{weekend & week rewind}


Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going to rewind back to last week as there are a few photos I didn't share.
These were from when Jeff and Jolie came for dinner. Jolie got these 2 cute pics of D in her shirt she made - 99% of the photos we take of her are blurry. ;)

Delainey had Auntie Jolie building towers all night and playing catch with her play vegetables. Delainey was shocked Auntie Jolie caught most of her crazy throws!

 Wednesday evening Justin had a work dinner so Delainey and I decided to head to the pool after her afternoon nap since we didn't need to be home for dinner.
We went to the "cold" pool versus the warm one we always go to but still had lots of fun - thankfully she lasts about as long as I do! This one has a lazy river, a little slide as well as a warm kiddie pool with bubble fountains and jets. There is also a big slide that she was really interested in but you have to wear a life jacket which she didn't want to do and I am not sure I would have let her go with me being there alone.

After swimming we watched the swimmers and shared a smoothie and wrap. And by share I mean she said no every time I took a bite or sip.

 They have these fun play stations around Vivo {was Cardel Place until Cardel wanted their name back!} and Delainey loved these stacking blocks and even more when her little playmate handed her blocks.

I also found my old Cardel pass that still had 7 passes on it from when I used to go to classes there so they gave me 7 free drop ins and Delainey is free until her birthday! :) 

Friday we met up with Nicole and the kids for Frozen Yogurt for lunch. ;) They were all happy campers - so were the Moms.

 Afterwards we played outside a bit so Nicole and I could still chat.

Justin headed out bright and early for his ride with Brian Saturday morning as it was calling for rain in the afternoon. He took a good tumble - which I must say is unlike Justin - and is quite covered on one side in nasty "owies". Usually it's Brian crashing!!
And here I was worried about them as there was a bear in the area the day before they went. ;)

Saturday morning reading. She is now obsessed with this house coat Auntie Jolie bought her before she was even born. We almost didn't get out of the house in one piece because she didn't want to take it off. But I am the Mom and house coats stay at home Delainey! And so does your beloved hat when you get mad and throw it at me...;) Oh toddler tantrums. Life is rough.

Once we managed to get out to the house we headed down to Eau Claire for Pet-A-Palooza. It was a big dog fair with tons of booths, hundreds of dogs and the Running of the Bull{dogs} - so cute!! We went down mainly to see the dogs doing the belly flops into the water. I felt SO guilty not taking Cruz but I had never been so didn't know what to expect and didn't know what I would do with her when I had to use the washroom!! Next year I will take her and go on day 2 as they really didn't have their act together on day 1.
We took a picnic for lunch but hoped to see the 2 heats (10am & 11:30am) of the belly flops but by 1:00pm they still hadn't figured out how to fill the pool!

So we did what we do best: Ice Cream! And then called it a day.

We saw on the news that night they did finally get the pool filled with the gross duck pond water they were filling it with. ;)

We hoped Cruz wouldn't smell all the puppies we loved on! Delainey much prefers big dogs than little ones - she wants to "cuddle" them all. There was a HUGE Bull Mastiff/Great Dane that Delainey could walk under!! I wish I got a photo but was busy making sure Delainey was gentle as this dog could clearly eat her for a snack. He was so sweet though and so gentle.

Justin and Delainey BBQd us a delicious dinner that evening. Delainey sure is a meat, potatoes and bread lover. She chowed down on the pork tenderloin and baked potato and LOVES buns. 

Sunday we took an early morning trip to Home Depot - I was there solo this week too - shocking I know!
Delainey was Justin's helper.

Playing with rocks in the parking lot! :)

We also picked up 2 halo sleep sac swaddles and 3 tiny grobags for little mister - now he doesn't have to sleep in his sisters pink ones and I got them all for $18. ;)

Justin worked in the garage for a while so Delainey and I side walk chalkled. I pretty much draw the same 7 things and Delainey draws lines over everything but she loves it!

We took Cruz for a nice walk to beat the rain again. SO thankful she is back to her typical self. Other than the 4 meds she still has to take for the next 2 weeks. I don't think she even minds though as she gets to eat peanut butter off a spoon twice a day! :)

Delainey and Justin BBQd another delicious meal and Delainey ate her weight in steak.
And that's a wrap. 

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Jen Linton said...

nice weekend! Too bad about that dog pool thing- get their act together! But ice cream is a good substitute! Layla won't eat pills in pb (crazy dog!) so we have to shove them down her throat.

Bex said...

Sounds like a great weekend. it's always disappointing when events are unorganized. So glad that Cruzie is doing better!

Brie said...

That's too bad about the pet show being a bit disorganized, but hey, at least you got ice-cream!! ;) Do you guys take the train down when you go downtown? So glad Cruz is feeling better!

Leigh said...

You girls have had a fun few days! Love the shirt that Jolie made. Did she just do it by hand?

Danielle said...

Love sidewalk chalk! My nephew and I spent a good chunk of time outside this weekend decorating our driveway :)

Amber said...

Sounds like such a nice weekend! That's too cute about her being able to walk underneath the bull mastiff/great dane!! Those dogs are usually gentle giants!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha it sounds like Delainey is a good eater!

That is funny that you saw a dog that Delainey could walk under! I'm kind of afraid of dogs but I don't get uncomfortable when I see great danes as they usually seem so calm and gentle.

Ashley said...

That's too bad you didn't get to see the dogs belly flop!! That Great Dane mix sounds like perfect dog haha! Love the shirt Jolie made- by hand? I hope J feels better soon! That sounds pretty painful! How did his bike fair? So glad Crus is feeling better! She looks better too!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hear you on the blurry photos! I was just saying I want to A to the pool soon, we will do more lessons in the fall so I need to get her back there.
Oh D! Life is rough for you guys ;) But your Mom is looking out for your fashion well being ;) Today, Avery thought she would wear those Ikea full sleeved bibs out of the house. This is the kid that hates bibs...
Such an awesome deal on the sleep sacks! They are the best :)
You rock at chalk art! You should see mine lol.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great weekend!! Glad we could have an ice cream date!
Love D's shirt!! And the housecoat situation- happened at our house too. Can you really blame them though? Housecoats are so comfy!!

Nice chalk art! I need to work on mine!!

Happy Cruz is feeling better!!

Whitney Cowan said...

Looks like an awesome weekend. Poor Just!! Ouch.
I wanted to go to Petapalooza too, that's brutal it was a bit disorganized. Yikes! Next year it will be better ;)
That viva place looks amazing!! We need to do that sometime, maybe a winter activity!! xox