{weekend rewind}

 Happy Monday! We had a really nice low-key weekend - hope yours was too!
Rewinding back to Thursday. We had a great lunch date in the backyard with Auntie Jolie. Delainey loves Auntie and not only wanted nothing to do with me while she was here but also said Auntie a billion times.

"One more" turned into Jolie reading all the books before nap time!

 Friday morning I wasn't feeling so hot so we didn't do much. We did read ALL the books again and Delainey wanted to hold hands the whole time. :)

 Friday afternoon we spent - surprise - in the backyard! Delainey says "outside" all day long - even when we are out there!
Watching the airplanes.

Playing with Cruz.

 Friday night Justin was out again at a bike movie with Brian so I attempted to watch Horrible Bosses 2 as I just wanted to veg in bed with Cruz and watch something mindless. It was TOO mindless and so dumb I had to turn it off. Sometimes they just shouldn't make a 2nd. Good thing we had ice cream or the night would have been a total bust! :)

Saturday we were going to head out to the mountains for a hike but it was already so hot that we decided against it. We ran a few errands - Justin got the work bench for the garage he's been wanting for years now on a crazy good sale plus they are discontinued so he totally lucked out. We also got some materials for me to start on a few DIYs for the nursery.
On our way home this mama duck and her babies were crossing the busy street - thankfully all vehicles stopped to let them cross!

 Nap time for the house means craft time for me. :) I finished these READ letters for the nursery in 3 nap times! Time consuming but I'm happy with how they turned out. 

Now I just need a pallet for my next DIY. Who knew they were SO big and heavy! I was crazy pregnant lady trying to fit one in the back of the Xterra last week. I had to give up. We went back to get it on Saturday and the one I wanted was gone! :(

We had big plans to spend the afternoon in the basement organizing as it's cool{er} down there and so badly needs organizing... BUT we had no idea where to start. We need to get Delainey big girl bed upstairs and some baby stuff moved before anything can be done I think. So we just played with Delainey and Cruz down here instead.

Delainey "kinda" mowing the lawn with Dad, she really wants to but doesn't like the sound of the lawn mower. Our poor back lawn was getting so dry from all our heat.

Our Tiger Lillies are blooming and are such a pretty color!

 After nap time we decided to run and get our free slurpee for Slurpee's Birthday! It was Delainey first and she was a fan. :) She didn't even notice that I also drank half of hers. And yes - it matches her dress. :)

Saturday night we just caught up on shows but it was so nice to have Justin home! He had been out the 3 previous nights {after Delainey went to bed for 2} with Stampede functions and stuff. 

Sunday he had his weekly bike date with Brian. Delainey loves having Justin's big bike upstairs. She knows more bike part that me it's impressive.

 They lucked out and didn't get rained on as it poured all morning here - no complaints as it cooled the house down though. Delainey and I were supposed to go our community Stampede breakfast and petting farm but the rain cancelled that.
So we just stayed home. We did approximately 86 activities for 2-3 minutes each. Oi. But she did let me do my Dirty 30 workout and we cleaned the house. {When she was a baby we started this thing where she "helps" to vacuum - meaning we hold her. It's great in the sense that she loves the vacuum but it's getting harder to vacuum and hold her - especially with my belly and the little weigh she is putting on.}

The non-planned "everything orange" snack Delainey requested.

We made some yummy cookies and thankfully this activity took longer than 3 minutes even though it was the messiest. She's getting to be such a good helper. Especially with eating chocolate chips. ;)
I knocked over the sugar I had measured out and said "oh no what a mess" and Delainey quickly replied with "not me Mom". :) 

Dad got home just in time as D was losing her patience with waiting for the cookies to bake and I was all done with  "walk" around the house over and over. 
So these two had some tickle time and chased each other & Cruz around the house.

Helping Dad BBQ.

Today we did have some errands planned at the mall and to take Cruz for her paw-dicure but Cruzie isn't feeling well. :( She hasn't been herself since Friday morning really - gotten sick a few times. Yesterday it's like Delainey knew as she would not leave Cruz alone yet Cruz had NO patience for Delainey which isn't like Cruz at all. And this morning she didn't even get out of her kennel when I opened it, didn't want to go for a walk, didn't eat and right now we are upstairs and she is down. NOT like Cruz at all. :( Maybe it's all the heat we've been having?! Either way I think we will lay low with her today and hope she feels better soon.

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Nikki said...

D's hair....oh my I love it especially with the bow in it! So cute! Hope Cruz feel better soon!

Jen Linton said...

hope the pup feels better soon!!!

Christy said...

I hope Cruz is okay!

Murdock's mama said...

I sure hope Cruz bounces back to normal soon. We'll be thinking of him! :(

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Yeah one more book is never just one more! Ok, where is that skirt from? I think I saw 4 different kids wearing it this weekend! I hear you on the hundred activities that each last a few minutes. I cannot stay home long without going crazy because of it!
Yay for free slurpees!!
I hope Cruz feels better soon!

Brie said...

Aww, hope Cruz is ok! If only dogs could tell you what's wrong :)
Sully's favourite activity lately is plane spotting in the backyard haha! And if we're inside and he hears one, he goes running for the back door. Sully loves when I vacuum too, except he wants to "do it himself" but then gets frustrated when he can't hold the bar/hose up long enough on his own. Oh toddlers!
Yay for free slurpies! Wish I had known! I actually got on the other week and Sully was obsessed with it lol. Did you know, if you take out money at the ATM at 7-11, you get a free slurpie?? (7-11 has Scotiabank ATMs which is our bank so I popped in to use on the other week and you bet I got my free slurpie, haha!)

Gabriella said...

I hope Cruz feels better. It is hard when they don't feel good cause they can't tell us what's wrong. Extra cuddles today for sure! Love her sweet smile, and her hair is simply gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Aww poor Cruz!!! Hope she feels better soon!! Her and Gracie can be sick buddies, as she is still not 100%!! Love that D said not me!! Priceless!! I didn't know about free slurpee day! Dang!! Too bad about all that rain!! We are just drying up around here!! Sounds like an awesome weekend! You should start watching Orange is the new black!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sorry to hear that Cruz is not feeling well. :( I hope that she is back to her normal self soon. I am sure all the heat you guys have had is not helping! It's come out way this week so I am thankful for my air conditioning!

Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! I love that Delainey helps you bake!

Leigh said...

What a great weekend you had! So cute that D loves Jolie that much :) And the hat just kills me how much she wants to wear it! Hope Cruz is feeling better soon

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great weekend!! So much time outside!! Loved the hot weather, except it made it hard to sleep at night.

Doing the 2nd nursery is so much harder, isn't it? Trying to organize stuff, move things around, etc. Can't wait to see what you come up with though. Do you have a different bed for Delainey then? Crib going into baby's room? Leo is going to stay in his crib forever I've decided...
Let me know if you need any help with anything!

Slurpees- I'm not sure if I should introduce those to my kids yet!! my friend posted a video of her daughter after a slurpee... Sugar high!!

Hope Cruzie is feeling better!! Poor girl!

Bex said...

I love her little skirt!!
Those lillies are SO pretty! Jealous, I wish I could grow some on my balcony haha.
Hope your poor pup is feeling better. :(

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

Tucker has been sick since Friday morning as well.. not eating, puking a few times, seeming kind of sad. We had a vet appointment on Friday for another issue with him and he said it was likely a stomach bug... He hasn't thrown up since yesterday so I'm hoping the worst is over! Looking forward to seeing the nursery :) I am not crafty at all!

Katie said...

i think i like horrible bosses two. but i have low standards :) and love your backyard!

Amber said...

Oh no poor Cruz! I hope she feels better asap! That is cute that you carry Delainey around so she can "help" you vacuum :) Have you ever wore here in one of those sling things?? My friend wears her little guy constantly in one and says it's the only way she gets all her housework done! He's almost 2 now and she still wears him everywhere!