{Baby Black Take 2: Week 26 & 27}

So I dropped the ball last week and not only didn't post but totally forgot to take a bump photos in my tank at the lake. Whoops. So catch up it is...

{I am posting a week behind - I am 28 weeks now. Whoa nelly.}

How far along: 
26 weeks

27 weeks

PS. Be sure to check out her new website - it's awesome. You may even see a photo you recognize thanks to Whitney Cowan Photography.

Getting my glucose test done. I don't find it too terrible like most people, it tastes very sweet for sure but reminds me of the McDonald's Orange drink. :) Getting my arms stabbed numerous times by a student nurse was way worse. ha ha

bracelets c/o Flourish Leather

LARGE. ;) This is a morning bump!

 Otherwise same old - nausea, headaches, sleepy. Had some good days at the lake and then this past weekend wasn't the best. I find it hard to get a good deep breath most of the time and the round ligament pain on my left side is a bugger.
My lower back gets sore but I think it's a lot because I'm down playing with Delainey or picking her up - workouts help a ton and I missed my Pregnancy Pillow.
The belly gets in the way if you ask Delainey - when we cuddle or read with her on my lap she is constantly trying to push her brother out of the way!

So much movement - it's so awesome. I will take all the above "symptoms" that I didn't have at all during my last pregnancy for all this movement. It's so reassuring and incredible how strong he already seems. There is one spot to the left of my belly button that I think he is trying to escape out of. He pushes so hard there it feels bruised! :)

I just like eating. :) Always makes me feel that wee bit better.
Blueberries, raspberries, ice cream, cucumber, nuts. Tzatziki thanks to Jeff and Jolie - I bought 2 kinds yesterday!

bracelets c/o Flourish Leather

What I'm wearing:

4 plus Cruz walks week 26 and then went on "vacay mode" at the lake and did only 1 while at the lake. I'm back at it though! I have been doing some Jillian Micheals and Turbo Fire workouts to mix it up! I am so much better when we are in our routine at home.

What I'm looking forward to: 
Getting more done on the nursery. Picking a paint and getting it painted!! :)
Date night with Justin coming up.

Best moment of the week:
Being at the lake for most of these 2 weeks - Justin setting up Delainey's big girl room!!
Delainey doing so good in her big girl room. I couldn't be more proud of her. More on that later. ;)

Oh man I love this girl. Justin whines every week about taking these photos {only 12 more weeks babe!!} but he always gets some awesome shots... as soon as I place myself by the fence she does too!

I just feel so thankful every single day for her and am AMAZED we have another on the way.
Heart = FULL.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So funny, Chad always whined too when I was pregnant with A, they have it tough ;) Boys, good thing we love them!
You look awesome as usual and I love all your outfits!
I also did not mind the glucose test!

Stacy said...

She is getting so big and grown up. I can't wait to see and hear how she interacts being a big sister - shes going to be AWESOME

Bex said...

I didn't mind the taste of the drink either - but what I hated was having to wait around for so long, and my doctor made me fast for it. i was very cranky.

you look great. I love your outfits, as always.

Christy said...

Happy third trimester, mama!!! I am so excited to see that little guy! Ellie likes the left side of my belly too, she's a little gentler but she pushes up against it and has started pushing back if I tap her!

Gabriella said...

Justin does a great job with the pictures! Happy 28 weeks! You look great, and Miss D is getting so big. She is going to be such a cute big sister!

Ashley said...

Mike complains too!! Not initially but by the end of it I think we both ended up grumpy haha. Can't wait to hear about the big girl room transition!!

Whit said...

Your outtakes at the end are so cute!! Looking good mama!! :) xox