{Friday Randoms}

So I forgot to post yesterday and didn't get my act together/it was WAY too hot this week to wear what we were supposed to feature today - SO today is just an extra long post of random fabulous things. :) Enjoy.

Yesterday we had a date with Whit and the kids and Delainey & I finally got to meet Huck!
Oh my goodness I love him. He is such a love - so chill and easy going yet still puppy like. I adore his huge paws, sweet face and honestly puppy breath is one of my favorite things!

We had a great morning just hanging out in their backyard - I got in all the snuggles I could, Whit and I actually got to really chat while the kids had a blast! Delainey loves the different toys and East is such a good playmate with her - he is so sweet. 

Fin just wanted to steal our drinks but I didn't mind the cuddles I got while she would sweetly whisper "Auntie just one sip?!" while she held up her pointer finger...got me.

Just look at him!!

 East spent most of the time pushing Delainey in the car or on the swing. Such a good big brother!

Thanks for the pics and date Whit! :) xo

I've featured this shop a few times on the blog before and just recently won a giveaway from her on Instagram and this is the loot she sent!

I've already worn them all! :)
She makes such fun leather bracelets that are great alone, with a few braids or in a stack with other bracelets. 

So versatile. They also make great gifts - the sliced ones are one of my go-to gifts! Always a hit. 

Delainey is most definitely like me and a summer lover. She always wants "owside".

Some neighbours that our backyard looks onto have had this slide sitting beside their house unused all summer and after scouring kijiji for one just like it all summer too I decided to leave them a note just saying I was interested in buying it when they were done with it if they were interested. ;) She called me the same night saying it was ours! They refused any money saying we were saving them money as they were just going to take it to the dump - so a bottle of wine and some Justin sweat from carrying it home - we have one happy little slide lover!

I love it cause it's a good size for her, not too little! :)

She loves it too!

Last night was also the perfect night for Miracle Treat Day at DQ! 

If there was any question how patient Cruz is with Delainey...

And still gives kisses!

And yes it was 30C and she HAD to wear her "owcoat".

Have a fabulous weekend! 

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Ashley said...

I spy a big girl bed!!!! Good job on the slide!! They are Noah's favorite!! We have 3! 1 seperate climber with one and then there are 2 on his play house! We sent the 4th to the farm! Haha. Can't beat getting other people's hand me downs!! Heck is adorable!! Makes my heart happy to see them with another dog!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Huck is so cute!!!
Awesome find on the slide, I love that you left a note on it!
We had DQ last night too but sadly ice cream does not go over well with me and left me sick and I have a very grumpy kid who is getting her 2 year molars. Happy Friday ;)
Enjoy your weekend!

Bex said...

That's awesome you scored that slide!

Those bracelets are sweet! Yay for giveaway winnings!

Have a great weekend!

Jen Linton said...

CUTE puppy!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is awesome that Cruz is so patient with Delainey - what a good dog for being such a sport! That's awesome that you guys scored a slide for free - sounds like a win/win situation for everyone!

Brie said...

That's awesome about the slide! And it is the perfect size - usually they seem so small and barely a "slide". Nice win on the bracelets! Love the stacked look :)

Whit said...

I love those bracelets!!! And we had such a great date!! We need more of those, especially since he is gaining and growing by the second! That slide is awesome and so sneaky the way you worked that out :) Stalker neighbour!! haha, kidding.