{Photo an hour}

I've seen many "day in the life" posts lately so I thought I would do my own twist on it by taking a photo every hour for the day. Nothing exciting about this day though but it's our life and that's what I love about it.
Delainey was 21.5 months.
Date: Friday, July 24, 2015

6am: Cutest Alarm Clock ever.
{Monkey broke off her soother. Thankfully she didn't seem to care and I told her now she can cuddle monkey and she's been fine with just the "broken" soother. J & I talked about this being a good time to get rid of it entirely BUT I want her to have the soother in s couple weeks when we transition her to her big girl bed. ;)}

7am: Walk #1 with Cruz.

8am: We leave the house to drop Delainey off with Gramma Debbie and I have my 1st appointment with the new doctors.

10am: Waiting for the nurse for my consult before meeting my new doctor.

Reading material. :)

 11am: Quick stop at Micheals for fabric dye for a crib skirt and the dollar store for 2nd birthday party prep. Say what!!?

12pm: Waiting for lunch is SO hard. Even with a snack. 

Mood changes a little when it's served!!

1pm: Nap time project for me. Downtime for Cruz.

2pm: She awake!

3pm: Cruz's 2nd walk.

With a quick playground trip until I can't take the neighborhood kid any longer.
I have A LOT of patience but this boy needs some manners and parental supervision. 

4pm: Workout time.

5pm: Dad is BBQing dinner and we water the plants. Or our toes.

6pm: We watch Dad mow the lawn in our backwards house coat.

Mark on her cheek was from a workout injury - she is stronger than she thought and bopped herself in the cheek with her 3lb weight. She was NOT happy about it. She's given up lifting weights since.

 7pm: Bed time for Miss D & ice cream for us.

8pm: Looks the same as above minus the ice cream.
9pm: We get into bed. Sometimes we watch a show together - sometimes J just watches one of his ridiculous shows and I go to bed. ;)

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Nikki said...

We get into bed. Sometimes we watch a show together - sometimes J just watches one of his ridiculous shows and I go to bed. ;)

Yup that is about what we do! Gotta love it!

Leigh said...

Loving seeing what other people's days look like! How do you think she will handle the big girl bed? And was the boy's parents not around? (Not sure how old he is)

Ashley said...

What theme are you doing for her 2nd birthday? Soo funny how early you goto bed, granted that's been me lately and you also get up a lot earlier! Lol. Can't wait to see that craft finished!!

Bex said...

2nd birthday already!? Holy smokes.
Looks like a pretty great day!

This is a great post idea. I'm adding this to my list of things to do. :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oooh what is this craft project your making with that pretty wood!

Murdock's mama said...

These are my favorite posts to read {of other peoples} and to look back on {of our own} So fun! Can't wait to see your final project & I can't believe you're planning a 2nd birthday party...time flies!!!

Sara Turner said...

Haha that 9pm and then bed time sounds like kev and I too.... only every night... because he seems to need to fall asleep to the sound of the simpsons/futurama/southpark on his ipad.... and I have just learned to tune it out. I can't believe it's 2nd birthday party time already!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I love this photo an hour!! Simple, to the point, yet documenting life! Sounds like a great day…sorry she bopped herself, but 'given up on the weights..I die. lol! Hope you're feeling well mama!

Brie said...

Loved this post! Love seeing what other mom's and their toddlers are up too :)
The mood swings are crazy hey?! Sully started crying in the kitchen one day (who knows why) and he lays down on the ground when he does it. I left him there and five minutes later he was up and chattering away, not a care in the world, lol.
We have that same watering can and all he wants to do is water his feet, haha!
We also have a bruise on the same cheek, except Sully's is from a 5 pound weight and he tripped and fell on it. Opps, my bad :|

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This is a fun way to do a 'day in the life' post. I love the transformation in her mood that happens after lunch is served! Toddler mood swings never cease to amaze me. ;)

I hope that you liked your new doctor!

Amber said...

Ooh I love Day in the Life posts and this is a super fun twist on it. I would love to do this IF I could remember to take a photo every hour. Though the work day hours might be a little boring!

Gabriella said...

This is a great idea! I might have to try it since I never know what to write about. I think it is so funny that she wears her house coat all over. Fashionista! :) And her lunch is served faces are the best!

Whitney Cowan said...

This is a fun idea!! Cute to look back and remember how a day in the life went when they were a certain age!! xox

Katie said...

love this post!! similar to our days :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love this post so I'm gonna steal it!! Your project looks interesting!!

I'm not sure when we are going to cut the soother out either. A dropped hers at 10 months in her own but Leo still loves his. So maybe when he's 18?

Oh D's poor cheek! I've also given up on lifting weights... Haha!