{a big girl room}

I feel like it's safe for me to talk about Delainey's big girl room now that she's been in it over 10 days and sleeping like a superstar. We are SO proud of her.
I had very mixed emotions about switching Delainey from her crib to her new bed. I remember being so excited to find the exact crib I pictured in my head for our baby. But it's also incredible that we now have an almost 2 year old who is no longer a baby and we will soon have ANOTHER baby that will occupy that crib.

I knew with baby #2 I wanted to start getting him in the crib sooner for naps so that Delainey and I could have some 1 on 1 time while he sleeps. So we wanted to "attempt" Miss D in her new bed early enough that she didn't feel like this baby was stealing all her things! :)

While Delainey and I were relaxing at the lake for the week Justin had the big job of moving the crib, her change table/dresser and rocking chair out of her room and into the nursery and then putting together her new bed and new dresser.

While we were at the lake at bedtime and in the mornings when she was in my bed cuddling I would tell her about her new bed and explain to her that she was a big girl now and Daddy had a big surprise for her in her room when we got back. I just tried to talk it up as much as I could - whether or not she understood any of it before hand or not.

At first when we got home she just kept saying no no no no and didn't want to be in there but once we put her on the bed with some books {& lipsil} she was happy. 

We spent as much time in there as we could that day, moved her shelves so they were out of reach, filled her dresser, etc. 
And then we just went about her bed time routine as normal. I read her bedtime books cuddling on the bed {& fighting back tears if I am being honest} instead of on her rocking chair. Then when I rocked her as I always do right before I put her down I told her she had to stay in bed like a big girl and not get out until morning and then she could call Mom and Dad to come get her. 

Night one was a total success. Not a peep. She flipped around which didn't surprise us - she flips multiple times a night normally.


Then at her regular time in the morning we heard "Mom, Mommmy.....Mom...Dad, Daddddy". 
SO proud. 

It was my fault {I think} her first nap didn't go well - I put her down earlier than normal as I had my gestational diabetes test that morning and wanted her to nap before I dropped her off at Gramma's. SO she wasn't tired and wasn't having it. She climbed out many times and toppled over the railing once too. :( Poor thing.

Since that one nap we haven't had an issue at all. She did fall out one night - she wedged herself sideways between the headboard and the railing (before I moved it up). I heard a thump and looked at the monitor to see her just sitting on her floor. She hardly woke up as when I went in there she was quiet and just sorta stunned so I cuddled her a minute and then put her back to bed and that was the end of it.

She has done SO well with the transition and we just hope it continues.

 Bed: The Brick - we got a wicked sale on it.
Sheets & Duvet Cover: Next

^ We've since moved the frame with the loose photos that was within reach of little hands. 

Dresser: Ikea Malm
Momo Sleep Clock: Toy R Us

Like I said - we put up a railing on the top part of her bed (eventually moved it up completely when she fell out). We then just flipped her duvet down so she only had partial use of the bed. We also kept her in her sleep sac - truth be told she may go off to college in a sleep sac. :) We love them and since she is ALL over when she sleeps we know she is always cozy.

We also still let her have her soother for sleeping (for now) and she has all her animal friends to keep her company. Right now she always cuddles monkey and her new bear Checkers from Gran - as seen below.

We do have a Sleep Clock in her room that we are loosely using. We set it on the weekend and explained to her that she couldn't get out of bed until Momo's eyes opened. We say goodnight to Momo each night (you push the button and his eyes close - she jumps every time!) and then they don't open until the time you set it for. Which we did for 7:00am on the weekend - typically she is up between 6-6:30am on weekends but sometimes sleeps a bit later or chats in bed. Both days she was up around 6:15-6:25am so I went in to her room and reminded her she couldn't get up until Momo was awake and that it was still sleep time. She was quiet until then and when Momo woke up you could hear her saying "there he is, there he is". :)

I bought this old version of the Ikea mini poang chair on kijiji for $10 - cleaned it up and then enlisted Gramma Debbie to recover the cushion for me. It turned out to be a bigger project than I thought - mainly because my MIL is one of the biggest perfectionists I know when it comes to projects. I ordered an extra bed sheet to have her cover it with so it matched the bedding. She also made a throw pillow for the bed with extra fabric too!
It turned out SO awesome.

Her room isn't quite complete - we need to fill holes on her gallery wall where her shelves were, re-hang a few things, etc but it's getting there. And we are so thankful she has been so accepting of it and that she has transitioned so well. Let's hope potty training is this easy! ha ha

{Sorry for all the cell phone photos - really should have gotten out the good camera!}

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So perfect!! I am glad D has done so well with the transition!! Love the bedspread too. We will be moving A (as you know) in about 6 weeks so I hope to have it as easy as you guys. I am not sure much else in her room will change right now but soon enough ;)
I also love that little chair!! So perfect!

Stacy said...

Love her room! you are so creative!

Carolyn said...

OMG! I love this!!! I'm so excited, and heartbroken at the thought of switching Weston to a big boy bed!!! We have to wait until our basement is finished to do the big transition, so I'm hoping he's ok with the baby getting his crib and him getting a new bed with "car! truck!" sheets. HAHAHA

Pamela said...

aww super cute!!

Bex said...

Her room is so gorgeous. It's funny how sometimes we work up these big changes to be harder than the actually end up being. Liam transitioned fairly well, although we did have a few days where he wouldn't go to sleep right away, but really that's no different than if he was in his crib, he could just get out.

That sleep clock is cute. I've been thinking about trying something like that for Liam because there are days when he wakes up at 5:30 and that's a big no. 6am at the earliest during the week. Preferably 7 but that's a stretch hahaha

Katie said...

I LOVE it!!! I'm note even close to ready to move addi to a big girl bed! I think I'll keep her in there until she crawls out!! and long live the sleep sack!!! :)

Ashley said...

Love it!!! This eases my fears of transitioning Noah a bit!! I feel like Noah will fall out a lit! He's such a wild sleeper!! I love sleep sacks too!! Great idea with the clock! The bedding is also super cute and chair turned out great!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Her room looks great! I am glad that the transition has gone well for you guys! I am sure it's crazy for you to think that she's already in a big girl bed! Time just flies soooo fast! Oh and that alarm clock is so cute!

Nikki said...

Looks great! Sounds like it is going well too! We were just talking about this the other day and I told Mr. Big Truck that I didn't even want to talk about a big girl bed for another year at least!

Leigh said...

Love how her big girl room turned out! It's crazy that she's already in a big girl bed (as in where the heck has time gone?!)

Brie said...

Aww I love her room! And so glad the transition went so well! At least now there's room to cuddle right in bed with her!

Megan C said...

Great idea on how to transition her. Making it seem like it is the same thing as normal is probably really helpful in not making it feel overwhelming. Glad she likes it!!

Whit said...

Look at her rocking the new bed!! Nice work D!! xox

Murdock's mama said...

So adorable...love it & I'm glad the transition went so well!! :)