{Wedding from Whit's perspective}


Ok so I promise I think I am done wedding & NY posts after this one...but I just had to share some of Whit's photos. Hopefully you have all checked out her blog post but when Jolie sent me the link of the thousands of photos - I have to be honest - I was in awe. I looked through them many times and was so thankful that people I LOVE were in another one of her amazing shoots. She really is so good at shooting weddings. I know it's her passion and you can tell.
Anyways - on with the photos. :)

Dad & Jeff skeet shooting.

Justin loading his gun!

Max & Ed - Jolie's brother & Dad.

Our beautiful dresses with Jolie's stunning gown.

Jolie & Kathy - such an amazing photo.

Ed's first look at his beautiful daughter.

I knew we would see the Captain Morgan post out of these two.

Love Jolie's excited shrug here. 

Seeing his bride!

Our family.


Grampa & Chris


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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love looking at wedding photos so thanks for sharing these! Whit did an amazing job capturing the event. I love that she got a shot of you and Justin taking a selfie with Delainey. That is too cute. This wedding looks like the kind of wedding that could be featured in a magazine!!

Gabriella said...

Whitney is amazing! Her pictures are seriously the most incredible pictures ever, and she captures the day perfectly. If I get married, I might be flying her to California!! :)

Ashley said...

Love them all!! I love Whits necklace too!! I think one of my favs is her dad seeing her for the first time! Made me tear up a bit haha

Bex said...

So fun. What a beautiful wedding.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

WOW her dress was GORG! That back is beautiful!

Leigh said...

Everything was behind gorgeous! Whitney did such a fabulous job yet again :)

Brie said...

These brought tears to my eyes - so beautiful!!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

Stunning photos.

Whit said...

I love your family!! What an amazing time we had!! Love ya xox

krink said...

Fantastic photos!!!