{Delainey: 21 & 22 months}

Happy Friday! :) Hope everyone has had a good week. I'm ready for this smoke from the forest fires to clear - it's really cramping our plans. I had a lady stop us in her car while we were on our walk yesterday  - wearing a hospital mask I must add - telling me I was putting my family at risk by being outside. Ok lady it's a walk. But really - I feel for those closer to the fires for sure as it's really bad out there today. :(

I'm in disbelief that Miss D is 23 months {in 2 days} - next month she will be TWO!

Every new month is my favorite with her! We had the BEST summer. She just has fun with whatever we do which makes our days exciting no matter what. This I am so thankful for because there were more days this summer than I had hoped that I just didn't feel well enough to go out and do tons of things but she was SO happy just playing together in our backyard, exploring new parks, crafts and activities at home and doing the outings we did do.
Even with the toddler melt downs thrown in there we had a blast. She bounces back quickly and never stays grumpy too long! :)

{weight & length}
22lbs - finally broke the 20lb mark! She weighs as much as I have gained so far this pregnancy! ha

33 inches

When is she not eating?! She loves food. Loves BBQ'd meat, potatoes, corn on the cob, smoothies, yogurt drinks, cheese, berries, nectarines, grapes, oranges, ice cream, popsicles, bread, buns, nuts&bolts, anything Justin is eating...she really isn't picky.

She has 12 teeth. She is getting her canines right now but they are sneaky little buggers - in and out constantly. They bother her from time to time but so far nothing too horrible.

Bikes videos. Music. Dancing.
Playing outside, her water table, slides.

Running around the house. Especially if Cruz or Dad chases her.
Reading books. Looking at videos and photos on our phone.
Letting Cruz out of her kennel in the morning.
Puzzles & coloring. {When we were at Dollarama one day last week a sweet older lady who was in there gave Delainey a $5 bill to buy the books she was sitting on the floor reading. So she got 2 "Elsa" books and also picked an Elsa coloring book. So sweet.}
The lake. Trains. The pier. Boat rides.
The zoo.
 She's totally into fashion. ;) Slippers in my wedges with her leggings hiked up. She loves to walk around in shoes left at the back door.
Baking. Even when chocolate chips aren't involved!
Taylor Swift. ;) As soon as we get in the truck she says "Tay?" and then after each song says "more?". No idea how this happened. ;)

Waiting. Her patience is non-existent! Holy smokes my patience has been tested this week!
No snack time.
The word no in general.
Hands being dirty.
Having her hair washed. By me.
Having her teeth brushed. By me. She is a pro with Justin! And loves her spider-man electric toothbrush she picked out!

{big sister role}
As I mentioned she has done SO well in her big girl bed. We could not be more proud. I also LOVE being able to snuggle with her in there after her naps!

She 'kinda sorta' is interested in the potty. She likes to sit on it after I go to the washroom but I think she likes the idea of pulling up the stool and putting her seat on the toilet more than anything. But we take off the diaper - she sits for 2 seconds and then she says "All done, good job D!!".
No you stinker. Not good job you didn't do anything! :) And then she likes to pull the stool over to wash her hands with "more soap". :) So not sure when we will do a weekend {+++} of potty training yet.

She's a chatter box. She strings 3-4 words together a lot now and is a little parrot. She still talks a lot of chinese or her own language but thankfully she can request more and more these days and we understand a lot more.

{what's new}
- Wears size 3 Kirkland or Huggies diapers.
- Mainly wearing 12-18m and 2T clothing depending on the brand or piece of clothing. Wears size 5 shoes but some are 4 or 6. ;)
- Sleep from 7:00pm- somewhere between 6:00-7:00am.
- She still naps in the morning and afternoon for 45min to 2 hours. She can easily skip her morning nap if we are out doing something but when she goes to Gramma's or we are just at home she takes it.
- We are so thankful she has been such a healthy girl.
- She is such a goofy girl and she knows it. We love you so much Miss D!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Yay for 22lbs!! I think A is just below that :) The potty sounds like us, sits for 5 seconds "all done" lol. I hear you on the Chinese! A can talk for hours and sometimes I have no idea what she is saying, other times it is completely clear.
I cannot believe she is almost two!! So crazy!
We just and electric toothbrish for A that has worked wonders! And same thing in our house with the hair!
Amazes me how similar the girls are :)

Rachel Steck said...

She is precious!

Kaella Carr said...

She's so big!! I love that close-up selfie-looking photo of her! She is so gorgeous. Potty training isn't going so well. I mean, we haven't really been trying but two weeks of back-to-back vacations didn't help. My goal was by his third birthday but he has zero interest. Oh well! He's not going to be 7 and wearing diapers hahaha!

The smoke is bad here too. I just dropped down my weekend race distance because of it. It's fine to walk in (silly lady) but tough to be outside running too long.

Whit said...

Time flies, she's such a love! Glad it was an awesome summer!! The smoke was brutal here today :( So over it and really want to be able to enjoy the last days of summer!! xox

P. Jeanne said...

She's just so cute!!! Her personality sounds so similar to my son, he just turned 22 months...I agree, each new month is my favorite :-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that she requests Taylor Swift when you get in the car. That is awesome! She clearly has great taste in music. :) She looks like she is such a fun, spunky and spirited little girl!

I hope the smoke from the wild fires clears soon! We had smoke for a couple of days earlier this summer and it was awful!!

Nikki said...

She is adorable! Can't believe she's almost 2!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha talking "chinese", that's what I call it too. And full blown conversations in it, and often not even to me lol. As much as I look forward to actual conversations, I will sure miss the babble, it's so cute! And patience is definitely not in their realm yet haha! She is so stinkin' cute!

Bex said...

Hahaha funny about the Chinese comment. We always joked that Liam was speaking German. She is such a cutie. Can't believe she's almost 2!