Happy Wednesday! On to a few randoms cause that's all my brain can muster today.

We have a little artist in the house!

Delainey loves her bath crayons - she especially likes the "clean up" part.  Best $1 spent.

I had a few people ask so:

The crochet lace tiered short from yesterdays post [from ebay] here THESE and they come in 8 colors and cost about $7 Canadian shipped. :) I ordered another color a few weeks back and wish I ordered all 8 - they ship from China so they take their time arriving. They are one size but are elastic waist so fit me last summer and this summer too and are SO comfy. And are listed as HOT sexy fashion shorts. ha ha. You are welcome.

This is happy Delainey. Naked. In her hat. Reading all the books. 
{Looking like a full on rag-a-muffin!}

Cruz still isn't well. Stresses my heart right out. I don't think she has ever been sick or not herself for more than 24 hours. So we are off to the vet today. :( Fingers crossed it's just a flu bug or the heat got to her.
Delainey has made sure she isn't alone for long the last few days even though Cruz just wants space.
She's been showered with way too many hugs, kisses and "I cuddle". 

But sometimes you've just got to hide from your sister. :(

Poor girl. Fingers crossed the vet can figure this out. 
Have a good Wednesday everyone.

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Murdock's mama said...

Praying for Cruz! Murdock has had a bad 2 days, too. :( So hard not knowing what's going on!

Rachel Steck said...

Poor Cruzie, I hope it's nothing the vet can't fix.

Kaella Carr said...

Thinking about you guys! I hope everything is okay. I love those shorts!! I may have to grab a pair ;)

Katie said...

poor cruz. i hope you get an answer at the vet! and d in her hat naked reading is so cute!!

Leigh said...

Those bath markers are so much fun! I know that my nieces loved them too. Delainey is so cute cuddling with Cruz. Hope all goes well at the vet today

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I hope Cruz is ok :( Poor girl!! Maybe she is having sympathy all-day sickness for you?

Thanks- sexy shorts ordered ;) We will see if they fit but for that price I'm willing to take the risk.

I'm scared the kids will start colouring on places they shouldn't so I tossed the bath crayons Audrey was given! They were awful though- made such a mess! I noticed some colour on her walls from crayons- really need to wash them!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

D is SO cute with Cruz! Sending healing vibes her way!!

Brie said...

Awww those photos of Cruz and D are so precious. My fingers are crossed for you guys today! xo

Ashley said...

Hoping Cruz is on the mend! Noah is super attached to G right now while she is sick! Funny how they know! Love the pic of D reading in just her hat! Silly girl!!

Christy said...

Poor Cruz! Good luck at the vet, hopefully isn't nothing serious!

Bex said...

Miss D and Cruz, so cute. Hoping it's nothing serious. Good luck!

Laura said...

I hope Cruz is ok! I gotta get me some bath crayons for Natalie.

Those shorts are amazing and so cheap! I'm worried about the one size thing - are they a little big on you? Because you are definitely smaller than me so I'm worried they'd be too tight!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Poor Cruz. I love that Delainey is such a little caretaker, though. That is just so sweet! But I'm glad Cruz can hide from her every once in awhile and get a break. ;) I hope Cruz is back to her normal self soon!!

Gabriella said...

I think it is so cute that D is taking such good care of her sister! The two of them are the best together! Hopefully Cruz is starting to feel better!

Carolyn said...

Those shorts are super HOT (hahaha) and naked D reading her books is so precious! I'll keep my fingers crossed that Cruz gets better quickly!!! Poor thing!

Whit said...

Love those shorts. haha I love their description best ;) lol
Poor Cruz. she had a seriously rough go and put her mom through the ringer. SOO glad she is doing better now.
That photo of Delainey in nothing but a hat and some books is hilarious! So cute!

Whit said...

D sure loves her Cruzie. So glad she is feeling better, that is more than hard on the hard :( And D in her stack of books just hanging out sans clothes is hilarious!! xox