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So rewinding WAY back to last week! I figure I better post this today otherwise next week I surely won't remember a thing!
We are having an awesome week at the lake and I'll recap it all next week - along with the TAYLOR SWIFT concert Mom and I went into on Tuesday! {Thank you again Grandpa for being on Delainey duty!} 

Alright so last week we had 2 dates with some of our favorite people.
On Tuesday we met up with Crystal, Emerson & Nixon for a day at the zoo.
I should have checked the weather before we headed out but our morning walk was really chilly so we were over dressed for sure!

 Ice Cream after lunch was a must. :)


Such a fun morning! I love having season passes so we can go to the zoo any time we want and it's a free activity! Plus Delainey loves it there and it tires her out. Thanks again for the date guys!

Thursday we met up with Whit, East & Fin at Heritage Park. I hadn't been in years - I used to go with Lily a lot - and Delainey had never been.
We lucked out and I passed as Dustin so we got in free too using his pass! :) 
We loved it there! There was so much to do - farm animals, train ride, parks, rides, stores, old cars and a play area with striders, trains and blocks.
The kids loved the REAL train ride around the park.

We bought some delicious raisin bread & sour dough bread from the bakery - we even passed on the cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing! What?! I know. My tummy already wants to go back.

We also went on the rides that the 2 girls were big enough for. 

Delainey loved carousel! And thankfully it didn't make me feel too bad either. :)

Pigtail cuties on the boat!

I think it will be a good place for us to get a pass for also once Delainey is big enough for more rides. It was a hit. Thanks again Whit.

Speaking of the Cowan's - they have a sweet new addition to their family!!!
Meet Huck.

He's an English Mastiff and I cannot wait to get my paws on him on Tuesday!! Puppy breath and all. Cruz is so excited to meet her new buddy too - little does she know he will double her in size and weight soon! 
Just look at that face and those paws! Love him.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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Bex said...

Heritage Park looks so fun! I haven't been since I was a kid (aside from eating at the Selkirk Grill) and I really want to take Liam.

Oh gosh that puppy is cute. He's going to be HUGE. My best friend had a mastiff, he was MASSIVE. I think I have a picture of Liam with him when Liam was a tiny baby.

Brie said...

Haha, what was your plan if you didn't pass for the person on the pass?? Jim has a pass too and I was thinking of letting my sister use it when she's visiting, but what do we say if they question it lol!! Sully LOVED the carousel. He would start signing "more" as soon as it slowed down. Look at that pup's paws! They're already HUGE!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You guys had some fun outings last week! That's great that you have friends to meet up with during the day. I love the picture of the girls with their pig tails! And that puppy is so cute!

Murdock's mama said...

Fun week! Huck is SOOO adorable!!

Whitney Cowan said...

Heritage Park with you guys was such a great date!! We'll have to do that one again soon!!
I love having a zoo pass too, you never feel like you have to go for a ton of time to get your "money's worth" out of that one time go. Plus the kids are obsessed with it :) And that ice cream... so so good!! xox