{Baby Black Take 2: Week 29}

{I am posting a week behind - I am 30 weeks now}

How far along: 
29 weeks!

Tank c/o Peanut in my belly 
PS. Kaylyn - I am wearing a large - and thank goodness she recommended this because the belly already plays peek-a-boo from under the bottom!

Same dress. Same week. Different baby! And a much bigger baby this time it appears.

 I had a doctors appointment on Friday and all was great. I passed my gestational diabetes test but my blood work did show that I am borderline anemic so she just wants me to up my iron intake. I saw a doctor who was new to the team from my last pregnancy and she was awesome. She was really positive when talking about my hopes for a VBAC and when she checked position {he's head down right now - so they say!} she mentioned they should do a few extra ultrasounds for my piece of mind this time around. ;) I go back every 2 weeks now.

I found a matching crib sheet and change pad cover that both Justin and I love and it's just what I had in mind. Simple but goes with the theme.

About the same. In the evenings my lower back is sore/tired and overall I am just feeling big!

What I'm wearing:

5 plus Cruz walks!

What I'm looking forward to: 
More progress on the nursery. I am itching to get in there!

Best moment of the week:
-  Flowers from Justin just because and girls dinner in the same day!

- I FINALLY got the doppler working that I was sent to review...Yes 10 weeks later.
I will say EVERYTHING should come up with an instruction manual. You can't always reply on an app.
So I mainly blame the companies customer service for not being supportive but once I did figured it out {on my own - little help from them} I felt awfully silly but there were a number of things I was doing wrong. So I blame that on pregnancy/mommy brain AND the little blond I have in my hair. BUT had I had instructions it would not have been a problem. Clearly it is not user friendly!

The highlight is that as soon as I got it working I found his little heartbeat in no time and it was nothing short of amazing as usual. And then he got PO'd and was kicking the doppler like crazy. Love his little feisty self already. Delainey LOVES listening to the video on my phone even though I am certain she has no clue what it is! And it's cool that it saves the video to my phone right away and I can email it to family. I will do a review soon despite my issues with getting it work. ;)
I will say - last pregnancy when I had the anterior placenta I was SO thankful to have borrowed a doppler because I rarely felt movement like the craziness I am experiencing now. So I worried a lot last time. This time around - he doesn't let me worry AT ALL. He has put on some pretty intense shows lately too - he's one crazy ninja in there.

Justin out takes:

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Murdock's mama said...

Pretty flowers!!

Kaella Carr said...

You are the most stylish pregnant woman I know!! Looking amazing mama!

Bex said...

What Kaella said! Love the photos, even the out takes are gorgeous <3

Leigh said...

It's neat to see how your belly compares between the pregnancies. Similar shape though! You are one pretty pregnant lady :)

P. Jeanne said...

I love your outfits, super cute!! I'm right behind you at 27 weeks and am also feeling baby #2 a lot more...it's awesome :)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

OH my gosh, this doppler ordeal!! I am literally laughing about him kicking/being feisty. A little boy is so different from a little girl (in my opinion!) How fun. Love the outtakes Justin!! Your bump is beautiful; it makes me want one more…even though I am pretty sure we are done. ah! xox

Whit said...

Sounds like everything is going so awesome!! Love that he is a mover and a shaker, fiesty like his dad ;) lol Makes me miss my pregnancy belly.. sorta... a little. xox