{lake "holiday"}

Not sure I can really call it a holiday when I am already off for most of the summer - but it means no house work, I make far less meals and I pretty much relaxed the whole time!
Anyways we had an awesome 11 days at the lake. And it's already clear Delainey loves that place as much as I do.
As always there are a million photos to share so I will let them do most of the the talking. :)

Rewind back to Tuesdays - that evening Mom and I drove into Edmonton for the MUCH anticipated Taylor Swift concert. They got me tickets for Christmas so you bet I was looking forward to it.
A huge thank you to my Dad who was on Grandpa duty with Delainey - I'm glad they had a good evening together.

Vance Joy opened for her which I was excited about. He was great. I want his whole album now. His hair is also pretty amazing.

 Concert cell phone photos never do it justice but I took them anyways! Our seats were great, perfect view of everything.
She opened with New York - excellent choice!

I sang along to EVERY song. She did sing a few of her oldies and "popped" them up for the vibe of her new music.

When we got there everyone had bracelets tapped to their seats. They were set up to be in sync with her music so they didn't come on until she started playing. Then each song they were different colors - sometimes the whole place was red, sometimes mine was blue and Mom's was flashing pink. They were very cool and such a neat addition. They continued to flash the rest of the week when you shook them.

As expected Taylor was incredible. I just can't put it into words. She is so talented and puts on such a good show. I would have gone the next night again!
Her outfits were much more mature and she sure can strut. Dance...not so much. ;) But thankfully she has awesome dancers on stage with her. The only thing I will say is that on pretty much every other stop so far she has had a surprise guest that comes out to sing with her and no one joined her in Edmonton.

Such an awesome night. Thank you again Mom & Dad.

The weather was never super sunny but we didn't get rain so we were able to be outside a lot each day. I have been feeling real big lately and this photo just proved that feeling. ;)

Cruz was one happy girl to be out all week!

Her newest activity is collecting rocks and then throwing them into the water at Cruz.

Boat rides are always a hit.

Driving with Grandpa.

We went to the big school park with her lake bestie "K" or "K-yee".

First time solo on the tire swing with K.

Wednesday Gran arrived for her visit! We were so glad to be out there for part of her visit. She brought 3 new Sandra Boynton book with her that Delainey was really excited about it. She loved hauling them around in the gift bag too!

View from the elliptical. My one token workout for the week! Whoops.

 She loves reading to herself.

Some friends at the lake got a new puppy! Sleepy puppy cuddles are the best.

Picking raspberries with Nana. Or eating them as fast as Nana could pick them!!

Friday was finally hot and sunny!

 Paddleboarding with Gramma.

Cruz was very concerned!

Watching Mom taking a turn.

 Delainey & Mom

Such a happy dog!

Jeff and Jolie got out in the early evening on Friday. Delainey didn't waste any time getting Auntie to read her books.

And showing Uncle Jeff that she climbs and slides all by herself now on the slide he made for her.

 Early mornings on the deck.

Finding Daddy arrived after her morning nap! YAY!


More paddleboarding with Gramma.

Uncle Jeff made her an octopus out of her hot dog - she almost ate the entire thing! And that's just plain water in the can - she just likes to be fancy.

During nap time we went for a float. The Belly Flopz held us both up and it was a great lower back stretch for me with Justin on top!


Perfect lake days!

Coloring chalk on the lid of the fire pit with GG.

Some more lake fun with K before we headed down to Nana's for brunch before heading home.

Such a great weekend to cap off an awesome week.
Thanks Mom and Dad for having us. xo

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love all your photos! Sounds like and awesome concert, and bracelet thing is cool!
I agree anytime I am not cooking is a holiday! lol
Jealous D sits in her highchair! It is our battle right now, makes supper no fun at all!
Glad you guys got some sunny days and no rain, I am starting to like "nice" days more than hot ones anyways.

Bex said...

Looks like a perfect getaway. That's really cool about the bracelets at the concert. What a cool touch.

I spy the Tickle Time book. Liam loves that one and I love it for how much he giggles.

Leigh said...

Sounds like you girls had a great time at the lake :) so glad you were able to get out there and spend time with your family :)

Rachel Steck said...

Uncle Jeff is going to make a great daddy some day! What a fun time you all had!

Ashley said...

Sounds like such a fun week!! That's cool about the bracelets and it sounds like an awesome concert!! Is your brother wearing pink zebra capris?? Lol!! Good job on the paddle boarding! I want to try that!!

Murdock's mama said...

Love all of these photos...looks like a blast!! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ahhh, 11 days at the lake sounds glorious! Every summer I tell myself that I should spend a week at the lake but then it never happens! Maybe next summer! The TS concert sounds like so much fun - the bracelet things sounds really cool, too! I would love to see her live but have had sticker shock when looking at the price of the tickets - but everyone I know who has seen her raves about her so I should just suck it up and pay the high price to see her live! That bellyflop thing sounds awesome - I am impressed that it held both you and Justin up!

Amber said...

I think you can definitely still consider it a holiday! Looks absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky to have that amazing place to escape to all summer long!! :)