{weekend rewind}

 Aright so let's rewind back to Friday - I {thankfully} was able to drop Delainey off at Gramma Debbies at 11am so she could spend the day with her. It was a LONG day for myself {& Cruz} so would have been only longer for Delainey and myself if I had her too!

We started off at our vet where she wanted to do an x-ray of the lungs to check for pneumonia. She showed me on the x-ray that Cruz's heart looked misshapen, a cloudy spot near the heart she was concerned with, lungs she thought looked ok and Cruz had an irregular heartbeat. Cue Alison tears.
She said she felt best sending us over the CARE Centre so they could review the x-rays as they have a radiologist and she still wanted a chest ultrasound.

So off we went crying all the way. ha ha. I was so nervous and scared but knew we were on the right path to getting answers. We didn't have to wait long at the CARE Centre. 
They sat down with me to get the whole story and then said they would also be redoing her blood work as they wanted to see if it had changed at all. They took Cruz back.

40 minutes later they came to get me to share the results. The radiologist and vet there were amazing - I can't say enough about the staff. They explained everything very well to me, showed me the ultrasound, answered my questions and even brought me kleenex when needed. These poor people! ha ha
They showed me a regular lung and then Cruz's on the ultrasound and hers had nearly no white area as it should - it was big and black. They said her heart was misshaped as her lung was swollen so it was putting pressure on her heart - reason for the irregular heartbeat as well.
They think when she threw up last Saturday she aspirated some of it into her lung and created the infection.
So they said with Cruz being young and in shape we had 2 options. 1 - was to take her home and fight it aggressively with meds and hope for the best.
If after 2 days she got worse or showed no signs of improvement we were to move to option 2 - being take her back to the CARE Centre. There they would take a sample of the fluid in her lung to find out exactly what the infection was and then they could treat it accordingly with IV medication for 12-24 hours there along with some sort of patches on Cruz's chest.

So off we went back to our vet to get all her meds! She started on 6 different meds - one thankfully being an anti-nausea because she wasn't keeping anything down so I was concerned how we were going to keep this concoction of meds down!
She scarfed up dinner and thankfully that along with her late night meal - both laced with lots of meds - stayed down!
I could not have been happier to get home. It was such a long and emotional day. 

Delainey loving on her once we got home. She has a nice shaved belly and chest!

Saturday morning we already noticed her acting more herself. Wanted to eat, her tail was up and seemed to have more energy. Thank god.
We decided to take a quick trip to Ikea. We got there before it opened to have breakfast - Delainey ploughed through her meal! And then we got everything on our list and then some.
We stopped by Justin's bike shop to see the new location - SO nice. And then headed home for Delainey's nap and to see Cruz.

We spent a lot of time on the driveway drawing with chalk while Justin was putting together his work bench.

We were back out there after her afternoon nap too! She loved it. We also took Cruz for a short walk.

Delainey asked for her bike AND went for a ride FINALLY!! The bike strike is over.

BBQ duo. Cheers! Cruz even brought Justin her ball when they were out on the deck! We said no to playing but such a good sign. :)

Neighbourhood watch before bed. 

Being goofy with Dad.

Sunday morning eating Dad's cereal before he went riding with Brian.

Sunday Cruz decided she no longer wanted to eat the wet version of her food and realized we were finding pills in it! She spit them out. ;) 
She thankfully ate her regular food and would take her pills off my finger covered in peanut butter. :)
We layed low at home doing jobs around the house, made cookies, working out and playing outside. We also had some ice cream after lunch to celebrate National Ice Cream day! :)

Delainey learned how quick labs are. She dropped her cone and Cruz snatched it up in .3 seconds! Cruz was an ice cream lover long before you were Miss D! :) Tears were shed so we replaced it and all was well in the world.

We took Cruzie for another short walk and then got ready to go to Gramma Debbie's for dinner to celebrate Crystal's birthday!
Delainey took a quick trip to the park with Auntie, Uncle, Emerson & Nixon and then we had a delicious dinner {chicken casserole of course! mmmm} and because it was Crystal's birthday dessert was switched to frozen strawberry cheesecake which is always ok with me! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

How is Cruz today? Poor girl!
Yay for more bikes rides again! I will never understand toddlers ;) I love chalk, probably more than Avery!
I forgot it was ice cream day yesterday but we had some Saturday!

Bex said...

oh man, what a rough day! glad you got some answers on Cruz and that she started perking up again. Hope she's doing good today.

Love the last photo of Miss D, she looks so much like you in it.

Rachel Steck said...

AMEN that Cruz is getting better!!!!!

Christy said...

Glad Cruz is doing better!! I cried the entire way to the CARE hospital when I had to take Harley. I remember promising her she could always climb the counter (ha!) and a new pink collar (did get her that!) as long as she was okay. She was there for two days but I second your opinion, they were wonderful!

Leigh said...

So glad to hear that Cruz is on the mend! I don't blame you for crying...I would have done the same! Haha that hat! Love it.

Jen Linton said...

so good to finally get some answers for the pup- hopefully she continues to get better and better! maybe the ice cream helped! :)

Murdock's mama said...

YAY!!! SO glad she's doing better!!!

Brie said...

Oh man, what a rough day Friday! I would have been crying the whole time too :( I hope the meds do the trick! And yay for no more bike strike, haha!

Kaella Carr said...

I'm so happy Cruz is feeling better!!!

Gabriella said...

So happy you got answers for Cruz! And you have the cutest girl to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with! Her fedora is too much!! :)

Janna Renee said...

That is definitely scary! Delainey made a great nurse, though!

Whitney Cowan said...

So glad it turned out to be something treatable. xox