Happy Wednesday! :) I just have a few rambles today. Nothing exciting at all.

Delainey is obsessed with these little yogurt drinks which isn't a bad thing - there are worse thing out there but they do have a decent amount of sugar in them. So I have washed a bunch and filled them with my own smoothie and Delainey doesn't seem to mind at all. I think it's the fun little container she likes most. :) Mommy hack.

I made Delainey a new headband yesterday during nap time. She loves these thick headbands that keep her hair out of her face. It's just an old t-shirt. My Mom gave me the idea when she sent an idea of one she is making. I have a few others in the works too but nap time was short yesterday!

Cruz update:
She is doing so much better. Almost back to her normal self. She is eating like normal and takes her pills off a spoon with peanut butter! Monday was the first day we did long ravine walks off leash and you could tell she was so happy to be down there. Yesterday she felt so good in fact that she felt the need to roll in something I'm guessing dead and very stinky. I was not impressed.

Thankfully she went in for her "paw"dicure BEFORE our walk. And yes Delainey bawled leaving Cruz for her quick 5 minute appointment again! Silly girl.

I found more of my nail polish stash while cleaning "my" closet yesterday.
Apparently I like a few certain shades {yes Justin I need them all} and don't care about brand. :)

We redid Delainey's toes and she had quite the choice of colors when picking and she managed to pick the same color I have on my toes! No joke. It is the brightest one I own so that could be why.

And that's all.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love painting Avery's toes! She always picks super light colours which I think is funny. I like mine bright!
Awesome headband! I wish A would wear them but they are a no go still. D is smart, she knows they are awesome :)

Rachel Steck said...

Kudos on the mommy hack w/the smoothie!
I love how Delainey sits up against Cruz while watching tv/reading - adorable and sweet. Glad Cruz is getting back to normal!

Murdock's mama said...

Your polishes look like mine! I'm glad C is getting back to normal! Great idea switching the smoothies out. I'm going to have to try that!!

Gabriella said...

I love that Cruz was up for ravine walks. SO happy she is doing better!! Love D's headband!

Ashley said...

I keep my polishes in a hat box haha. Nice mom hack! I need to try Noah on smoothies, because he is starting to protest baby oatmeal anymore! Do you ever put them in those reusable squeeze tubes? That's what I am thinking I am going to try! I could even sneak some oatmeal in it! I just like that it has soo many nutrients in it!!
Love the headband!!
Soo glad Cruz is feeling better!

Living out of Wedlock said...

I think yoy are right about thw packaging thing, you gotta trick then once in a while! I love how you made that headband, gotta try that soon!

Living out of Wedlock said...

I think yoy are right about thw packaging thing, you gotta trick then once in a while! I love how you made that headband, gotta try that soon!

Bex said...

Liam always requests having his toes painted the same colour as mine, haha. It's pretty funny.

Kaella Carr said...

Ooooh, good mom hack!! I need to try that! London likes them too!

And, you're so craft with the t-shirt headbands!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that Cruz is starting to feel better! What a relief! That head band that you made from an old t-shirt is awesome - you are so crafty!

Nikki said...

So glad Cruz is feeling better! I have the start of a nail polish collection myself and Mike hasn't said anything just yet but I'm sure time will change that.

Janna Renee said...

Putting your own smoothies in those bottles is genius! Glad to hear Cruz is feeling better!

Leigh said...

Ooh smart mom move! I love how bright the colour is on her toes...so cute!

Brie said...

Oh good call on refilling those containers - smart!! I agree, I'm sure most of the time (probably ALL of the time), it's ALL about the packaging for these toddlers :)

Jen Linton said...

I am always using my jedi mind control to make sure our next baby is a girl- i need someone to share my nail polish collection with!

Whitney Cowan said...

Smart hack girl!! They do have a lot of sugar, we use them as treats ;) lol
Why am I not surprised that you are making those wicked headbands!! lol
I'm so happy to hear Cruz is getting back to her old self, poor girl! xox