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As I mentioned we did some baking this weekend and since everything was a hit I thought I would share.

We started by making these muffins that both Leigh and Brie posted about. They are tasty and ours turned out very purple because I had an excellent stiring helper. :) I used regular sugar not palm coconut sugar.

These were also quick and easy and a great snack. Delainey ate a whole one right after they cooled post nap. We added chocolate chips. 

These are delicious!! Delainey asks for one whenever she can see the fridge pretty much. :) We will be making more very soon.

The second set of Energy Bites we made I just threw stuff together. I used chopped dates, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, crushed almonds, chocolate chips, ground flax seeds and a wee bit of maple syrup when we needed a bit more of something to help it stick! They too are really good.

Leigh & Lindsey both have mentioned this recipe and I finally made it while at the lake since Justin wasn't out {he's not a quinoa lover}. It was SO tasty. I added chicken to it and I really think you could make it with rice or barley and then Justin would eat it. :)

Cheese Mushroom and Broccoli Quinoa Caserole

There we go! :) Happy Baking.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I still need to make those muffins!
I love that quinoa casserole, we need to convert Justin!! haha

Bex said...

Yummy! I'm almost a little excited for fall around the corner so I can do some baking, soups and casseroles. I just don't have the motivation to cook and bake in the summer. Ok let's be honest, I rarely have the motivation to cook or bake, hahaha.

Gabriella said...

YUM!!! I need to make those muffins and energy balls. So nice to have them and just grab one as a snack! Thanks for sharing!

Leigh said...

Love both of those recipes! My mom made delicious banana bread when I was out in Ontario and now with your muffins means that I really want to make some!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Phil is not a quinoa eater either. :) He will eat it if I have my heart set on making a quinoa recipe but it's not his favorite... so it's good to know that the recipe would work with rice. I need to make those peanut butter balls as they sound so good! And the muffins look good, too!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Making all of these! My family isn't big into quinoa either but I'm forcing it on them! Haha!

Jen Linton said...

we're actually making a chicken enchilada bake tonight! (made with quinoa and SO good- tyler AND my dad both like it. I didn't tell them it was quinoa until after they started eating haha)

Brie said...

Sully would not eat those muffins! Silly toddler. But I'm determined to make them again and try again lol. Jim devoured them tho! I keep meaning to make energy bites, I think I even have that same recipe saved! I think Sully would love them as he usually likes Lara Bars. And that quinoa dish - yum!! Have you ever made tuna casserole with quinoa?! I know you say Justin doesn't like quinoa, but it is soooo good!

Whit said...

Ooooh you know I love me some baking... and that quinoa looks ah-mazing. Making that! Dust doesn't like quinoa either..boo to them! Now I wanna bake! xox