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Oi. Sometimes blogger messes with me on the worst days. I had this post all ready to go and decided to add one thing last night and realized nothing saved. Womp.

It's been a long week with our Cruzie being sick. We stayed pretty close to home for the week and Lily was supposed to be with us for 2 days but she is sick too so it's been a quiet one. I did get out one evening to go see Magic Mike XXL with so that was fun and as you guessed very entertaining. :)
Needless to we also cancelled our plans to go to the lake this weekend because Cruz is still not well and I really hope our weekend takes a better turn. We are off for a chest x-ray and ultrasound with Cruz this afternoon and I am worried sick. I just so want her to be all better. I hate seeing her like this. :(

Anyways onto 2 awesome products I get to share with you that this belly of mine is lovin'!

This product not only my belly loved but my back too. Let's just say if it was safe to put it on the bed to sleep on - I would.

 Belly Flopz is a GENIUS product to give pregnant women some much needed belly time all while relaxing on the water!
I could not wait for our first summer trip to the lake to try this out.

This float is really well designed. The egg shaped belly hole has soft fabric around it to prevent irritation and your belly from sticking. It also has boob indents for comfort and spots for your legs so you never feel like you are slipping off. It was SO comfortable. 
It was a nice treat to relax on my stomach for a while, relieve some back and hip pressure and it was refreshing on my belly as it hung in the water underneath too! The float also has handles to help you get on and off as well as easy transport.

Plus it's pretty fun looking!

If you are pregnant during the summer and have access to a body of water I HIGHLY recommend you get one of these of your own for the low price of $40. The luxury of laying on your tummy for a while makes the purchase so worth it. Trust me.

Be sure to check them out on:

Thank you again Gina - my belly thinks you are the best!

Next up is another ridiculously smart idea - bumpbows.
bumpbows was created to help pregnant women's clothing lie more smoothly and comfortably over their expanding belly as well as prevent irritation.
bumpbows are perfect for those "popped" belly buttons that you want to hide easily for a certain outfit or in my case the "gully" of a belly button that shows in many shirts

  and also causes a nice sweaty belly button dot on hot summer days!

Not only are they super handy they are also super cute for gender reveals, maternity shoots or beach days in that bikini! I also think it would be cute to write the babes name on the bow to announce the name if you plan to share it before birth as well. 
And such a cute addition to a gift for that special mama-to-be!

Each package of bumpbows comes with 4 bows - 2 striped and 2 polka dots for $10. 
You can choose between Perfectly Pink, 
Gleefully Green 

or Blissfully Blue.

They are made of medical grade materials - super soft and thin like a band-aid! They are latex-free, hypo-allergenic and disposable (I was able to get a couple uses out of mine) and didn't even remember they were on!

Be sure to check them out on:

Thank you again Carrie - I love them!

{I was given these products in exchange for my honest opinion on them.}

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Bex said...

That floaty is great!

Carrie Peery said...

Love the review!! Thanks so much for checking them out :)



Leigh said...

Hope that everything goes well at the vet today!

Ashley said...

Let me know how the vet appt goes!! Poor Cruz!! Gracie and Lily send licks and dog treats!
That float looks super cool!!

Brie said...

Hope you get some answers at the vet :) That floaty is awesome - I'm not a fan of laying on my stomach, but when pregnant, I think I would have loved that! You could nap on it on the floor….haha!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

Oh no Alison! I hope everything goes okay. Do you guys have pet insurance? I wish there was a program that covered animals like our health care is covered. Animals are so innocent and loving they deserve it and so often their health care is SO expensive if you don't have insurance. Especially when the big things hit. Thinking of you guys and hope she is feeling better soon. <3

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That floatie would be amazing!!

Hope Cruz is getting better!

Whit said...

Hoping Cruz is on the mend and you guys don't have to go through that again :( Poor thing.
Those products look super fun!

Katie said...

that floatie is awesome. i want a matress like that!