{Delainey Reads}

Delainey has become a big reader. 

She loves sitting with us while we read ALL her books but also sits by herself and reads them all out loud as well. I am SO glad she loves books. I remember being so sad that she was too busy to sit and read with me but thankfully she has grown into loving it. 
Our morning routine is sitting on the couch - her with her yogurt drink, me with my coffee and we read book after book before breakfast and taking Cruz. She is so cute when she reads herself too - you can tell she listens when we read cause she will make the same noises we make or point to the things we point to.

Needless to say - We have piles of books all over the house and right now I am so thankful for board books because she isn't a delicate page turner just yet even though she is getting better! 
Becky did a post like this and it gave me some ideas for new books so I thought I would do the same. Plus I've been thinking we need some new books because even though we have a ton - I personally need new ones to read to her! I pretty much know all the following books off by heart and we have a rule that we will only read the book once a day now! There are a few we would read on repeat and then those get sent to Gramma & Grandpa's house!

Favorite books that live in our room:

Favorite bed time books:

Favorite main floor books:

There are a few favorites missing but they often make the trek to the basement too for workout time.

Book authors are that we loves are: Nancy Tillman, Eric Carle, Caroline Jayne Church, Susan Boynton & Mem Fox

What's your favorite book for kids?

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Books are the best! We have them everywhere too. Some in her room (two bookcases), a livingroom book basket, another book shelf in the basement. But it is better than a ton of toys!

Ashley said...

Perfect time to post this for me haha! I was just thinking I needed to get a few new ones! I'm considering starting to get some from the library now. Quite a few of D's favs are Noah's too!! He is currently "reading" haha.

Murdock's mama said...

Love this post...you're such an awesome mama!!! :)

Bex said...

Love it! You guys have quite the collection. I'm going to need to pick up Swim, Little Wombat, Swim since we both love Sometimes I Like To Curl Up In a Ball - I didn't realize there was more.

I remember the phase of books being everywhere. I'm thankful that it's over and Liam's good about keeping them on the bookshelf now.

Brie said...

Love posts about books! :) Sully is *just* starting to show interest in books, but we have better luck with ones that make sounds right now lol. I really really really hope he learns to love books like I do - I already have quite the collection for him lol. Do you have any Oliver Jeffers books? He's one of my favourite kid authors and his books are available in board book and picture book. Lost and Found is great and How to Catch a Star. But they're all good.

Leigh said...

It's so awesome how much she loves books and reading them! I'm starting to collect the Mercer Mayer and Amelia Bedelia books for Amelia when she's older. I do need some new kids ones though as you can only read them so many times!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is awesome that Delainey loves reading so much! Some of my favorite books are for when she is a bit older, maybe around 3-4. I love Mo Willem's books - some of his books are "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" or "The Pigeon Needs a Bath." His books crack me up. I also love the Llama Llama books. They rhyme so they are fun to read. Lastly, I love the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" or "If you Give a Cat a Cupcake" books. I could go on and on, though. I buy so many kids books as my rule is that my nieces and nephews get a book for Christmas and a book and money for their college account for their birthday. I am definitely their most practical aunt but luckily they love to read so enjoy getting new books from me.

Jen Linton said...

This reminds me i STILL need to have Tyler put the bookshelves up! Also, I need more books.

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

Love this! We have started a little book collection and I can't wait for it to grow :) I hope Quinn's a book worm like me!

Gabriella said...

I love that she loves books so much! And she has quite the collection going! I have been reading to my niece, and I just love it. Your little bookworm is adorable!

Whitney Cowan said...

East and Fin are big on books too! East reads most of his naps through.... ;) xox