{weekend rewind}

 Well by the time you are reading this I will be back at work! Crazy how fast this summer flew by but surprisingly I am ok with being here. Unlike last year where I cried on my way to work for 3 days! :) It helps that I am only here for just over 2 months - plus I am excited to see all my work friends and the students in a couple weeks.

We had a pretty busy Friday - we spent the morning doing our usual cleaning of the house - Delainey loves to help and is starting to be more of a help than adding to the mess. :) {Last week I also cleaned the baseboard and blinds on the main floor. And it confirmed how much I hate those jobs and dread doing upstairs.} Then we took a quick trip to the mall to get Miss D a new sleep clock and bought her outfit for our family/maternity photos. {Which I will return because it was ALL on sale online that same day plus 20% off. So annoying.} I also wish dressing myself was as easy as dressing Delainey.

Then we played outside all afternoon, ventured to a different park and explored the ravine. Only coming home because of my pesky bladder.

She loves this box that came in the mail. Until she tried standing on it and then found that it doesn't hold all 19lbs of her.

Reading her chatbooks to Cruzie.

Saturday Justin unfortunately had to work but him and Delainey had breakfast together first.

It was a rainy day so Delainey and I got straight to baking. We made 2 kinds of muffins and 2 kinds of energy bites. She LOVES helping and mixing so this is a fun & productive activity.

I froze half for when little man arrives and need to get my butt in gear making some freezer meals like last time. I'll share recipes later this week but we will already be making more of the peanut butter balls because Delainey is obsessed with them.

Post nap snuggles while watching So You Think You Can Dance. ;)

Sunday morning family reading date on the couch.

Dad is the lego master. Mom builds only towers. So she gets really excited to show me her masterpieces with Dad. She LOVES Lego right now.

After nap time we headed out to get a bunch of errands done. Including paint for the nursery!! Excites me to no end. :) 

{I also have to share my crazy deal I got. While we were at the mall I tried on a pair of skinny coral pants at H&M and loved them but the cheapo in me couldn't justify spending the $60 on them for the less than 3 months I would get to wear them.
So I randomly checked on kijiji and a lady in the community next to us was selling almost the exact same pair in a "bundle" of maternity clothes. She was asking $75 so I offered $60 and she said sure!
We picked it up yesterday and she commented when I picked it up that I just got a great deal - she said it was over $600 worth of clothes that she originally had listed for $150. 
Everything is XS-M and either fits right now or the pants are all a little big but I can wear them or will grow in to them I am sure - There are 13 shirts (mainly comfy tees and tanks but a couple that will be good for work), 3 pairs of shorts, 2 dress, 4 pairs of leggings & 10 pairs of skinny jeans/pants!}

Cruzie also left yesterday for vacation! She caught a ride to the lake with my Aunt & Uncle for a week with Gramma & Grandpa. She's clearly having an awful time!

After family nap time {yes - even I napped} Gramma Debbie came over to have dinner with Delainey so Just and I could go for a quick date night. So thankful for these dinners with just him.

We went to Milestones and I was so pumped because it's their 25th Anniversary so they had a "throw back" menu and it had my most favorite dish that they had taken off the menu years ago. Made my night. You should all go just for the Cajun Shrimp Diane or take me with you because I feel I need to go back before they get rid of that menu! They also had a pretty great virgin drink menu - I went all out and had 2 drinks. ;) {I'm blaming the 2 drinks instead of this crazy boy in my belly for keeping me up all night and my approximately 17 bathroom breaks. oi.}

Came home in time to put Miss D to bed and experience her punchy self for a few minutes. She is so darn chatty now - we love it so much. 
We vegged on the couch and had some dessert at home before our early bedtime too. PS. If you are looking for some delicious ice cream - try these - both from Superstore and amazing.

 And that's it. 

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Bex said...

Back to work already! Crazy how fast summer speeds by!
That's so awesome that you scored all those clothes for so cheap! I swear you have the best luck on Kijiji!

Murdock's mama said...

I can't believe you're back in school {boo!} but just 8 weeks makes it sound SO much more bearable! :) Can't wait to see your family maternity photos. Yay for date nights!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Summer went by so fast!! I hope you have a good first day back and before you know it you will be off again :)
I need to do some freezer meals for this fall too, work gets so busy that I like having them on hand!
Excited to see your photos! Gap or Old Navy outfit for D? I always order online now since that is where the deals are! Also, great kijji find!
Glad you guys got away for a date night, we are going this week or next :)

Katie said...

good luck back to work this week!! I need to hear about the sleep clock! and what an amazing deal for ALL those clothes!! Thats awesome!

Carolyn said...

What a great weekend! :) And an amazing deal on maternity clothes!!! Awesome!!

Ashley said...

Yikes back to work!!! That ice cream looks yummy!! Great deal on the clothes!! Can't go wrong for that price!! Noah is becoming obsessed with mega blocks right now! We haven't busted out the Lego yet, but he is getting some for Christmas (already bought).

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, I can't believe you are back at work already! That went so fast! I feel like you juuuust posted and said you were starting your summer break! I am glad that the transition back to work went better this time. I am sure it helps so much to know that you'll be back home in 2 months (although holy cannasta, you only have 2 more months of your pregnancy left? Of course it's easy for me to say it is going fast since I'm not the one dealing with it!!).

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You will be off work again in no time soon!!

Bah I'll have clothes for you when I see you on Friday! Although it looks like you need nothing considering that awesome haul!! Nice job!

That happens to me all the time re Old Navy and sales! And I agree- wish I could find clothes as easily for myself.

Nikki said...

August back to school always confuses me as in NJ we don't go back until after Labor Day in September.

Gabriella said...

Have a great first week back to work! Awesome score on those clothes!! Love all the snuggle time, and Cruz at the lake is the best. She looks so happy!

Whit said...

You napped!!! Impressive ;) You should do that more, for me at the very least! Mmmm ice cream looks good and nice work on the sweet kijiji deal, you have a big ol' horse shoe you know where girl ;) lol xox