{Tuesdays Tidbits}

{1} Good marketing Pepperidge Farms. Goldfish Mac&Cheese.
I totally bought it and the toddler thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Mom win.

{2} Delainey LOVES smoothies so they make for a simple lunch or snack. Poor girl had her first brain freeze on Saturday though. Justin and I agreed it was the saddest and cutest thing ever.

{3} I was SO excited to pick Cruz up after work yesterday. We had the car so she sat right next to Delainey on the drive home and over and over Delainey said "Mom CRUZ" just making sure I knew Cruz was right beside her. Then she got 2 new Chatbooks in the mail so her day was made. Cuddle time with Cruz catching up on photos.

{4} Last night Delainey and I went to celebrate one of my girlfriends Nicole and her {finally} fiance Rob. After 15 years together they are eloping in a couple weeks! So as sad as we ALL are that we won't be at the wedding we had to plan a few celebrations in their honor. We managed to squeeze this one in before they leave. We also got to see the new house they build together - they did SO much of the building and finishing just the 2 of them and it's nothing short of amazingly beautiful.
PS. Selfie sticks are the coolest. ;)

I have to say Delainey had a blast being the only kid there and was SO good seeing as the party started at her bedtime! Snacks, a special non-alcoholic drink that she thought was made for her, 5 Aunties to read to you and cat search with {she called the cat Junie all night} and the most delicious cake {that I have possibly ever eaten} made it pretty easy.

 {5} I made this appetizer for the party with a recipe and ingredients that Gran brought for us when she came to visit and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted the recipe.

Note: I only layered everything once because I didn't read the instructions thoroughly and I spread all the cheese out right from the get go. Whoops.
 I didn't use olives - because they are gross. ;)

Served with Rainforest Crackers.

{6} Lastly but most importantly - a HUGE Happy Birthday to my sweet niece Emerson who turns 5 today!

We have loved watching you grow into the sweet, insanely smart and silly girl that you are today.

We love you!!

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krink said...

Thanks Auntie! Xoxoxo

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

You don't like olives?! I'm not sure we can ever be friends now. Haha ;)

I think it's time I start ordering some chat books! How strong are they? Ie, can the pages be torn easily by overzealous toddlers? ;)

Bex said...

Oooh that mac and cheese looks good. I buy Annies mac and cheese for Liam and he loves the "cheesy bunnies" but I bet he would like "cheesy fishies" just as much. Where did you find it?

OH no! Poor peanut with brain freeze!!

That recipe looks AMAZING!

Ashley said...

I haven't ordered chat books since they stopped shipping them free! Lol! Noah would likely enjoy that Mac and cheese, however it is one thing this mama can't do anymore, unless homemade!! Can't believe Emerson is 5!!!

Gabriella said...

I want to buy the goldfish Mac! I still need to order my chatbooks. They are so cool! Happy Birthday to Emerson!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Oh Brooke would just love that mac and cheese!! Now you have me really thinking bout these chat books again. Worth it?? I totally get feeling bad and thinking it's cute about the brain freeze---poor thing!

Whit said...

Congrats to Nicole and Happy Birthday to Emerson! Elopement is so stinkin' cool!! And brain freezes suck!! xox

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Can I have that mac and cheese?! lol
Aww poor D and brain freeze! I love smoothies too but in the morning am too lazy to make them and not sure how one would travel to work for lunch...
PS olives do suck...

Nikki said...

Awe poor D and the brain freeze! LOVE me some chatbooks!

Jen Linton said...

I am promising myself to never actively look for that mac n cheese while I'm shopping :-x

Leigh said...

Is it sad that I would eat that mac and cheese? Haha. I just uploaded all of my IG pictures and am going to order some from Chatbooks...thanks for the reminder! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love all of the back-to-back photos you have taken with your niece! It will be fun to keep doing those over the years! That dip that you made looks really good and it's always a good sign when everyone asks for the recipe!