekend, I watched Bachelor in Paradise last night too, though have never watched it so was confused! lol

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Ya that rain was brutal on Friday! Reminded me of our days living in BC. Those babiators are so cute! Sully only likes to put glasses on and off and will rarely keep them on long enough to count as wearing them lol. And those leopard print pjs are so cute!

Ashley said...

The kids look soo big now!! Soo crazy!! Noah's longest for keeping glasses on is like 2 minutes... It is a mild improvement haha. We keep trying!! Miss D is such a beautiful girl!! I agree weekends do go way to fast!!

Leigh said...

It was great to see you twice this weekend! :) love D's sweater..where did you find it?

Gabriella said...

So fun that you girl and the kids got together. All the little ones are so cute! Miss D on her bike and with the sunglasses....GAH!! I can't handle her cuteness!!

Whit said...

Looks like an awesome weekend, you always seem to get out and about regardless of the weather!! lol Love that slide, so cute! xox