{favorite place & stampede}

 I decided to head out to the lake for a few days last week and stay an extra couple since Justin decided to stay back for the weekend to go riding. So I packed the girls up and we headed out Friday just after lunch so Delainey would nap {I kept her up all morning}. We sang & danced to Taylor Swift for a few songs and before I knew it she was out. I stopped for an iced coffee in Red Deer {it was my reward for driving} so she woke up briefly and asked for a snack and then fell asleep again just after Sylvan Lake. Both her and Cruz are such good travellers! She didn't wake up until just after Tomahawk when I was about to wake her because it was that time of the trip when you are supposed to get excited cause we are "almost there"!!!

It didn't take Cruz long at all to get into the water. About 28 seconds. 

The pier quickly because Delainey favorite thing. I don't even know how many times we heard "hand" "walk" "pew" {for pier}. MANY!

  Friday night we headed down the beach for a potluck appie dinner for a family friends birthday with Nana, Uncle Ken and Auntie Cathy along with a few lake friends. Delainey enjoyed all the snacks, Nana's toys and mostly the neighbors swing.

Saturday morning we took our coffee in the boat for an early morning boat ride cause it was so nice out.

 Gramma & her girls.

After checking out the market we went to play in the sand and water with Kaley as they have beach that has sand and gradually gets deeper.

Delainey wasn't too keen on the water and sand this trip but I know she will come around and soon love it.

Made a stop at the swing again!

Every day she helped Gramma water the plants.

One night Mom, Dad and I watched Collateral with Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx - it was pretty good but there was a lot of shooting as Mom pointed out when it finished. :)

Perfect lake morning.

And another boat ride morning.

Helping Gramma bake.

During nap Dad blew up my Belly Flopz for me and I tried it out for the first time. More on that in another post but as you can imagine it was AH-mazing!

Delainey playing before and after dinner:

We lucked out and ate 3 dinners outside - this one got chilly near the end but the other 2 were hot! Delainey really loves corn on the cob. ;)

We checked out the playground down town one morning but Delainey was in a NO mood and hated the sand and pretty much everything else so we walked instead.

Some more beach time with Kaley.

Boat ride after dinner and before Delainey's bed time hence the sleepsac she's wearing.

Cruzie our lake girl. 

Helping Grandpa drive. She also learned how to honk the horn!!

We left around lunch time on Tuesday after another trip to the school playground and a visit with Nana. Mom came home with us so it was nice to have her with us for the drive. 
We loved our time out there, Delainey sure loves the lake which makes my heart so happy too. But it's always nice to get home - we missed Daddy.


Wednesday morning we met up with Whit and the kids for Kids Day at the Stampede. We were open to whatever happened - we knew it could have been crazy and we were fine to call it a day after 20 minutes - but it was awesome!!
It was busy but we avoided the crowds like the crazy lines ups for the free breakfast and the rides.

We started the day the best way we could:

Just kidding!! BUT they had this amazing poutine stand with 10 different kinds! We had planned to hit it up for lunch but changed out minds. You bet I regretted that at around dinner time. :)

Mini donuts of course!
Delainey LOVED them. She didn't want to get all the sugar on her fingers of course but was happy as  clam having me feed them to her. :)

We then got our tickets and checked our strollers in for the Super Dogs - kinda of a ridiculous process for this but the show was great. Those dogs are impressive. The girls {and their Moms} were happy when it ended as it was a bit long for them plus they don't let you bring food in {half way through Whit and I were both pulling snacks from our purses! ;)}but East loved it. When we were having ice cream at the end of the day he said, "Auntie Alison, I am so glad we saw the dogs they were so great and I loved them!". And I love him. PS. It's East's 4th birthday today!!! Happy birthday East. We LOVE you!

 ^ No idea why D looks terrified! ha

We checked out the HUGE market for a bit until it was clear it was lunch time.
Delainey just loves East, the feeling is mutual I think. He is so sweet with her. Always holding her hand and making her laugh.

We had corn dogs while the kids started with smoothies. Delainey is obsessed with smoothies.

We then checked out all the animals which was great until Delainey was watching the goats (she was right up on the fence) and it made a VERY loud noise and scared the bejeezes out of her! No more goats for Delainey!

We decided it was time for a treat and then to call it a day. We got the kids a hot dog and we had ice cream. Unfortunately Delainey missed out as she fell asleep briefly.

This was no regular ice cream though - it was Pineapple Whip. Just frozen pineapple whipped up into this magical soft serve like ice cream - only a little thicker. IT WAS AMAZING.
You bet I bought 2 pineapples today to try to make our own!

It was such an awesome day, the kids did awesome (East was such a trooper walking the whole time) and our bellies were very happy. :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So much fun!! On our boat ride in BC Avery would NOT wear a life jacket. I think I barely let go of her the whole time because of it! D posing in her swim suit and hat is way too cute!
You and Whit are brave ladies! I cannot wait to take Avery to our fair next weekend, we love the SuperDogs! So lame you could not bring in food though. The petting zoo here is awesome, I am worried Avery won't leave lol.

Jen Linton said...

I miss being on the water as a kid! It's one of the best things! We used to go to Newport/Laguna beach almost every weekend in the OC growing up and would sometimes go on our family's sailboat- so fun. I'm going to stampede tomorrow and can't wait! I've never had the mini donuts and that is on my bucket list. And that's the first poutine I ever had..so yummy especially after a couple of BUDS. haha

Brie said...

So many things to comment on! haha! First of all, how cute is that fedora on D?! And I'm super impressed she leaves it on! And I love that her mocs match her swimsuit in some of those photos :)

You ARE brave for going to the stampede on what I assume was a super crazy day! We are heading there later today - we got free tickets to the grand stand show and we're hoping to also catch the super dogs beforehand. I will definitely be trying the pineapple "ice cream"!

Ashley said...

Sounds soo awesome!! Which sleep sack is that one? It looks nice and light!! Your weekend sounds soo fun and I love D's swimsuit haha! That float looks super comfy, would be handy in my pool one day (hopefully). How do you find the mocs hold up when they get wet? We have been eating outside a lot this week now that the weather is warmer!! Noah is a fan! You will have to share your recipe if it works!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, that pineapple whip sounds amazing! If you figure out how to make it work, let us know as I would love to try to make that for Phil and I (he LOVES pineapple). Your weekend at the lake sounds just perfect! I can't believe we've only been to the lake once this summer and might only go one other time. :( Summer weekends fill up way too fast!!

Christy said...

omg that pineapple stuff sounds amazing!

Leigh said...

The lake looks like perfection :) glad you and the girls were able to get away for a couple days. I've never had the pineapple whip from the Stampede, but I've only been once and it was the first summer Brian and I were dating...so along time ago! Have a great weekend :)

Bex said...

I didn't realize you came through RD to get to the lake. What lake do you go to? You'll have to stop for a visit one day on your way through!!

That pineapple whip looks amazing. My fingers are crossed they have it at our fair this week!!

Katie said...

so fun!! i can't get over delainey in her sun hat!! So stinkin' cute! I love her!